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Metro: Last Light
Posted on Friday, May 24 @ 20:11:23 EDT by Suislide
FPS reviewsThe Russians are back with another gorgeous looking first person shooter with completely mediocre gameplay and story. The first Metro 2033 was a semi-survival horror game taking place in the subway system of Moscow and was infested by all sorts of beasts. Pretty much what most people remember about it was the fucking incredible graphics that the game had. This game is pretty much more of the same except is more of action game, less survival horror and has even better graphics. Click that fucking read more button dammit.

The very first thing you will notice about this game is the fucking awesome graphics. The game is a somewhat mediocre port in that it doesn't really have a whole lot of graphics options, but it is quite clear that the assets for the PC version are VASTLY superior to the Xbox3-shitty version. See what I did there? I'm fucking hilarious. Anyways, the graphics in this game are fucking top notch and they improved them pretty well from the first game. You will notice the lighting in the game, while softer, is incredibly better and the character animations are much more fluid and believable. The character faces, while slightly clay looking, have tons of detail. I feel as if every character in this game world has their own unique face, and if they don't, well fuck it sure was too hard to notice for me. The animations for everything in the game are pretty smooth from idle characters as you walk around populated areas of the subway to the action scenes where you are blowing apart Russians. Anyways, enough about the fucking graphics, we know they are great, let's talk about the more important part of a game which is the gameplay.

Metro Last Light takes over where the last game left off where you nuked some fucking ghost alien things called the Dark Ones and now some guy busts in your chamber while you are trying to masturbate and tells you that they found a child one, and it is the only one left. In short, the game then takes you through the "tutorial" portion where it teaches you the mechanics of the game and then you proceed onto your own. Once you are finally onto your own, the game gets pretty decent. You basically are put into areas filled with hostile enemies and you need to either use stealth to get through or blast everyone. The AI was retarded and the stealth was completely uninteresting so I would suggest going the action route. The combat in the game is fairly enjoyable and fluid while fighting soldiers but simply tedious while fighting the fucking monsters. The humans, you can kind of sneak around, shoot a few in silence and then blow a few people away. It feels satisfying and each weapon feels like it packs a punch and there is an OK selection of them. Basically various shotguns, assault rifles and snipers which certain ones being more powerful than the others. Then you can use military ammo to buy upgrades for each gun to add lasersights and such. Pretty much the same shit as the first.

For the most part, I enjoyed the combat of the game and had fun shooting everything that stood in my way, but it isn't satisfying enough to make it a super interesting game. The monster hunt sections are boring as these lame ass monsters just run towards you aimlessly as you blow them and it doesn't fit the universe. The other issue is that the game is simply TOO FUCKING EASY. I was playing on the hardest difficulty and had absolutely no problem dispatching every cunt that came my way. They pretty much removed all the survival horror elements as you now have a fuck ton of ammo the whole game. The only way to make the game harder is the fucking RANGER MODE which is a fucking DLC. WHAT IS THAT BULLSHIT? They are fucking charging for a higher difficulty level, something that should be integral to the game. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Anyways, the combat in the game is mostly satisfying and I think most people will find it passable to enjoyable, but it isn't anything new and doesn't feel new.

Another problem is the fucking use of QTE's and the way the levels are split up. First of all, QTE's need to fucking go. I DONT NEED TO FUCKING PRESS E A MILLION TIMES TO OPEN A DOOR. It isn't fucking gameplay, just an annoying distraction that does NOTHING FOR THE GAME. Additionally, STOP FUCKING TAKING CONTROL AWAY FROM MY CHARACTER. Nothing is more irritating then everytime I flip a switch, a cutscene plays, or anything, they TAKE THE CONTROLS AWAY FROM ME and just play an animation. I'm here to PLAY THE FUCKING GAME, YOU KNOW AN INTERACTIVE FORM OF MEDIA, and then they constantly take away my ability to interact. I hate that shit. JUST FLIP THE FUCKING SWITCH. I don't need a 5 second animation to show my player flipping a switch. I feel it takes away from immersion which is the exact opposite of it's purpose. Last, every game can't seem to fucking mix the STORY PARTS with the ACTION PARTS and this game has the same problem. You basically know from the level you are walking into whether it's a story part or an action part. It is jarring and fucking poor design. It should be fluid. The story should be interwoven into the gameplay to where you can learn about the game and play it at the same fucking time. When are these fucking designers going to learn?
One thing that will keep you going is the fucking gorgeous levels and environments. When you are on the surface, seeing the destroyed buildings in the background makes you fucking feel part of the universe. The same detail can be said of the tunnels where each environment feels pretty hand crafted. Heading towards that big red cathedral on the surface portion of the game was pretty damn amazing looking. You will definitely enjoy the environments as they somehow made subway tunnels interesting.

The story in the game might keep you going as well but I found it pretty fucking bland and uninteresting. You start the game, as I said, by going after this dark one who then gets captured by Nazi's. You also get captured by some Nazi's and then escape with some Communist fuck who you obviously KNOW will you betray you. You basically then spend the rest of the game going after the mini Dark One alien thing and the guy who betrayed you. After you kill them, you basically find the shitty Communists are planning to attack your homebase D6, oh and by the way D6 is filled with Dark Ones. THEN THE FUCKING GAME ENDS. They didn't explain any of this shit beforehand and then drop the living dark ones on you at the end in a 3 minute epilogue that barely explains shit. Seriously, if you are going to bother put a story in the game, then fucking FULLY FLESH IT OUT so it reaches it conclusion and then stops. I don't need to find out some neat shit and then have the game end before I get to hear anymore. Anyways, the game is pretty to look at and has enjoyable shooting and a competent story.


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Re: Metro: Last Light (Score: 1)
by Fallout4 on Friday, May 24 @ 20:38:34 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Deserves 7/10 only because of the Ranger mode bullshit. Otherwise at least 9/10

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