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Operation Flashpoint:Elite
Posted on Wednesday, July 05 @ 13:06:27 EDT by M0nKeY
[XBOX] Action Game Reviewsjackass writes "oh.. my.. god!!! how the fuck can they call this a game??? this has some of the worst graphics ever made.. its about ten times worse than O.F.P 1 and that sucked!!!

graphics (make me want to shit myself):

oh my giddy aunt... this game looks like a 17 year old dog shit coverd in burnt pubes...Its all boxy in rooms and the people have fucking square hands.. SQUARE!!!! The peoples eyebrows poke out like 2 feet out of their head!! This games graphics make somones grandmas rotting corpse look like Miss Universe, they're THAT bad.

sound(no comment):

this part really makes me want to melt my head on the grill in my oven...
for instance.. i was driving a platoon of soldiers in the start of the game, and got out to shoot evryone in the back of the truck, and out of no-where comes the worlds worst voice over, driver, get IIIIIN(THE NEXT BIT SOUNDS LIKE IT WAS RECORDED 13 YEARS LATER) that TRUUUCK. ALL OF THE OTHER VOICE OVERS ABSOLUTLY SUCK ASS. It sounds like they recorded this out of a microphone that a dog had just took a dump on.

gameplay (sucks):

should i even go on describing this? ok.. the gameplay makes me want to vomit then eat it again,thn vomit and eat it again.
the makers of this shit game couldntve fucked up the controlls up worse than in this game this time. For instance, I try to get my gun out, and he decides to roll around on the ground a couple of times drooling like a redard doing a turd in his pants,then squishing around in it for a while. The point of the game is to stand (and roll) around shooting stuff. some might say this is fun but it might be if you had any ammo in your gun!!
thats right, up until 1/4 of the game has gone by, you have nothing to shoot the enemy with!!! At the first part you get to make your charecter, you can chose from old man time, ho chi minh, a 2 headed retard and a couple of other retarded bunches of pixles.
you can chose what their voice sounds like and how fast they say stuff, i made my guy old man time with a toffe nosed snob voice sound like frigging chip and dale ( the chipmunks for those retartds out there )

(there is no) story:

theres some war breaking out and your platoon has to go and shoot the hell out of russians and some other countrys. THATS IT!! THERES BASICALLY NO STORY LINE! all you do is froth at the mouth and shoot!

cuntclusion: if you like this game, you are mentaly retarded and need to buy an inflate-a-friend (not go get a friend, cos you might hurt somones feelings with your bad taste in games).

my rating to this exuse for a pile of shit game, 2/10

(1 for being able to shoot russians and 1 for comedy, it sucks so much you will wet yourself)"
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Re: Operation Flashpoint:Elite (Score: 1)
by Mean_MOFO on Friday, July 07 @ 05:29:39 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
"oh.. my.. god!!! how the fuck can they call this a game??? this has some of the worst graphics ever made.."

I stopped reading after this cos you're clearly a fucking moron kid. I never played this game, nor do I intend to, but only dumbwit preteen idiot kids judge games by their graphics. That's why all the new games suck, cos of kids like you and your gfx whoreage. Your mum is shit ugly, but I still fucked her. You retard...

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Re: Operation Flashpoint:Elite (Score: 1)
by D ( on Sunday, July 09 @ 22:45:30 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
OFP1 was awesome if you weren't a retard, so I guess it doesn't apply to you.

OFP:Elite is your punishment for trying to play an FPS game on the XBox.

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Re: Operation Flashpoint:Elite (Score: 1)
by David_the_aphid on Tuesday, July 11 @ 12:51:11 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
AWw fuck no you didn't...OFP is one of the greatest games ever. You are the peice of shit for thinking this. The graphics are not the best fuck-wit, but there is no other fps that comes close to the realism of flashpoint. Please, just review games that you can have overshields and plasma penis rifles and stay out of sims. And you say there is no story line?!? Please...Im done putin my dick in this dudes mouth...NEXT!

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Re: Operation Flashpoint:Elite (Score: 1)
by Kalafan on Monday, July 17 @ 14:10:59 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Never played the game, haven't even seen the preview shots of it, but if it's anything like the original installment, it should be fucking huge with really bad voice acting.

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