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Posted on Wednesday, October 28 @ 00:33:22 EDT by Suislide
RPG ReviewsI've never seen someone do this before. They take what starts as a decent game...infact more than half the game is decent..but in the last two acts of the game they FUCK IT UP SO BAD that the entire game isn't worth playing. So we have Risen, an action RPG set on a island with an oblivion-esque like environment. This really could have been a decent game, not the greatest but at least an eight out of ten...but lo-and-behold the dumbasses fucking ruined in the last 5 hours of the game. Just as a note to everyone, don't bother with this turd sammich.

Graphics: So the graphics in the game are pretty decent looking. The entire game takes place across the island and it's very tropical looking. Basically, it has Oblivion style graphics but with more of a tropical feel to them. The game features all the regular bullshit that we expect now days like parallax mapping, shaders, and abunch of other shit. The animations are the worst part of the graphics because they are clunky and basically make me want to take a dump. How the hell do they get the rest of the graphics right and fuck up the animations? They aren't the worst, but they are very smooth and during dialog you see the main character repeat many of the same stupid animations over and over again. Same with all the other characters. The nice part barely ever see clones of people whether you are at the Don's Camp or in the city. Every person has their own fucking name and their own model for the most part. There is a few repeated ones but much less so than most other games. This is a relief because I am sick of seeing the same two identical people walk right next to each other. The art design is pretty average in the game...the island looks really nice but the non-human enemies are fucking boring and uninspired. You get to fight unique things like a big fucking worm or A SKELETON. Come on, a fucking skeleton again? I've been fucking fighting skeletons since Stone Keep. Anyways the graphics are pretty nice for the most part.

Sounds: Again we have some above average voice acting and some decent dialog. There aren't many choices in the dialog but for some reason your character acts like a smart ass the entire game. I have no idea why, but he just likes to treat everyone like a dick. I have no problem with this either, people are fucking stupid and need to be treated like scum. Anyways, the dialog isn't the best but it's definitely fun to listen to, especially since there abunch of characters with all their own unique dialog so there is plenty to talk to. Here's the fucking funny thing..Act I is the biggest part of the game and is very dialog heavy...and the most interesting. The combat sounds are lamer than a vietnam's vet's wounded leg. (Hell they are lamer than that fucking reference). It's the typical ping and clash bullshit that you hear over and over again. The music isn't bad either.

Gameplay: Ok here is where they fucking blow it like a 16 year old girl on prom night. I'm going to have to split this up by acts because it's a fucking downhill battle. So first ACT 1....The game is fresh and introduces you to the island and combat system, you eventually make your way to choosing between two factions that you can join. I went with the Don's Camp because the Holy faggots can suck God's non-existent dick. So the game starts out giving you plenty of quests to do, very dialog heavy and interesting with some light combat mixed in between. There is a sense of fucking magical gay mystery in the air because you are not sure what is going on in the island and all sorts of odd shit is going on. This is also the largest part of the game being about 15 hours in itself. You travel all over the Don's Camp, Small Farms, Harbor Town...and anywhere else you like to go. Everything is new, tons of shit to do and all sorts of mystery bullshit going on.

ACT II...Ok so the story advances so more and you have to battle across the island to collect some artifact pieces...I see, mixing up it with some action and still a sense of mystery and betrayal going on. There are still all sorts of scripted events in the quests which make them still fun to do.

ACT III...So now you collected all that bullshit, did all these quests and open up the door in the Volcano...Then you just fucking kill abunch of stupid lizards in the shitty fucking clunky combat system until you have to leave because you reached the end. This section lasts like an hour and it's all in a dark shitty cave. It's fucking boring and irritating.

ACT IV...The game reaches the Crux of it's have collect some bullshit Titan Armor but now the island is infested with these stupid lizards and takes fucking FOREVER to get anywhere. You collect this bullshit armor...and then go fight a Titan in the lamest battle ever and the game fucking ends. They fucking blew it with the SHIT STORY and awful over-use of it's terrible combat system.

Story: So it starts out with you on a boat being washed ashore because you are a piece of shit stow-away. There are storms outside the island which are just circling it and causing bullshit problems. Also some stupid ruins popped up around the island and demons are coming out of them. During the first two acts there is a sense of mystery, betrayal and something huge going on that you have no idea about and it keeps it interesting. Then in Act 3 and 4 you find out it's stupid fucking lizard men on the island and a bullshit Titan causing this to happen. WOW LIZARDS THATS INTERESTING. WAY TO FUCKING CLIMAX THE STORY WITH LIZARD MEN. What a fucking waste.

Started out good and then fucked me up in the ass in the end 5/10

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Re: Risen (Score: 1)
by berzerker on Thursday, October 29 @ 05:04:52 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
So the first 15 - 20 hours are pretty good and the last 5 hours suck. This does not seem to warrant your conclusion "Just as a note to everyone, don't bother with this turd sammich".

I would have expected something like "skip the last 2 acts any you'll have a 15 - 20 hours of solid gameplay, which is more than most games offer nowadays" (with some swearing inserted here and there of course).

[ Reply to This ]

  • Re: Risen by Suislide on Thursday, October 29 @ 11:04:10 EDT

Re: Risen (Score: 1)
by GRUIA on Wednesday, November 04 @ 00:14:27 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
So true

It really started off well .. with harbor town and all .. the level designers weren't that bad .. but the game designers just suck, BAD (probably they did all the writing also)

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Re: Risen (Score: 1)
by berzerker on Tuesday, April 20 @ 01:37:15 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Someone posted the review here too:

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  • Re: Risen by berzerker on Monday, October 17 @ 01:54:20 EDT
    • Re: Risen by berzerker on Thursday, November 10 @ 08:02:23 EST
    • Re: Risen by Anonymous on Friday, December 07 @ 03:52:26 EST
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