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FPS reviewstrueboy012 writes "In case there weren't enough shitty Minecraft FPS copies, here's another one with russians! By the way, that's the actual name for the game. ALL IN FUCKING CAPS. With a name that shitty it's already hinting that this game will do nothing but waste space on your drive."
Posted by Suislide on Thursday, April 07 @ 11:33:55 EDT (11047 Views)
(Read More... | 3968 bytes more | 18 comments | Score: 4.12)
James Bond 007: Legends
FPS reviewsAssSass writes "Since no one has reviewed this yet (and if they did, fuck them because this is my version), lets review this pile of shit made by Fagtivision, followed by a fuckstorm of swears, READ ON MOTHERFUCKER."
Posted by Suislide on Wednesday, November 12 @ 21:06:48 EST (17900 Views)
(Read More... | 3769 bytes more | 19 comments | Score: 1.57)
The Sims 4
Adventure Game Reviewsprotos writes "So yeah, after 5 years of The Sims 3 and 1,2,3,4,5,6..(...did someone count them?) expansions, it's finally here, the most anticipated Sims game ever -kinda- arrived. As you expected, it's a game that did one step forward and three backwards, they managed to take the best from The Sims 3 and ruin it, wow. Click down to read the full review."
Posted by Suislide on Monday, September 29 @ 08:09:28 EDT (19061 Views)
(Read More... | 4041 bytes more | 15 comments | Score: 1.69)
FPS reviewscar15 writes "If you have even a fraction of a brain, you already know this game sucks donkey balls, but you might be surprised to learn just how hard it sucks. Seriously. Even Sasha Grey doesn't know how to suck this hard."
Posted by Suislide on Monday, September 29 @ 08:09:16 EDT (17427 Views)
(Read More... | 8016 bytes more | 19 comments | Score: 4.37)
Watch Dogs
Action Game ReviewsUbisoft does it once again and decides to bombard us with another fucking terrible video game. They basically took Assassin's Creed and set it in the most inaccurate version of Chicago that I have ever seen. Not to mention, the game has uPlay which simply the worst fucking software on this planet. If there was a software version of AIDS, it would be called uPlay. Anyways, click the read more button so that we can get straight to the fucking bullshit that is this game. And if you are wondering why I haven't written a review in awhile, it's because I'm fucking busy. I'm an adult now and shit, why the fuck don't more people help contribute articles? Lazy fucking assholes!
Posted by Suislide on Monday, August 11 @ 20:01:06 EDT (17944 Views)
(Read More... | 4609 bytes more | 21 comments | Score: 4.5)
Max Payne (mobile)
Action Game ReviewsDerFuehrer writes ""They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation point to everything that had lead to this point. I released the trigger. And then it was over.." as Max Payne classically begins..."
Posted by Suislide on Monday, August 11 @ 19:39:29 EDT (14332 Views)
(Read More... | 3896 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 3)
Wolfenstein: The New Order
FPS reviewsWell I thought this game was originally another fucking reboot but it turns out that it's actual a sequel to the previous game from a couple of years ago. Originally, I thought this game was going to be nothing but a fucking disaster considering that Bethesda had anything to do with. Worse yet, it's running on idTech5 so I thought we were in for another fucking rage debacle. Now, I don't know who the fuck made this game but it's actually fun as shit and pretty god damn interesting. Way better than that anal abortion that is Watch Dogs (But I'll get to that later faggots). This game has some things that I missed in video games, like big fucking guns and shooting the fuck out of everything in your way. READ MORE FOR FURTHER DETAILS.
Posted by suislide on Thursday, June 05 @ 20:22:48 EDT (14709 Views)
(Read More... | 6718 bytes more | 15 comments | Score: 2.77)
God's Zombie Savior: LRFF13 Review
RPG Reviewstibbs writes "HAVE YOU HEARD THE GOOD WORD ABOUT OUR LORD GOD SQUARE ENIX? If not, they'll be happy to tell you through Lightning, the time-sensitive fashion model Savior who comes to spread the good word about God in exchange for your soul! All this and more in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII!"
Posted by suislide on Wednesday, May 14 @ 19:29:48 EDT (16550 Views)
(Read More... | 5246 bytes more | 8 comments | Score: 3)
South Park: The Stick of Truth
RPG ReviewsI remember long ago when I was a wee strapping young lad playing some South Park games. THEY WERE ALL FUCKING TERRIBLE. Literally, ruined my childhood. I remember this one for the PSX that was some turkey shooter. That was the gaming equivalent of being raped by a catholic priest when you are a little boy. Anyways, so lo and behold when we find out that Obsidian and Matt and Trey are working directly on this game because they were tired of all the shitty fucking cash grabs that they released. Well thank fucking science because this game is pretty fucking good. It's not particularly deep, long or not cliche but what it fucking does, it does really well. READ THE REVIEW FUCKER.
Posted by suislide on Monday, March 24 @ 19:38:37 EDT (17885 Views)
(Read More... | 4830 bytes more | 19 comments | Score: 3.75)
Thief (2014)
FPS reviewsWell they did. They fucking ruined the Thief franchise worse than Deadly Shadows with this stupid fucking reboot for no reason. This game takes everything fun, exciting, interesting and unique about Thief and throws it out the fucking window for poor level design, terrible AI, shitty fucking characters, and a general blandness that will cause you to forget about this barbed club of a turd an hour after you play it. I like to call this game a BLD. That's Bacon, Lettuce and Diarrhea. Well click read more to learn just how bad these fucking cocksuckers ruined the Thief franchise and put it up there with failures such as Deus Ex: IW and Dragon Age 2.
Posted by suislide on Wednesday, February 26 @ 20:52:30 EST (19965 Views)
(Read More... | 11483 bytes more | 19 comments | Score: 4.84)
Would you fuck Zelda Williams now that Robin Williams is dead?

Anal Only
Make her scream for her father


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