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Video Games Suck: Site News/General Bullshit

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Indie Game Blowout: Part 1
Site News/General BullshitHERE WE GO. I got a decent bonus from my job this year and what better fucking way to spend my money than to blow it on mediocre indie game titles? None of the good stuff like Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, or anything like that are out yet so instead you will get random shit that I purchased because it was super fucking cheap! Some decent games but most are mediocre crap that I found incredibly dull and/or boring. So without further ado here is a collection of indie game reviews for:

Antichamber, The Binding of Isaac, Deadlight, Eldritch, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Monaco, Nihilhumbra, Papers Please and Pixel Junk Eden
Posted by suislide on Sunday, January 26 @ 20:01:49 EST (14661 Views)
(Read More... | 6649 bytes more | 11 comments | Score: 3.66)
Grametrailers is fucking Garbage
Site News/General Bullshit
Here is a video show just how fucking TERRIBLE Gametrailers really is. They are fucking leaky anal cancer.
Posted by Suislide on Sunday, September 30 @ 11:49:39 EDT (4780 Views)
(Read More... | 11 comments | Score: 4.55)
Obsidian Kickstart: Project Eternity
Site News/General BullshitHOLY SHIT! Obsidian is a making a fucking old school isometric CRPG with all the writers from Planescape Torment, Fallout and Arcanum. GET IN HERE AND FUND THIS MOTHER FUCKER!


Posted by Suislide on Wednesday, September 19 @ 17:56:04 EDT (3926 Views)
(Read More... | 2183 bytes more | 5 comments | Score: 3.5)
Kickstart: Wasteland 2
Site News/General BullshitHoly fuck they started a kickstart project to fund Wasteland 2....a tactical turned based isometic RPG. ALL OF MY MONEY.


Posted by Suislide on Tuesday, March 13 @ 11:26:45 EDT (4101 Views)
(Read More... | 17 comments | Score: 3)
Merry Hitchmas!
Site News/General BullshitBecause there is no god, religion is bullshit, and santa claus is fucking stupid, I am helping to promote Hitchmas! A celebration of Christopher Hitchens!


Posted by Suislide on Sunday, December 25 @ 12:50:23 EST (3742 Views)
(comments? | Score: 3.31)
Bioware stole the story from Mass Effect from Star Control.
Site News/General Bullshit

Just click the link and see!

Posted by Suislide on Wednesday, December 14 @ 21:29:44 EST (8738 Views)
(Read More... | 6 comments | Score: 5)
Capcom Selling Cheat Codes as DLC
Site News/General Bullshit

Check out the article HERE!

Capcom, known for making absolutely nothing but garbage fucking games which they sloppily port to the PC has now gone low enough to fucking barf out cheat codes as DLC. Way to go. Could you get any fucking cheaper you scumbag organization? Maybe if you stopped releasing the same damn Street Fighter game every 6 months and actually made a decent game. Seriously, Capcom has absolutely no good qualities and I was hoping that they would go out of business. They make nothing worth playing. Ever. Fucking waste of an organization.
Posted by Suislide on Wednesday, November 09 @ 19:43:16 EST (4188 Views)
(Read More... | 3 comments | Score: 4.5)
IGN Lies.
Site News/General BullshitExcellent information I just found comrade. I fucking hate IGN, they are utter garbage and need to be a destroyed.

Check out NeoGAF forums for their bullshit reviewing methods
Oh, and I'll have a BF3 review up tomorrow. Prepare yourselves. The hype was bullshit.
Posted by Suislide on Tuesday, November 08 @ 20:08:20 EST (8467 Views)
(Read More... | 5 comments | Score: 4.2)
If Quake Was Done Today
Site News/General Bullshit
Posted by Suislide on Wednesday, November 02 @ 16:01:04 EDT (5447 Views)
(Read More... | 4 comments | Score: 4.83)
Deus Ex 3 is heading the way of Deus Ex 2
Site News/General BullshitYes, our worst fucking nightmares confirmed even though we were reassured it would be true to the Deus Ex experience. However, after viewing videos of the gameplay it has becoming more obvious that what we are getting instead is some shitty fucking generic stealth action game which will rival the generic-ness of every other console piece of shit out there. There are numerous problems with this game and it is making my penis soft. Click to read the damning evidence.
Posted by Suislide on Sunday, March 20 @ 13:20:51 EDT (7159 Views)
(Read More... | 5407 bytes more | 19 comments | Score: 4.19)
Would you fuck Zelda Williams now that Robin Williams is dead?

Anal Only
Make her scream for her father


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