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Warriors Orochi
Posted on Monday, March 31 @ 21:37:33 EDT by Suislide
Action Game ReviewsOk first of all, anyone who thought making a clone of dynasty warriors should be stabbed in the fucking face. Second of all, who the hell would think that dynasty warriors is such a good game that it needs a clone? Dynasty Warriors sucks ass, and guess what, so does this piece of shit. Its not even a game, its something to wipe my shit on. Not to mention, it has the worst port for the PC known in the existence of man.

Graphics First clue that its a fucking god awful port to the PC? Well the fact that all the menus are the same and that the controls and other shit are still in the style for the 360. Another big clue was the fact that there was no wide screen resolutions. If anyone makes a game without widescreen resolutions today then they should be arrested and get raped in jail. So the graphics in this game ARE CRAP. Not just crap, but a BAD CRAP. This crap were talking about with the intestinal cramps and the burning diarrhea is what this game makes you feel. Ok so the environments, what do they consist of? I'll tell ya! The environments consist of a bunch of boxes with the most low-res pile of crap textures you have ever seen. Thats all it is. You travel from box to box swinging the same repetitive animation, hitting the same three types of enemies OVER AND OVER and do NOTHING ELSE. Some of the backgrounds in this game are fucking laughably bad. It looks worse than a playstation 2 game. I had fucking flashbacks and thought I was playing Wolfenstein 3D again. So the graphics in this game are just so fucking bad it hurts. The art design is basically just feudal japan looking things. Except its abunch of fucking boxes that you walk through. The animations in this game are laughable. It plays the same two animations over and over when you attack until you fall asleep. The graphics are uglier than the soul of a woman.

Sound: PUKE. The sound in this game is just plain PUKE. You tough the attack key and all the sudden a force of puke protudes from your speakers and burns through your ears like the acid blood from Aliens. So the music in this game sucks because there basically is NONE, it barely ever plays anything and its not noticable when it does. Not to mention, when you are mashing the buttons to attack the same wave enemies over and over, the same stupid ass attack sound plays over and over until you rip your scalp off and let yourself bleed to death. PUKE.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the worst part of it. So you choose characters at the screen and choose various types of shitty weapons and other stuff for them. Then you go into the game, run around, and press the attack key over and over. I have nothing else to say...thats all you fucking just press the attack key. Its the fucking lamest gameplay in existence. Oh yeah the AI sucks too.

Story: The story is good. Just kidding, it sucks like the rest of this shit game. You have to kill some guy named Orichi or whatever the fuck it was. Thats all the story is. Its just as fucking lame as the rest of the game. Can't you retards atleast think of a decent story to maybe put over this game? Even still this game is still a turd.


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Re: Warriors Orochi (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, December 07 @ 03:45:09 EST
that tears it

you're not allowed to play japanese niche games anymore

now go to the corner and think about what you've done

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