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Hard Reset: Extended Edition
Posted on Wednesday, July 25 @ 20:23:22 EDT by Suislide
FPS reviewsHoly shit, so take everything I said about the first part of the game and just apply it to here. The Extended Edition is the same game but now with additional levels with new styled environments and tons of new enemies to kill and 100% more fucking bitches up. Only faggots aren't playing this game. Anyways, read on and I will go into more detail about what it is in the extended edition, which is fucking free by the way, if you already own the game.

So the expansion takes place right after you kill the final boss of the main campaign and then you end up in the outskirts of the city. The game goes from looking cyberpunk to more of a wasteland style mixed with cyberpunk. It is nice to have a bit of variety in the environments as it makes you actually feel like you are progressing somewhere. The visuals in this game are still fucking impressive and some of the best in existence with pretty damn high resolution textures everywhere and a smattering of effects. I am also glad they actually make use of a ton of physics effects as it seems most games don't use that anymore. The only complaint I have is I saw some some texture seems in a few spots, even though they might not be noticeable, I am fucking meticulous. Nothing gets by me.

So as you are blasting your way through the new fucking levels, some of which are quite fucking huge, you will be blowing the shit out of everything in your past. The developers gave more environmental destruction to use to defeat enemies. The most notable part of this is the big crusher that you can chase enemies through crushing them. I found blowing the shit out of robots and crushing others incredibly satisfying to the point of orgasm. There are unfortunately no new weapons, but the ones in the game are still enjoyable and you can now unlock any you haven't previously from the extra nano that you get. There are also some new flying enemies which will rain down fire on you. I found them kind of fucking annoying at first until I got the tracking pulse rifle thing and then they were fucking cake.

The game still retains its difficulty and can be brutally hard at some points even on normal, and once you flip the game on hard, it's fucking ridiculously HARD. Basically, the skill levels actually have some meaning to them unlike most games. There is a new boss to the game, which was pretty fucking tough as you have to have him suck in barrels while abunch of other enemies are raining down fire on you. I found it pretty fucking tough but once you beat him, you feel fucking satisfied. The only complaint I have about this is the "GLOWING HIT ZONES" thing. What ever happened to just blasting the fuck out of an enemy EVERYTHING? It would awesome just to have a full giant robot attacking that you just keep blasting anywhere until its in fucking pieces.

Hard Reset Extended Edition adds more levels filled with kicking ass, blowing the shit out of robots, and beautiful graphics all rolled into one. Prepare your anus for a pounding.


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Re: Hard Reset: Extended Edition (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, July 26 @ 11:48:47 EDT
Well, considering thee size of the game the variety is ok.
Great FPS indeed. And it's cyberpunk for fuck's sake. Really, really satisfying game.

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Re: Hard Reset: Extended Edition (Score: 1)
by craterface on Monday, July 30 @ 11:49:52 EDT
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Now this was great fun. i didn't use mines that much as they do much less damage than they should, being a high-end weapon as it is. Although I usually put that 5 on the field when I suspected an assault like when entering a hall. And it worked wonders when I placed them near lightning emitters or corners. Then it was awesome when I put all 5 near each other then shot a gravity-grenade towards them as it collected the critters on it's way then KABOOOM.
Grenade launcher, that's another fun to use weapon. It has a reloading time, but only for a single mode. You can shoot out 2 prjectiles almost simultaneously if they are the normal grenade and then the secondary one with the gravity field.
CLN weapons are fun and well thought out. The laser targeting of the RPG is awesome, with good timing you can lead rockets behind obstacles, or make an airstrike of 2-3 clustered rockets. I blow enemies on myself as the rocket misses, then hits from the back.
And the shotgun is the ultimate tool against the hordes of those little ones because of it's stopping power. Paralysation is good for the big rushing ones (especially if they are near a lightning emitter), but you are basically untouchable if you get yourself into a corner and brake every wave with a single shot. I remember the bathroom in the railway station was hard for me using the NRG tree, but a piece of cake with the shotgun.
This game features pumping action, cool enemies, athmosphere and well designed maps, but I love the weapons the most. They are so satisfying and fun to use.

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Re: Hard Reset: Extended Edition (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, August 12 @ 22:16:57 EDT
The game is pretty awesome. It really does appeal to a broad audience without alienating much. The difficulty scaling is nice and the visuals grand. It's a great escape from tacticool shooting.

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