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Shellshock 2: Blood Trails
Posted on Monday, March 02 @ 00:20:03 EST by Suislide
FPS reviewsWow...I am in a state of fucking SHOCK. They made a fucking sequel to that awful stank hole of a game Shellshock Nam 67? That was fucking 5 years ago that turd of a game came out and I'm pretty sure it was UNIVERSALLY hated. But apparently a guy at Eidos was thinking, "you know...we are already in the crapper producing shit games, whats one more? It should be a sequel because no one can make an original fucking game now days, I KNOW SHELLSHIT TURD 67" and this game was born like a retarded stillborn that it is. Anyways, this game is a horror(ible) themed first person shooter taking place in vietnam. The only thing that is a horror about it is the fact that someone would ACTUALLY consider this game an acceptable release.

Graphics:Ok the first major fucking complaint with this game is the fucking FOV. Honestly, stop making fucking FPS for consoles...first of all they are ALL awful, second they control like shit, third, they all have TUNNEL VISION. Seriously the FOV for these fucking games gets smaller and fucking smaller as time goes on. It is supposed to be 90 degrees for a 4:3 monitor and 100 degrees for 16:10. They then tried this bullshit to reduce it to 75 degeees and apparently in this game its fucking 60 degrees. So as soon as you start the game you feel like you are looking out of a cardboard toilet paper roll. Why the hell do they keep reducing the FOV, to make it easier for consoles? Games are getting more and more simplified and getting worse and worse. Whatever happened to a game with the complexity of Tribes 2? GONE, because FAGGOTS on a console can't process anything more than a shitty ass quicktime event. PRESS A FAST TO STOP THIS ENEMY. FUCKING LAME. Anyways back to this game, the graphics are just shit in all aspects. The models are all low-polygon garbage with some bump-mapping thrown on top. The guns look like shit, all the enemies look exactly the same, the game is littered with crap low -res textures and the environments are about as unique as a dollar bill. They consist of stupid fucking empty buildings in the city, and then you go through the forest of which consists of a single path with trees on the side, instead of buildings to indicate that is a forest. Basically, the graphics in this game are a fucking joke.

Sound: Same as always, I'll keep it short. The script is terrible, the speech sounds like it I cummed into a microphone, shoved it into my asshole until I puked it out, choked myself with the cable and then jerked off on the dead corpse of Freddy Mercury, got aids, passed it onto a prostitue who then went to her house and beat her child. That is honestly how bad the speech is in this game, there is NOTHING good about it. The weapons and enemies all suck too.

Gameplay: After playing this game you realize it is UNACCEPTABLE that this game was released. It is completely and UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTABLE that someone would even work on this game. Its unacceptable that someone would ever consider funding this or even think of having it created. The character moves around slower than a sack of shit. Seriously he must have lead pants, and a cement shirt because he walks around like a moron. So basically you can only carry a few weapons around, and you just go around and shoot some gooks. Of course, the enemies have NO AI and just stand around shooting at you like dumbasses (probably the AI is equivalent to the people who made the game). The aiming is clunkier than the 3rd testicle in my nut sack. There is no variation, you just around and shoot the same looking enemies the whole game and they throw in a mutant or two every now and again. Seriously, I thought when I was playing this game that my hands were in the toilet and I was playing with some diarrhea.

Story: Its fucking bad. It consists of you walking around in a shitty as hallway with random soldiers around saying things from an awful script. Until you get into this room and find a demon soldier on a bed, and apparently you fucking know. The demon soldier busts a nut, breaks free, and you go after him with this crazy fucking guy who you have no idea. The story pretty much ends there as the rest of the game just becomes a blur of trying to stay awake, or trying to not impale your eyeballs with a pencil.

This turd is unacceptable 1/10

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Re: Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (Score: 1)
by Pogma9 on Monday, March 02 @ 09:06:17 EST
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Re: Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (Score: 1)
by FUCK_YOU_ALL on Tuesday, March 03 @ 12:16:18 EST
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