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Battlefield2: Special Forces
Posted on Saturday, December 17 @ 21:53:14 EST by Suislide
FPS reviewsflaming_ass_packet writes "If you dont know what "BF2" means then click here OMG PENIS THIS EXPANTION RULES. my computer jumped up and fucked me after i slid the cd in its tray.

We all know EA is a flaming fist monger, but this expantion just impregnated me. basically u get new shit like maps, weapons and annoying voice actors that sound like an old lady trying to cut a diamond with a butter knife.

HOLY SHIT U CAN CLIMB BULDINGS WITH GRAPPLING HOOKS! omg this has to be the best part of the game, since i usually play as an assult class and nade launch you in the face all day, the hook comes in very handy.

OMG FLASH BANG! no, not the thing where we all gang bang your mom in a 15 second orgy, the thing where you throw this black dildo looking nade at people and blind their shit for like 10 seconds. u should get a friend whos a support homo and flash spam people in confined spaces, like an aircraft carrier in wake island and watch people try to take off in th helicopter and crash into your mom err uhh the ocean.

TEAR GAS IN MY ASS!!! finally they added somthing to support class that bumps it up from being completley worthless to slighlty less worthless teaching a retard how to operate heavy machinery worthless. when you wonder into thick smoke like an idiot and dont put on your gas mask you get fucked up for liek 15 seconds like your high on your mom, err uh mushrooms.

CROSSBOW ZIP LINE GUN!!! completly worthless, i never need to be somwhere high and get to a low point real fast, plus its all laggy and gay when you try and use it. so far i try firing it in sombodys face and doing the scorpion thing from mortal combat where he yells "come here" and uppercuts you, but so far no luck. also, your mom invented this new feature.

NEW WEAPONS!! omg the f2000 owns ur fucking jewish ass. its got a load of recoil so dont confuse firing the f2000 with multiple ejaculations but its pretty stong and accurate so i really have no complaints here... no wait, tell your mom i want my crack pipe back.

Sound: same shit from bf2, not bad at all except for the new voices... omg the voices, I CANT GET THEM OUT OF MY HEAD. the british people sound like they just rolled out of bed and inhaled a bunch of helium, like your mom did when she was at the party and we tryed to make her float in the air.

Grafix: once again same shit, i didnt really notice anything new but then again i was being distracted by your mom, ya you know that thing she does, i call it the beg and get slapped routine. oh and the opening cgi scene is way gay, it makes me want to load the game into a giant trebuche and launch the game back to EA and DICE on fire along with some road kill i found.

Game play: its fun to play somthing diffrent then the same fucking 3 maps. oh ya, and the maps are more fair instad of OMG 50 UN-CAPTURABLE MEC BASES AND 1 USMC BASE RIGHT NEXT TO THEM ALL. fuck your mom.

Story: no fucking story here, its an online FPS based on whats going on in the real world, except for that we dont fight the chineese, russians, and rebels arent an eleet force that show modern day military tactics. your mom must of fucked the people at EA to get them to add this flaming bullshit.

overall pretty good game, EA still dosent make patches for various gay shit but supposedly theyer on the way soon.

8.5 / 10
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Re: Battlefield2: Special Forces (Score: 1)
by flaming_ass_packet on Sunday, December 18 @ 00:17:59 EST
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oh and the night vision is gay. especially when theres huge lumonus lights scatterd accross the map. way to fucking go.

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Re: Battlefield2: Special Forces (Score: 1)
by Mean_MOFO on Sunday, December 18 @ 12:24:58 EST
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hmmmm.. i dunno why, but I got this sudden urge to go and fuck someone's mum after reading your review.

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Re: Battlefield2: Special Forces (Score: 1)
by Grumpy_Boy on Saturday, January 07 @ 22:41:45 EST
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lol good review made me laugh.

Battlefield 2 is a good game but seems badly coded the server broswer really stinks, I have a 10 mb connection but NONE of the servers had a ping lower 150.

And the game is slooow even on a good pc with a good GPU

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Re: Battlefield2: Special Forces (Score: 1)
by Kalafan on Monday, April 24 @ 17:16:28 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Gotta agree with Grumpy_Boy on this. One big complaint that's surfaced since the release of the 1.22 Patch is the helicoptors being ultra-laggy to the point of slideshow quality for numerous players. I wonder what else will start fucking up by the time 1.3 rolls around. Probably your mom.

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