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Sacred 2
Posted on Monday, January 19 @ 15:15:46 EST by Suislide
RPG ReviewsI'm sorry, but unfortunately this piece of absolute shit has to go in the RPG category. This game is pretty much an insult to all RPGs in existence. Now I always thought the first Sacred was an absolute piece of shit. It had garbage dialog, garbage story, shit gameplay and pretty much just had a feeling of a nice coating of shit about it. Honestly, the first game just felt like a fucking choir to do anything in and it just had the worst feeling. Anyone who likes Sacred 1 is most likely a faggot, you should check your friends. Anyways, Sacred 2 continues the garbage by taking the same ideas as in the first game and making them fucking worse.

Graphics: This is about the best part of the game, as everything in the game sucks ass. The graphics in this game a pretty damn sharp looking. The game is filled with bright, open environments and barely has any loading times for them. There is small loading parts for when you enter a cave or something like that, but pretty much its all mostly seemless and looks very crisp. The environments are also filled with tons of buildings, large cities, open wilderness and has a ton of NPCs everywhere. So the environment itself feels pretty good as it actually feels like you are in a town where people live, and the many villages around. The problem however, is that all the fucking areas look the same. The environment never fucking changes, its a stagnant fucking turd just rotting in your toilet like your fucking life. Everything is a bright green foresty area and thats IT! All the caves are the same stupid shades of gray and brown and feel very much the same. The cities all look almost identicle because they just use a shit of green tree's and white buildings. So honestly, the graphics are nice but the art design is fucking terrible because its all the same. Way to be fucking awful at designing a gigantic map that looks entirely the same. What are you? Oblivion? Oh excuse me, I forgot there is some snowy environments too. Woopty fucking do...same shit, different game. Can't someone think of something new for the art design? Seriously, it feels so uninspired it just sucked the life right out of my boner. Anyways, the game only gets worse from this point.

Sound: Someone stab me in the fucking face until I can't hear anymore. You thought Dungeon Siege has bad voice acting and dialog? You thought Far Cry 2 did? Well you about to enter a whole new world. A world made of fucking PUKE and SHIT. The dialog is pretty much among the worst pieces of shit ever written. I've seen better dialog in an Uwe Boll film. The voice acting in this game is like fucking a sheep with barbed wire wrapped around your dick. Ok, so for some reason your character has to be a wise-cracking asshole about killing people, the only problem is that nothing he says is FUNNY or interesting...its just STUPID shit. One of the lines I remember the best (because I've tried to drink myself clean of the memory of this game) is that when you kill something he yells "FOR *BEEP*, hey, what was that?"...Are you fucking serious? They beep out a word and the character actually references hearing the beep. Now continue this tradition with a million other shitty lines and you will be begging for someone to set you on fire. They need to re-open auschwitz for pieces of shit like these developers. The music and the rest of the sound effects? Who cares!? nothing really stands out as special about them and its overshadowed by the absolute puke that the dialog and voice acting is.

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty much the same as the first game. You create a character based on one of many classes and then, you can put skill points into different skills and stat points as well. Then basically, all you do is going around clicking on enemies until whatever the quest was for is dead. That is about as deep as the gameplay in this game gets. The hack and slash isn't bad for awhile, but eventually you just want to jump off a bridge because there is NOTHING more to the game than what you find in the first 5 minutes. There is literally a million quests in each of the game and they are all the same fetch and grab, or kill a certain number of XXX creature quests. There is literally 5 billion of these on the entire map and they are all entirely useless. You either get rewarded with a weapon you can't use, some gold which you don't need, and maybe occasionally a stat point. Other than that, nothing. The hack and slash gets boring as fuck as all the creatures you fight are just absolute drivel. You find exotic enemies like BANDITS WOOOO, or a wolf WOOOOO YEAHHHH WOW. SIGN ME UP FOR THE EXOTIC TOURS HERE. There is some other types of enemies later too like GIANTS OMG WOW GIANTS. Its all the same crap, this gameplay is more stale than your mom's pussy after a saturday night on the corner.

Story: The story in this game is just inconceivable garbage. Ok so apparently you are a dead god who was resurrected. So you leave the cave and go outside, and then WHATEVER. Thats it...all the sudden the main quest line goes from something about jewels to traveling somewhere else for other stupid quests and none of it seems to relate because its just garbage. Its convulated in shitty dialog that I skipped right by because I waste enough time playing the game I don't want to have to listen to its shit too. The story sucks basically.

Who allows these people to make games? 2/10

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Re: Sacred 2 (Score: 1)
by mihai_alexandru73 on Friday, January 23 @ 13:22:57 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Lolz, you paid money for this?!

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  • Re: Sacred 2 by berzerker on Friday, March 13 @ 06:32:50 EDT

Re: Sacred 2 (Score: 1)
by Karma-ZAF on Monday, April 20 @ 06:25:46 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
I admit I actually paid money to play this crap :D

I should have stopped when I had to download almost 1.5 Gigs of patches just to be able to play online only to eventually have the patches FAIL on me and tell me I need to reload the game as they could not see the already loaded game lol.

Anyways I got a sorc to level 27 on single player but eventually fell asleep and never woke up again LMAO.

No story = FAIL.

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