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Game of the Year Awards 2006
Posted on Saturday, January 13 @ 16:36:14 EST by Suislide
Site News/General BullshitSo 2006 is over and man, what a shit year of gaming. There was only very few games that stood out from the normal piles of shit that are usually released. Not to mention, christmas season was dryer than your moms twat so that didn't help. Overall, there was some good titles but this was not the best year of gaming. However here are the only awards that actually matter. Because these are unbiased and not paid off like all those other piece of shit websites. Piece of shit websites include Gamespy, Gamespot, IGN, RewiredMind, and basically any site listed on Gamerankings. Anyways here is the VGS Game of the Year Awards for 2006.

Game of the Year 2006:

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

This was the best game to come out this year and my god does the game kick ass. Of course they simplified it for the shit headed 5 year olds on their piece of garbage xbox 360 but it still doesn't mask the ass kicking the game delivers to your face. This game has some kick ass graphics, huge lush enviornments, and enough shit to do in this game to keep your sad loser self occupied for days because you have no friends and have a pizza face. Not to mention there is a complete boatload of mods for the game allready to keep you playing it even longer (except if you buy the ones from bethesda you are an idiot). Anyways the game is huge RPG with lots of replay value as there is like 2 billion different classes, great graphics, and some kick ass gameplay. Run around chopping bitches with your sword or ram a fireball up their ass. The point is Oblivion was the best game to be released this year.

Action Game of the Year:

Titan Quest

Ok so the game is sort of an RPG but for the most part its basically an action game. The developers decided to cram together Dungeon Siege 2 and Diablo 2 for a kick ass action RPG. You can run around right clicking slaughtering hordes of enemies in great looking environments. The game has varied enviornments, great looking graphics, and a shitload of asskicking for you to dish out as you fight through hordes of enemies. Of course you can also play online which is decent but nothing special. This game is the buttsex.

Adventure Game of the Year:

Sam and Max: Culture Shock Episode 1

Well this game wins for two reasons. First of all, Sam and Max kick the ass off of any other adventure that has ever come out and this game continues their ass kicking with more sam and max goodness. Second of all, it was really the only adventure game to come out this year that was a low-budget, boring pile of garbage such as Murder on the Orient Express. Sam and max team up in this game and bring a great adventure that is funny and fun as hell to play. Not to mention its cheap as hell to get so thats also a bonus. This game is fucking fun as hell.

FPS of the Year:

Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Fuck Yeah, the addon to Half-Life 2 (which is one of the best games ever made) comes out and delivers more amazing ass kicking, more amazing graphics, and more gordon the turd throwing nerd action. The addon gives you HDR and is pretty much the only game to not overdo as to blind you and blur the shit out of all the textures with a really bright light. Not to mention, the game is cheap, although kind of short but contains so much ass kicking that i pretty much just shit my pants right now. There action is bigger, better, and with new enemies and more kick ass use of the physics. The gameplay is fun as hell and this is by the far the best first person shooter to come out in 2006. Fear Extraction point doesn't even come close to how much Episode 1 kicked ass.

Racing Game of the Year:

Trackmania: Nations

So pretty much all racing games blow dick as you can see from the 3 billion Need for Speeds that keep being released that are the same shit over and over again yet these fucking retards keep feeding into the bullshit. This is about the only racing game to come out that didn't suck that large of a dick. Infact its about the only racing that is fun for many a reasons. For 1. Its Free and your soul won't be hurt by knowing that you actually spent money on a racing game. Second of all there is like 300 billion tracks as when you play online its all custom tracks that people have created and some of them are actually quite hard to do. The game is pretty damn fun and has some great multiplayer. Also its the only racing game i played this year so it pretty much takes the default as being the best.

RPG of the Year:

Neverwinter Nights 2

A pretty damn good AD&D 3.5 adventure. So NWN2 came out and the developers decided to mix some small things from baldurs gate into the regular NWN and came out with NWN2 which is a pretty damn good RPG. It did lack somewhat what on the role-playing and definatley doesn't hold a candle to the Baldurs Gate series. However overall the game is pretty damn fun, has some kick ass voice-acting, nice graphics, and some fun gameplay adventuring through random shit. They also decided to give you a party of people this time unlike the first one where you didn't get shit except some boring ass companions. So you now you can actually take a group of your choice with you of NPCs who actually react to the situation and you can influence them and other garbage. So once again you can venture through Faerun and kill abunch of weak of kobolds for fun. NWN2 was pretty much the best RPG released this year next to oblivion obviously.

Strategy Game of the Year:

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes fucking rocks everyones anus and is definatley the best RTS that has come out this year. Anyone disagree? Well then you deserve to be fucked in your ass by a fat black man named Jamal. This game takes place in WW2 and has the ass kicking extravaganza. The gameplay is just fucking great and makes me touch myself. The graphics also fucking rock and the physics of the game just puts the icing on the cake. Try and name one better RTS that has come out this year? You cant because you are and your family is a shit. This game owns you.

Multiplayer Game of the Year:


Yeah nothing worthy here really came out last year. Unless you count BF2 Addons. Oh wait you can't because they suck dick.

Shit-stained Game of the Year:

Scarface:The World is Yours

Scarface fucking sucks the hugest load of dick that anyone has ever seen. First of all the movies sucks huge fucking balls so that was their first mistake right there. Then making some crap GTA clone based on that pile of crap movie was the nail in the coffin. This game fucking blows so hard that anyone who enjoys this game should be tried in a military tribunal for hanging. This fucking pile of crap features such amazing things as shit fucking graphics that look like they are from 2001! Stupid fucking voice acting! Garbage dialouge that tries to swear as much as it can so 7 year olds can think its cool! Piss Poor controls that feel like you are controlling a dog turd with legs. The story sucks dick since its based on the movie "If tony survived." Well he fucking didn't and no one gives two shits what happens to him in some pile of crap GTA clone that sucks huge dick. Seriously this game is just such utter shit that my pubes just rotted off and died. So Scarface: The World is yours recieves the awesome title of the shit-stained game of the year.
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Re: Game of the Year Awards 2006 (Score: 1)
by Mean_MOFO on Sunday, January 14 @ 12:12:13 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Oblivion game of the year?? Are you a fucking retard?
You're the shit headed 5 year old obviously, for picking that turd up. And sticking it back up your ass. Can I think of a better title that came out 2006? Ummm, FUCK YEA??

Anyways, adventure of the year is ok, but action game of the year sucks. I mean cmon, Titan Quest? No one even plays that shit anymore cos it's so fucking dumb and gets old fast!

Then you go and fuck it up by putting Half Life Episode 1 as the fps os the year... Now that's the true sign of retardation. Picking up a game that brought absolutely NOTHING new nor original. Call Of Cthulhu: DCotE deserved that award, more than any other FPS game, by fucking far. But of course, why not just jump on the bandwagon and go with the fucking mindless crowd?

So just fucking remind me, what exactly is the difference between videogamessuck and Gamespot? Nothing, you both suck dicks, you corporate sucking pieces of turd.
Also, Flatout 2 kicks Trackmania's ass in terms of gameplay and fun.
fucking tools...

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Re: Game of the Year Awards 2006 (Score: 1)
by Kalafan on Friday, January 19 @ 00:44:14 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

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