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Angry Video Game Nerd/Zero Punctuation Can Both Suck My Cock
Posted on Wednesday, March 12 @ 13:58:16 EDT by Suislide
Site News/General BullshitBoth of these guys can suck my big fat cock and choke on my huge load of sperm. I was the original mother fucker and then these turds come along and garner more popularity. Well they can SUCK MY DICK.

Ok so you have this turd that came out swearing in reviews and making fun of in about 2006. Oh wow, thats about three fucking years after I have already been doing this. The only difference is he makes half hour episodes for stupid video games and uses youtube or whatever to watch them. Yeah I really want to see you fucking ugly nerd face when I am listening to a review. The Kicker? He reviews old fucking shitty games that no one cares about. Guess what? We all played Bible Stories, We all know it sucks. We know the NES Glove thing sucked. This guy is a fucking idiot stuck in the 1980s reviewing shit that we have already discussed and have come to the conclusion that sucks. He is basically restating what everyone already knew. Hey Angry Video Game Nerd, way to copy off my style you cock sucking asshole.

Then this other cock sucker, Ben Croshaw, comes around starts making flash videos with his rapid fire faggot british accent on and makes god awful reviews. Hey guess what Ben? You fucking suck. You can't write positive reviews for games and still make them funny. You know why? Because you are awful. Your shit is unoriginal and you can smoke my smegma covered cock.

These homosexuals pop up fucking dime-a-dozen now days. Vulgar reviews were my idea. I was first, yet these cock suckers get the praise. You both can go eat shit because you aren't original. I am the original!

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Re: Angry Video Game Nerd/Zero Punctuation Can Both Suck My Cock (Score: 1)
by CrapMan on Wednesday, March 12 @ 16:42:55 EDT
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I'm English but I can get a word of that cock sucker on Zero Punctuation he tends to ramble on about shit that has nothing to do with the review. I'm surprised he aint dead from not taking a breath through talking.

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Re: Angry Video Game Nerd/Zero Punctuation Can Both Suck My Cock (Score: 1)
by vassili on Wednesday, March 12 @ 21:15:08 EDT
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AVGN does indeed suck major cock the only reason he gets alot of attention is cause hes a fucking mongoloid people like to laugh at , and I kinda like yahtzee at least he dedicate's himself to do them weekly even tho they're not THAT funny , you shouldn't get so riled up if you want to do better put your shit out there and put more time into your review's cause your one lazy motherfucker do one once a week or get a sponser or maybe do a podcast.

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Re: Angry Video Game Nerd/Zero Punctuation Can Both Suck My Cock (Score: 1)
by Mean_MOFO on Thursday, March 13 @ 13:02:15 EDT
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Your idea? LOL, you ain't shit dude. And you suck Gabe Newell's dick, and completely overrate games. Because you suck. And you keep repeating yourself, (smegma, homosexuals, cocks, yadda yadda). It's always the same shit with you Suislide. I fucked your mom in a barn right where you posted that message.

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Re: Angry Video Game Nerd/Zero Punctuation Can Both Suck My Cock (Score: 1)
by Johnny on Sunday, March 16 @ 17:20:40 EDT
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Atleast they use flash. The most original thing you ever did was that month when you substituted "gay" with nigger or spic. Just to try and hold on to what little controvery you had left by trying to be a racist ignorant redneck instead of a homopohobic ignorant redneck.

I mean come on. Profanity just ai'nt funny anymore. And it sure as hell ai'nt controversial. If you want to get attention then go draw some pictures of muhammed and post those. After 2 years of telling everyone they can suck your dick. People dont care anymore. It's like watching someone on "jackass" electrecute his penis. It's old. No one cares.

Just face facts. After 2 years of pretending to be Maddox you still havent got it down. The formula is like this.

90% Humor
10% references to sucking dick

You got it all wrong by adding 100% refrences to sucking dick.

Maddox = Funny
Maddox wannabe (you) = not funny

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Re: Angry Video Game Nerd/Zero Punctuation Can Both Suck My Cock (Score: 1)
by flaming_ass_packet on Thursday, March 20 @ 10:52:31 EDT
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why dont you jews shut the fuck up before i gun the back of your head and roundhouse kick you into a fire pit.

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Re: Angry Video Game Nerd/Zero Punctuation Can Both Suck My Cock (Score: 1)
by D ( on Sunday, April 13 @ 11:44:15 EDT
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AVGN is essentially a clone of Seanbaby without the wit, wordplay or extremely flamboyant hair which makes Seanbaby such a classic example of videogame humor, combined with a whole bunch more swearing. It's fairly low-grade, though it's still better than the average Kotaku / Destructoid "lol we make a funnies" faggotry.

On the other hand, Zero Punctuation is the family guy [ass] of comedic game culture - try reading the script for one of the videos and the unfunny is bitingly obvious. To try to achieve any kind of laughs it relies on a gimmick - in this case, animooted [sic] flash imagery and vaguely Dr Ashens accent. (Incidently, Dr Ashens is far funnier).

The problem I find with both is simply that they have a stale approach to their reviewing. None of them have a real 'hook' to keep a captive audience. None of their reviews really break new ground or even cause any sort of contraversy; ZeroPunctuation is particularly bad in this case with a mixture of poor 'serious' reviews and a lack of genuine critical insight.

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Re: Angry Video Game Nerd/Zero Punctuation Can Both Suck My Cock (Score: 1)
by berzerker on Tuesday, April 20 @ 01:48:17 EDT
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Is this Suislide?

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Croshaw Fails at Witcher (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, May 04 @ 02:45:40 EDT
Croshaw made some negative reviews of 'The Witcher' and 'Witcher 2'...

But his complaints show that he DIDNT KNOW HOW TO PLAY THEM!

For W1 he said it was one button auto-attacking... Did he MISS the part where you get to click at certain times to chain your attacks into combos?!

Then in W2 he complains that Geralt cant block all the time... lrn 2 stamina!?

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Re: Angry Video Game Nerd/Zero Punctuation Can Both Suck My Cock (Score: 1)
by fuck_you_cristo (I_fuck_your_kids) on Friday, April 19 @ 13:45:43 EDT
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Yes, suislide made this website in 2003(?) so he was the first. I find reading his reviews more hilarious than everybody else concerned here. Plus I learn a lot of 'unorthodox' use of foul words or just foul words themselves from his reviews so it's actually educational in a way. XD yeah suislide fucking rocks.

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