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Battlefield 4
Posted on Tuesday, January 21 @ 22:28:15 EST by suislide
FPS reviewstrueboy012 writes "Yeah yeah, this review is late. But this game just became playable some days ago so shut the fuck up. This game brings back memories of BF2 (at least to me) and that deserves an applause. GG, DICE, don't listen to Electronic Aberrations. Never.

Sincerely I need to be slapped real hard in the face because I thought this game would be pure cow shit. I was like "Fuck you EA, now you're gonna ruin my favorite series". But nope, this game is fucking awesome! They brought back some of the best of BF2 which is fucking awesome, so this game kind of feels like an HD remake of BF2. Anyway, let's review this game:

Graphics: Unless you are playing on XBOX 360 or PS3, this game looks AMAZING. At first I thought it would look the same as BF3, because that game looks great too, but I don't know how the fuck it looks better. The best thing of all is that the blue filters were removed! Everything is super detailed: characters, buildings, guns, tanks, helis... Too bad we don't have curved lines (Call of Dogshit: Ghosts reference).

Gameplay: Like I said before, this game kind of feels like an HD remake of BF2, because it brings back some of the awesome stuff that we had in BF2. The Commander now takes the full role of lazy fat ass pansy since you can't be commander and soldier at the same time. Back to gameplay, you just need to spawn somewhere and it's time to kick ass. The latest patch fixed all the bad shit and the crashes, and improved perfomance a LOT. And honestly Levolution kind of disappointed me, because I expected the way it happened wouldn't be scripted. But it's still extremely satisfying to take down the skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai and kill those stupid shitbucketeers, I mean camping fags and say "TAKE THAT MUTHAFUCKA!!". And also the counter-knife brings the typical situation of: You counter-knife someone: "HA!! I'M UNBEATABLE". You get counter-knifed: "FUCK YOU!!! FUCK THIS GAME!! *rage quit*".

Sound: Now in Battlefield 4, the guns do sound like guns and not like in BF3 where they used the same fucking sound for all guns with remixes and cuts. And the explosions now do sound like explosions too and not like "BOOM EXPLOSION NOW A STUPID NOISE OF IDONTKNOWWHATTHEFUCKITIS". And I suggest you to turn down the volume a little if you're playing in a airmap, because if you have it real loud then a jet pilot decides to fly right above your head and you have headphones, you'll end up deaf with your ears bleeding.

Story: Are you retard? This is a MULTIPLAYER game... Ok if you fell on that stupid joke then you're actually full retard. About the story, it's fucking horrible as always with just some minor differences: now you can spot enemies so your retard friends can finally help your ass (useless), there are 21 hidden dog tags and you get points for killing, spotting and all that shit, like if it was multiplayer (useless too).

Overall, this game is AWESOME in mostly all senses. There are just a few flaws: the campaign, the shitload of bugs and the fucking expansion packs. Altough Electronic Aberrations didn't ruin this game, they still found a way to get money, through expansion packs. And they crossed the line this time. Really. Even before the release of the game I knew about 2 DLCs already. C'mon, EA! That's fucking ridiculous.

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Re: Battlefield 4 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, January 22 @ 01:03:37 EST

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Re: Battlefield 4 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, February 04 @ 23:58:37 EST
I agree. They real name is Electronic Aberrations.

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Re: Battlefield 4 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, February 11 @ 17:39:23 EST
The mp gameplay in modes like tdm is too fast and jacked like CoD. There's terrible 'lag' or whatever it is, as people waft by me with one shot and kill me and yet I have to unload half a clip. Spawns are awful with people left, right and centre of you. Maps are ugly. Hate fuckn China maps, Paris was prettier! Not a good Battlefield. BF3 was better than this.

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Re: Battlefield 4 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 06 @ 05:01:58 EDT
Are you kidding? This game is B R O K E N.

People who played BF4 either quit Battlefield for good and vowed to never pre-order another EA game ever again.

Others went back to BF3 for a few days, and then quit Battlefield for good.

The rest are praying that DICE fixes this lemon (False hope and denial.) and are still trying to justify flushing $60+ down the drain.

-5/10 for releasing a broken piece of shit game with hit detection and netcoding even worse than Battlefield 3's; which itself was pretty bad, but at least tolerable. Now, instead of just dealing with getting shot at and dying around a corner a half second later, you're emptying a full magazine into someone and the shots aren't even't registering.

What a pile of garbage. Anyone who buys this game after all of the warnings, negative comments, honest reviews, and Youtube videos showing all of the unfixed problems deserves to have EA kick them in the balls and run off with their money.

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Re: Battlefield 4 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, July 17 @ 01:46:49 EDT
I agree things haven't been kickass since BF2. BF-BC2 which came after BF2 in 2010 introduced better close-range gameplay. Then BF3 came out which is quite good, but lacks something... that color tint, no commander, map selection that made it fall short.. I'm glad BF4 brings back BF2 feeling. I didn't buy BF4 this time nor realize it even came out.

I think I'm gonna wait for BF5, and just furiously dildo myself while playing some faggy counter-strike in the meantime. Or play a real game like BF when I'm not shoving razor blades up my asshole.

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Re: Battlefield 4 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, October 12 @ 23:52:24 EDT
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