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Posted on Thursday, June 25 @ 21:41:22 EDT by Suislide
Action Game ReviewsMost likely due to Bill Murray looking like a fucking grandpa, Dan Akryod being a fat slob, and whatever the fuck happened to that black guy, they decided to make a video game instead of another movie. Now the idea is there to make a great however, they fucking blow it adhering to typical console cliche trash and many other things of which I will bitch about below. Seriously though, the PC owners got the fucking short end of the stick in this fucking deal with shitty fucking controls and the lack of multiplayer, and then they wonder why it sells poorly. Maybe if you weren't a piece of shit and could develop a good game then it would fucking sell. Look at The Witcher, PC only and sold millions of copies. Stop fucking people over. The only thing though is that it's 30 dollars cheaper than the shitty console versions. SO HERE WE GO, ghostbusters, proton packs and blowing the shit out of buildings.

Graphics: XBOX360 fag owners and awesome PC owners should rejoice as we have the best graphics out of all the releases of the game. Especially because we can crank up the resolution and not deal with those shitty fucking jaggies. PS3 owners (haha faggots) get a version of the game that looks like it belongs on the playstation 2. Haha, that's what you get you faggots for buying a shitty console. Anyways, the graphics in this game range from absolutely SHITTY to MEDIOCRE, they never shine or ever look really good. The textures are pretty fucking crappy all over, they are bland as fuck and not very high-res which is spattered all over the place. The environments mostly fucking suck as every level you walk through some shitty fucking Corridors and then walk into a big room with lots of furniture which is like OH FUCKING SURPRISE you are going to fight something here. The environments fucking suck unless you like playing shitty corridors with the occasional open room. The best looking part of the game outside when you are in Times Square with the Stay Puft Marshmellow man...other than this game looks like dog turd all around. The environments fucking blow ass, and the textures suck dick. At least the models for the main characters actually look like they did in the 80s. Guess they didn't want them to look like shitty bald old men that they are now. Anyways, the graphics are pretty fucking average.

Sound: Ok this is by far the best part of the game which is sad because usually the sound sucks. Or maybe that is a relief? Harold Ramis and Dan Akryod actually wrote the script which is a fucking relief as the dialog is pretty funny sometimes. It retains the humor of the movies which is good because you think they would fucking blow it. They have all the original cast doing the voice acting for the game which means that the characters actually sound like them and the voice acting is actually good for a chance. The music is qwirky and fits the game pretty well but isn't really anything that interesting. The sound for the proton pack is pretty fucking weak. It should sound fucking powerful like you are blowing the shit out of abunch of human beings but it's about as powerful as a wet pussy fart. Anyways, the dialog and voice acting are good in this game.

Gameplay: Ok this is where the game really show how much it fucking sucks. First of all, you play some new recruit who gets to test all the shitty prototype weapons. So you think firing a proton pack at abunch of shitty ghosts would provide hours of entertainment but in this game it is more like pulling the pubic hair out of my skin. Basically whenever there is a ghost you blast the shit out of him (and probably destroy half the environment in the process) and then finally grap him and drag him into the trap. The problem is something is fucked up with these piece of shit game where the mouse controls are fucked up. There is some sort of acceleration that slows it down in the center part of the screen which makes it a pain in the ass to fucking drag anything around the map. You feel like someone fucking stapled your hand to a plank of wood trying move this thing. It's like trying to control a hooker as a puppet by shoving your hand up her ass. Seriously, who fucked up the controls this bad? The character feels heavy and clunky as shit and mobility is seriously poor. There is all sorts of weapons such as the regular proton, some blue shotgun thing, a blue stun weapon and other sorts of attacks. You will learn in time they all fucking suck ass except for the regular proton pack attack. Basically you just shoot at some fucking ghosts for awhile and then grapple them into a trap. It is pretty fucking boring after about an hour of gameplay and the shit fucking controls don't help. You just walk around with your PKE meter for fucking ever in a slow shitty first person crawl....find some shit with the PKE, then fight some shitty ghosts. Seriously, the whole game is a series of corridors that seem to end in a giant fucking room. WHO THE FUCK designed these buildings? A blind retard? Walking around with your PKE out get's fucking boring FAST and the weapons all blow except one. You can of course upgrade them over time but it is never anything too game-changing. Also, the best fucking fight of the whole game happens within the first two levels when you fight the stay puft marshmellow man....again...gameplay BLOWS.

Story: Seriously, talk about a fucking shitty fucking rehash of old ideas. You are some new recruit and you go around town fighting ghosts because for some stupid ass reason GOZER IS BACK. WOOO WOW. You get to revisit the same locations as in the movies and fight the same rehashed enemies as on the movies. Heaven fucking forbid your fat fucking ass Akryod could have thought of anything new or different? The story in this game seriously blows and it's disjointed as fuck.

Shitty fucking mouse controls 5/10

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Re: Ghostbusters (Score: 1)
by craterface on Friday, June 26 @ 08:42:19 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
i heard that the wii version of this game looks worst technically but also far better, because they gave the game a cartoonish look sam & max style. well.. it's better than trying to be realistic and failing. not to mention that it suits the title a lot better.
not like i have or planning to get any type of console.. my pc's enough for my gaming needs.

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Re: Ghostbusters (Score: 1)
by berzerker on Tuesday, June 30 @ 02:51:01 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Could we conclude that Suislide rates the xbox360 higher than the PS3?

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