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Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising
Posted on Sunday, October 18 @ 02:59:18 EDT by Suislide
FPS reviewsThey should rename this game Operation Fecal Matter. This game is a shit tank version of a sequel and it pretty much is a huge disappointment all around. Now, I loved Operation was challenging, fun, great multiplayer and most of the bugs were eventually fixed, plenty of great maps and addons to download. However, that team left Codemasters behind and went on to create ARMA and ARMA 2 (the latter of which is fantastic but fantastically buggy). So codemasters decided...well fuck...we have a name and a franchise to ruin so let's fucking destroy it in the worst way possible. So basically they release Operation Flashpoint 2 which is a hollow shell of was once formerly a good game. Codemasters can officially suck my dick.

Graphics: Surprise, this is the best part of the game and it's not even that great. All the reviewers are praising the graphics in this game which is HORSE TESTICLE SWEAT. The graphics in this game are fucking average at best. Let's face it...the game takes place on a huge island, so it boasts giant fucking draw distances...and they are there. There doesn't help the fact that the world is smeared with a coating of shitty fucking textures and a lack of inspiration sprinkled on top. Half the ground textures look like they stole them straight from the original Operation Flashpoint and maybe added some pixels. The entire island itself is a BORE FEST. It looks boring as shit, there are some hills, some trees, a couple of roads, and occasionally a shitty town or a shitty looking base. The models for these assest such as SAM sites, APC's, cars and the rest all look like fucking junk. Seriously, what is this 1996? I haven't seen such low polygon bullshit in so long. The helicopter in this game looks worse than it does in Battlefield 2. Fucking don't release a game with assests in the game which look worse than a half-decade old game. The whole island is just plain boring, there is nothing going on it. The models for the weapons are all right but it doesn't help that they have TERRIBLE textures slapped over them. ARMA 2 looks MILES better than this game..and has a better draw distance...ouch codemasters, way to suck. Not to mention, there is no 3rd person for vehicles and this no fucking peripheal vision in this game. The FOV is fucked up on this game so everything always looks zoomed in. The turrets on the vehicles (which is real life are usually at least 180 degrees) offer about a 35 degree turning radius in this game. The graphics are just overall SUB PAR. I haven't even mentioned the fact that fucking bodies dissapear, weapons dissapear, and the numerous other clipping issues throughout the game. Lying sites will say the graphics are good and I say NAE, they are crap.

Sound: Crap voice acting and dialog once again. The voice actors just sound like a machine just reading text back to you. The dialog itself is pretty crap as well with constant bullshit military jargon. I mean I know it's a military game but every five seconds there is some bullshit jargon going on back to HQ. It's like...SHUT THE FUCK UP and let me play the damn game. Weapon sounds and explosions are pretty weak sounding...there is barely any oomph to them and explosions are lackluster and tinny. Vehicles have pretty much one noise..and the music is nearly absent from this game. This is a game that needed huge sound to help display the atmosphere and uncertainty but's just crap.

Gameplay: So they took Operation Flashpoint and put a nice coat of consolized bullshit right over top of it and ruined the game completely in all aspects. First of all, this game has fucking bugs up the ass from booking to black screens, getting stuck in inventory menus, enemies falling through levels, and my favorite is enemies floating down hills. It's a bug ridden piece of shit. Now ARMA 2 was too but at least that has a good game underneath while underneath all these bugs are the skull fucked remains of a dead prostitute after she has been eaten by wild animals. So the game attempts to be tacticle by having few shot kills, bleeding out health, and inaccurate weapons. Instead what we get is BORING gameplay and unexciting shit. The enemies always take three shots to kill no matter what, which is completely lame. When they fire at you, it seems like they barely hit you at all (like there is some magical shield in front of you)...or just so happen to nail you with a head shot. There is never just getting shot in the arm because the AI in this game is CRAP. The teammates you have are even worse, they get stuck on rocks, don't listen to commands, and will run right into enemies in order to attack. The game is as easy as taking a dump. It requires almost no effort at all and its embarrassing. Vehicles control like shit as well and slide across the map when you drive...they are almost weightless too as any small bump will launch your car in the air like a fucking missle.

All the missions are boring as crap too. They are open and let you choose what you like to do in certain orders for some of the maps. Which is good as it allows freedom but then that same freedom gets shit on when they give you some arbitrary time limit to rush through a map gunning without any reguards to tactics at all. Oh what, wasn't this a tacticle it's fucking not. It's just an arcade military styled game and is pretty average on all fronts. I like how every time this game says GET READY FOR THE BIG ASSAULT. I'm thinking OH SWEET there will be like 10 groups moving into to assault.'s just your same group of four and one or two other groups....where the fuck is the assault? 12 People is NOT an assault...It always feels like its you taking out huge amounts of military soldiers and becomes empty and boring.

Then codemasters decided to REALLY FUCKING RUIN THIS GAME by not including DEDICATED SERVERS. Way to fucking the host gets to have a ping of zero and everything else has a ping over 600? You fucking idiots, Dedicated Servers are how everything on the PC functions as we don't like bullshit like Xbox Live...we like creating, choosing, controlling and joining our games and servers AT WILL. Match making crap and user hosted servers just lead to bullshit. Just read their forums, it's fucking hell over there because NO ONE CAN PLAY MULTIPLAYER...they ruined it...way to fuck it up faggots. I hope you all get aids and then spread it to your family. This game sucks nuts.

Story: The story in this game is BORING. Nothing fucking happens...China is attacking some land so the US steps in to stop them...and then you do some missions and what the fuck that's it. Completely boring and completely lame.

Codemasters ruined this game systematically. I knew it was going to suck when they said the game has regenerating health. LAME. Don't fall for the bullshit from all these review sites...this is a boring game 3/10

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Re: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (Score: 1)
by D ( on Sunday, October 18 @ 16:10:40 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Don't forget the part where a M1 abrams - arguably one of the toughest and best tanks in the world - can be destroyed by a single shot from any rocket launcher or tank cannon in the game.

That's realism in motion.

Or that the enemy's last stand consists of one tank, one APC, two AA guns and fifteen troops, which is about the same number of enemies in the first non-tutorial level of flashpoint 1.

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Re: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (Score: 1)
by berzerker on Tuesday, October 20 @ 01:49:14 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Firingsquad kinda agrees with you ( 62 / 100 score):

"Graphics are disappointing. It doesn’t even look as good as a lot of console games nowadays…

Controls are awkward and ill-responsive. You’ll ignore the tactical part (issuing commands to squad) because you’ll be too busy shooting and you can’t do both at once. No leaning!?

Multiplayer is a joke. No dedicated servers, anti-cheat, or ability to join a game in progress.

Open environment is a waste of time. You’ll spend as much time running around as you do fighting, sometimes more.

Very short campaign. Perhaps a blessing in disguise?"

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Re: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, May 28 @ 20:03:21 EDT

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