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Deus Ex 2: Invisible War
Posted on Friday, December 05 @ 09:08:39 EST by Suislide
FPS reviewsThis game fucking sucks! Fuck Ion Storm that piece of shit company! Warren Cocksucker just wanted to make some fucking money so he takes a good game and makes it complete and utter shit just so he can release it for the xbox.

Graphics: Don't let the screenshots fool you, the graphics in this game suck huge inflatable penis. First lets start with the piece of shit weapons which have like a max poly count of 200 fucking polygons. What the hell this 2003 not 1997. For fucks sake quake 2 has some better models that piece of shit game. Want to see how bad these fucking weapons look? Click Here Wow those look great..... FOR A FUCKING SHITTY ASS CONSOLE. Next lets move onto THE SHIT FUCKING TEXTURES. The textures suck complete and utter anus. They are the blurriest low resolution piece of fucking shit textures you will ever see your life. They just suck so much fucking ass its hard to explain how fucking shitty THESE SHIT FUCKING TEXTURES ARE. PROBABLY BECAUSE THIS PIECE OF SHIT GAME HAS TO RUN ON A FUCKING CONSOLE. Now the world and human models all suck ass too. The fucking sink is basically a bent penis, everything is all fucking blocky and the models for the characters and fucking weird. They stand there with their arms out and it looks fucking retarded. So we have a game that looks like shit with low res textures and low poly models you think it would run decent.... HELL NO this game runs like shit.. you know why CUZ ITS A FUCKING CONSOLE PORT. Hell in the fucking control menu theres still a fucking option to turn off vibration. Yes my keyboard and mouse vibrate AWESOME. Fucking suck....

Sound: The sound is just as good as the rest of the game... complete and utter shit. Theres really nothing more to say about this shit sound. Of course the main character in this game sounds like a fucking retard who doesnt know where the hell he is. The music... what fucking music? Either there was no fucking music or I didnt hear it because it was such fucking shit that i went fucking deaf from hearing it. So basically the sound can like the dirty shit out of my unwiped anal cavity.

Gameplay: The gameplay is like Deus Ex except with all the good features taking out so now its the equilvilant of your head up an elephants ass. Where the hell should i start.... Oh yes lets start with the fact that the aiming system is completley fucking gone. My pistol is now perfectly accurate and you know why? BECAUSE IT WOULD BE TOO FUCKING HARD TO HAVE THAT ON A CONSOLE. Also there is no locational damage... what the fuck? Who the fuck doesnt put locational damage in a game in 2003? Fucking Half-Life had locational damage and thats fucking 5 years old. Hell even the first game had locational damage but now its fucking gone, why? It takes like fucking 6 shots to kill a person even if i shoot them in the foot. Oh yeah thats realisitic and shot in the fucking foot, your going to die now from GANGREEN. Oh yeah and the great universal ammo. Unverisal ammo was back in the day of fucking wolfenstein 3d. I mean shit fucking Doom had different fucking types of ammo. What the fuck were these pieces of shit doing all of this time picking their fucking asses. All of the cool upgrades so you can be better with the pistol or knife and now gone. Wow thats fucking great could they get rid of anything else. YES THEY FUCKING CAN. Inventory managment is gone now. Now you dont have to think you can just fucking pick something up and on your way. Instead of thinking Hmm i might need this shit but not that shit, you now pick up shit and dont give a shit. Wow this game must be for a fucking 10 year old dumb shit kid who has no friends. Your thinking what the fuck this game is terrible, what else can he think of to say? The big fucking text that a fucking blind man can read from 10 fucking miles away... You can tell this shit is for a console. Oh yeah there is this one part were a fucking camera sees you and a turret shoots to kill you. I fucking walked in the room and up some stairs before i even noticed there was a turret and it didnt fucking shoot me at all. What a piece of shit. Also the AI blows ass, the enemies just stand in a spot and shoot at you like mindless idiot retards. The gameplay fucking sucks.

Story: You are Alex Denton, the retard of the family. You have stupid fucking hair that would appeal to a fucking kid. For some reason Chicago got fucked up, and you are moved to this apartment. In the apartment doctors are spying on you for some fucking reason. Supposedly you are an experiment for someone. I dont know the story because i couldn't fucking stand this game long enough to play a decent way through. This game sucks.

Fuck Ion Storm blows ass. This game was just made to make money. Its using to the god damn unreal engine and made it look like complete shit and run like shit. 0/10

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Re: Deus Ex 2: Invisible War (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, January 12 @ 17:17:57 EST
microsoft is paying loads of money to firms to balls up pc ports even more to make there feeble xbox look half decent@@!!@$#

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Re: Deus Ex 2: Invisible War (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, August 27 @ 00:47:49 EDT
Your a fucking idiot. This is a awesome game. I noticed that you though Painkiller, of all games, was great. It fucking sucks and you dont know jack-shit about great games.

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Re: Deus Ex 2: Invisible War (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, October 02 @ 13:09:45 EDT
True this game is not worth it, not what we saw in the original.

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Re: Deus Ex 2: Invisible War (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, December 20 @ 01:02:14 EST
I actually enjoyed this game because it allowed for a lot of exploring and adventuring. The graphics, while they were unnessisarily hard to run, were not as bad as you say. The gameplay kept me coming back and that says alot. I have a tendancy to get bored of a game quickly.

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Re: Deus Ex 2: Invisible War (Score: 1)
by AdolfHitler on Monday, December 05 @ 16:03:58 EST
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You fucking noob... Only a faggot loving jewass cocklicker wouldn't like Deus Ex 2. Go hang yourself, shiteating nigger.

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Re: Deus Ex 2: Invisible War (Score: 1)
by cupfullofdie on Saturday, December 01 @ 00:32:43 EST
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i found this review through another site and i just have to say its the funniest thing ive seen all day and full of the TRUTH! that game was a total pile of shit and for those who posted here saying it was a great game should be taken out in a back alley and shot in the back of the head. twice.

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