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War Rock
Posted on Wednesday, December 21 @ 21:13:13 EST by Suislide
FPS reviewsD writes "Yet another multiplayer shooting game outta Korea, and like the last biztrillion this one is so bad that it's a crime against humanity that makes the holocaust seem like a stubbed toe in comparison.

As my reviews of Kal Online and Gunz Online have detailed, Korea has an affinity for producing god-awful piles of crap that barely even pass as "games". Unfortunately for me (If you're not retarded or pain-addicted, you will never, ever, ever, ever play this game), War Rock has no intention of bucking this trend and being, say, a playable or remotely fun game.


War Rock makes it pretty clear roughly 0.2 seconds into the game that it's a blatant ripoff of the Battlefield series, minus anything which make the Battlefield series even remotely worth playing, as well as being about as well-coded as a dead horse.

For example, any weapon hits exactly where it's pointed even when you're running, jumping, or extracting yourself from the treads of one of the horribly overpowered vehicles in the game. This means you can out-snipe snipers with a colt .45; though this might take some effort as you'll have to slam the mouse button for about twenty minutes before you kill anything.

As I mentioned, the vehicles are something to be amazed by in War Rock. For example, the moment a player gets in a tank, the enemy team is immediately so horrified that half of them will immediately commit suicide and leave the game and go into a type of shellshock. The remaining players irritate the tank driver because this means they need to take the actual effort of clicking the mouse to fire the incredibly overpowered tank cannon.

Aiming, of course, is optional - so long as the tanks' gun is aimed at the same continent as the enemies, you can expect to get about 300 kills at once. The only way to destroy a tank is to convince it to run over the brightly colored anti-tank mines (yeah right), or to pick away at it with anti-tank rockets. The great thing about this is that the anti-tank rocket launcher is so weak that the tank will end up rusting to death by the time you've damaged it enough to make the guy inside it aggravated enough to actually take the effort to shoot you.


The games' graphics are the classic "fucking horrible" style; they look about on-mark with Quake 2 yet have a sub-30 FPS half the time. Actually, comparing Quake 2 to this is a friggin' insult to Quake 2, because at least Quake 2 was a decent game.


War Rock has some of the worst sound in history, which is unsuprising for one of the worst games in history. The weapons are all about as loud as a ninja mosquito, which makes the feedback of firing weapons roughly as enjoyable as suicide.


Now it wouldn't be a Korean game without a god-awful heap of shit netcode, would it? In a Gunz Onlineish twist, War Rock has netcode so horribly bad that it's quite common for two people to die at the same time - the server can take up to a full two seconds before it updates the clients' status. This means you can have two people shoot each other about 300 times (any less won't have any effect, because the guns really are that weak) and they'll stand there looking at each other for a moment before they both suddenly die. Excellent!

Unlike Gunz online, War Rock seems to have some kind of antilag, which means these Korean failures at least tried to make a decent game before crashing and burning into mediocrity. However, this just means it's even more easy for two people to kill each other at the same time.


This game gave me testicular cancer.

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Re: War Rock (Score: 1)
by flaming_ass_packet on Friday, December 23 @ 21:07:48 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
This game gave me testicular cancer

from death comes life because this review filled my testicles full of baby batter.

also, there is no need to disarm korea of nuclear wmd's. if they try to launch one, the netcode on it would totally do some funny shit. it would be all like "SWOOOOSH!!" "KAPOW!!!" "FIZZZZZZZZZ!!" "KADINK BURRRRR!!" then the missle would fall flat on the floor and a bunch of rats would scamper out of it.

i orderd some korean takeout, its netcode was all fucked up.

adopted a korean baby, bad netcode.

also, why do people call netcode, NETCODE.


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  • Re: War Rock by flaming_ass_packet on Friday, December 23 @ 21:19:20 EST
    • Re: War Rock by flaming_ass_packet on Friday, December 23 @ 21:20:52 EST

Re: War Rock (Score: 1)
by Waste Of Life on Saturday, December 31 @ 12:00:34 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
this game gave both of my testicles cancer

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Re: War Rock (Score: 1)
by Your_mother on Friday, March 10 @ 04:23:38 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
dude, for one, you have some SERIOUS issues. Also, i think you already had testicular cancer from all your boyfriends biting down on your balls, so dont worry bout that ^_^. you have something against koreans? tell that to the AZN gang, see what they have to say about it. you dirty dirty whore. i was having a good day until i saw your gayshit article and realised how much of a buttfucking cockboy you really are. SUCK IT, WHORE. learn to keep your SERIOUS ISSUES to yourself. fag. i really didnt know people CODED DEAD HORSES, YOU RETARD. but maybe thats just in your fantasy world where gay marriages are legal and you're super happy, like all 15 of your boyfriends/gay dads. let me spell something out to you. F-U-C-K Y-O-U. i hope you put your stupidity to good use and FALL IN A FIRE.

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Fucking take it easy (Score: 1)
by Omar_Pants on Friday, March 10 @ 04:30:21 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
You really wanna take it fucking easy you homo monkey? wtf is your problem? I honestly believe a cat with chronic diarrhoea and 10 minutes to live would have a better chance of coding a game then you would of getting laid in your lifetime. Go suck on testicular infested balls and get a life you knobjockey.

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Re: War Rock (Score: 1)
by DORPWNZYORUASS on Wednesday, October 17 @ 17:31:16 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Omar who did you talk to ? and the author hates korean games..i like Maplestory and lunia both of them are korean / english version.. idunno another english version of a game that makes you want to play more

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  • Re: War Rock by EXTREME_SOB on Thursday, January 22 @ 22:53:18 EST

Re: War Rock (Score: 1)
by AntiWarrock on Sunday, June 08 @ 09:00:00 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Warrock is the most sucking game I ever seen.

I made a vid with my friend about the suckage of warrock:


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Re: War Rock (Score: 1)
by bih32194 on Friday, April 02 @ 11:17:05 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
1st of all how long did u play a few minutes
and the graphics are horrible?
try buying a new GFX card. because i have about 90 FPS
try playing on high graphics, oh wait u might crash

And killing some one with a colt .45 from across the map just means that the snipe sucks ballz.
And try not over exaggerating the whole tank thing and the tanks over powered? wtf is a tank supposed to b u fucking retard.

And the sound? the guns all sound the same? u must have a hearing problem, try turning your sound up kid.

And try playing for about a month or two because playing for 5 min doesn't make u skilled.

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