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LEGOŪ Indiana Jones
Posted on Tuesday, August 25 @ 20:06:14 EDT by Suislide
Action Game Reviewshen writes "Lego mini-figs and Indiana Jones Adventures, as more as it could sound like a good combination... Itīs not.

Lucas arts stills alive? Incredible!
I gotta admit, i kinda liked the idea when i heard about it, and for a few seconds i tought it could have been a good game.
Thank god i just downloaded the demo.
Because it just fucking sucks.

Well, nothing really matches in this game, the jungle and scenary are really preset-like.
There are stretched textures all over the ground, they tile but sometimes it looks like a checkerboard.
The stones donīt bend into the scenary, some are too low poly and some are just too obvious.
My personal opnion when it comes to rocks on the scenary is that you have two choices, do it right or donīt do it at all.
The jungle looks like it came straight from a 2nd class first person shooter.

The mini-fags and everything you can interact looks way too bright and different from the scenary,
So the puzzles, enemies, lego bushes and traps reads like a stop signs.
I would say that the lego stuff actually glows compared to the scenes.
So instead actually doing new jungle textures and scenarios on the same color palette, they just bought some stuff on turbosquid or used demo objects and stuff from game engines
because thereīs no other rational explanation for such a piece of crap.

They dont overuse bloom and blur effects cover up their incompetence so i guess thatīs good,
but maybe they just realized that not even all bloom in the world could fix this turd.
So, for some reason, they decided to make really ultra-hi-poly squarish-fags, now read again, i said hi-poly.
Not hight detailed, you will notice a lot of polies where you donīt need them.
And while you got super-extra rounder coins you can see the connections on those bubble heads.
The game slows downs during the "videos" (reads in game renders) and you canīt skip them.
And sometimes it slows down during the play.
If someone told me this thing was some kind of beta version i would totally believe it.

The whip looks like a giant and stretching dildo and there are some visual bugs related to it too.

There was some ok ideas, like to use the whip to reach stuff, to swing on trees or destroy bushes to find stuff, health, build bridges with lego parts and all sort of crap.
You got even a fucked-up helper to use the shovel and dig stuff for you, but that canīt save the game.
Hereīs what takes me out of serious, thereīs mouse-look or any kind of mouse control over the character,
You canīt even use the arrows to control that sucker.
Instead making it like most game makers do, use the mouse to aim and attack, control the movements, space bar to jump and cntrl for some extra crap.
They decided it would be so awesome and new to use JUST "w"a"s"d" to move the player and some other random crap mixed all over the keyboard keys.
I kinda like to use "w"a"s"d" sometimes, but as a optional.
And as you might expect, you canīt press jump and forward at the same time, otherwise the retard runs straight to the bottom of the hole. You get two choices, you can press jump earlier while you are running or jump and, in the air press forward.
The character movements have no coordination at all, it simply sucks.
In general itīs the kind of stuff you will just get used when you finish the game,
they key map is just too close or misplaced and most of the time you will end up hitting the wrong key by mistake.

The auto-aim is ridiculous, yes, it uses auto-aim. And it will make sure you hit all the bushes before you hit your enemies.

Iīve got mixed emotions about the music, itīs calm, on a theme just like the movie and when some action happens it changes bringing new emotions
But, if nothing happens during quiet some time you will have some serious headaches, it will be a sample that just goes on and on forever.
That was the good part of my critique towards the sound.
Thereīs no dialog between the characters, they just hum to each other, itīs not even the chimp language you get at The Sims, they literary hum to each other
and you have to use your imagination to know what the hell they are saying.

Itīs supposed to be exact the same as the movie, offcourse, they added a shitload of extra crap in there.
Thereīs some stuff that seems to be fun but it just doesnīt worth the trouble you will go by playing this game.
It was supposed to be cool, but they totally fucked it up on the execution of the ideas in controls, graphics and sound

The game sucks, i donīt remember anything that sucks like that.
Itīs a total waste of money or bandwidth but i still think i could give it a 0.000,01/10
And donīt ask me why, i think thatīs because i believe we all make mistakes but letīs end it here before i change my mind."
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Re: LEGOŪ Indiana Jones (Score: 1)
by berzerker on Thursday, August 27 @ 09:35:44 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Maybe next review you could reconsider your habit of ending each sentence with a tap on the enter/return-key? And line breaks in the middle of sentences just make the text hard to read.

Maybe there could be a separate section of reviews of demo's BTW?

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