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Video Games Suck: FPS reviews

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FPS reviewstrueboy012 writes "In case there weren't enough shitty Minecraft FPS copies, here's another one with russians! By the way, that's the actual name for the game. ALL IN FUCKING CAPS. With a name that shitty it's already hinting that this game will do nothing but waste space on your drive."
Posted by Suislide on Thursday, April 07 @ 11:33:55 EDT (10889 Views)
(Read More... | 3968 bytes more | 18 comments | Score: 4.12)
James Bond 007: Legends
FPS reviewsAssSass writes "Since no one has reviewed this yet (and if they did, fuck them because this is my version), lets review this pile of shit made by Fagtivision, followed by a fuckstorm of swears, READ ON MOTHERFUCKER."
Posted by Suislide on Wednesday, November 12 @ 21:06:48 EST (17793 Views)
(Read More... | 3769 bytes more | 19 comments | Score: 1.57)
FPS reviewscar15 writes "If you have even a fraction of a brain, you already know this game sucks donkey balls, but you might be surprised to learn just how hard it sucks. Seriously. Even Sasha Grey doesn't know how to suck this hard."
Posted by Suislide on Monday, September 29 @ 08:09:16 EDT (17338 Views)
(Read More... | 8016 bytes more | 19 comments | Score: 4.37)
Wolfenstein: The New Order
FPS reviewsWell I thought this game was originally another fucking reboot but it turns out that it's actual a sequel to the previous game from a couple of years ago. Originally, I thought this game was going to be nothing but a fucking disaster considering that Bethesda had anything to do with. Worse yet, it's running on idTech5 so I thought we were in for another fucking rage debacle. Now, I don't know who the fuck made this game but it's actually fun as shit and pretty god damn interesting. Way better than that anal abortion that is Watch Dogs (But I'll get to that later faggots). This game has some things that I missed in video games, like big fucking guns and shooting the fuck out of everything in your way. READ MORE FOR FURTHER DETAILS.
Posted by suislide on Thursday, June 05 @ 20:22:48 EDT (14598 Views)
(Read More... | 6718 bytes more | 15 comments | Score: 2.77)
Thief (2014)
FPS reviewsWell they did. They fucking ruined the Thief franchise worse than Deadly Shadows with this stupid fucking reboot for no reason. This game takes everything fun, exciting, interesting and unique about Thief and throws it out the fucking window for poor level design, terrible AI, shitty fucking characters, and a general blandness that will cause you to forget about this barbed club of a turd an hour after you play it. I like to call this game a BLD. That's Bacon, Lettuce and Diarrhea. Well click read more to learn just how bad these fucking cocksuckers ruined the Thief franchise and put it up there with failures such as Deus Ex: IW and Dragon Age 2.
Posted by suislide on Wednesday, February 26 @ 20:52:30 EST (19867 Views)
(Read More... | 11483 bytes more | 20 comments | Score: 4.84)
Battlefield 4
FPS reviewstrueboy012 writes "Yeah yeah, this review is late. But this game just became playable some days ago so shut the fuck up. This game brings back memories of BF2 (at least to me) and that deserves an applause. GG, DICE, don't listen to Electronic Aberrations. Never."
Posted by suislide on Tuesday, January 21 @ 22:28:15 EST (15044 Views)
(Read More... | 3354 bytes more | 14 comments | Score: 3.14)
Call of Duty: Ghosts
FPS reviewstrueboy012 writes "The review is finally here, motherfuckers! Click the "Read more" link so you can see how shitty this game is. Really. Specially the PC version. It's a FUCKING JOKE."
Posted by suislide on Monday, December 16 @ 22:12:08 EST (16360 Views)
(Read More... | 2604 bytes more | 25 comments | Score: 4.18)
Shadow Warrior
FPS reviewsFUCKING FINALLY. 2013 has been the year of replaying old games because there has but nothing but fucking SHIT this year. Seriously, with like two exceptions, there has been absolutely nothing to fucking play this year. 2013 is literally the worst year of video games that has ever existed and it is thanks to shithole companies like EA, Activision and Ubisoft. Anyways, the creators of Hard Reset came out with another game and its fucking awesome. While it is supposed to be a remake of Shadow Warrior, it is in a thematic sense, but it is more like a new painkiller. But who gives a fuck because the game is fun as fucking shit. Click the read more button so I can insult your intelligence with my lack of proofreading. Fuck the tea party.
Posted by suislide on Thursday, October 03 @ 20:16:46 EDT (14827 Views)
(Read More... | 5337 bytes more | 30 comments | Score: 3.52)
PAYDAY: The Heist
FPS reviewsthetallguy writes "So, this is a COOP game from 2011, but since half of these reviews are slow as fuck, I decided to come back and reveal yet another game from the dephts of the past years. Click that Read More button now, faggot."
Posted by suislide on Monday, September 16 @ 19:51:29 EDT (9411 Views)
(Read More... | 5311 bytes more | 11 comments | Score: 1.66)
Call of Jaurez: Gunslinger
FPS reviewsSo I thought this series was becoming irredemable crap after the last game. What the fuck was it called? Call of Jaurez: The Cartel? Holy fucks, what a shit pile of a game that absolutely NO ONE remembered. I didn't think they could even funding after the awfulness that was that game. Anyways, they brought Call of Jaurez back to what it should be which is a western shooter and damn if this game is pretty fucking fun. There is no cover system, no bullshit, just whatever weapons you choose to use and you blasting tons of people being a gunslinger. See what I did there? I might be the single most creative person on this planet.
Posted by Suislide on Tuesday, June 04 @ 20:26:35 EDT (6022 Views)
(Read More... | 4372 bytes more | 16 comments | Score: 4)
Would you fuck Zelda Williams now that Robin Williams is dead?

Anal Only
Make her scream for her father


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