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Final Fantasy XI
Posted on Thursday, February 17 @ 16:34:43 EST by Suislide
RPG Reviewsgrumpy_boy writes "This games a bit like jerking off, fun at first but soon becomes boring

Final Fantasy XI is MMORPG which means Massively Online Role Playing Game, sigh one the things I hate about trying(and failing) to write reviews is the fact you have to assume that the people reading your review are morons or just got off a star ship from Alpha Centauri.

The game comes on Five disks and has five different cd keys, plus requires a 1.5 gb update once installed basically if you buy (and you have to buy it) this game expect it to take 3-5 hours to get playing then another 2 two days sodding about around trying understand to the control system which stinks, plus you have pay a monthly fee (and theres NO way round this, belive me I know) which also stinks.

At the start you get to chose one of five different races Hume, Elvaan, Tarutaru, Mithra, Galka, you can also change, gender, face, and body size, their websites says ”.
The combinations are unlimited” which is rubbish, since everyone of the same race in this game looks the fucking same, in fact the only way to make your character look distinctive is to buy very expensive armour and weapons, but believe me unless you cheat or are mildly insane and spend months/years doing really tedious stuff you wont get anything but cheap stuff which everyone else has, also you get you get to chose from 6 different jobs, warrior, thief, monk, white mage, black mage, and red mage, more fucking jobs become available later but these just as fucking dull.

You can also work to earn money, and fuck me, these are dull as fuck, I ended up fishing which was so fucking dull it was even more fucking boring than fishing in real life, and I didn’t think that was fucking possible, but believe me it fucking is,

I spent hours fishing only catch a couple of fish worth fuck all, you have to stand there waiting for hours like a fucking prick, because you have press the fucking mouse button when a fucking stupid fucking fish bites the fucking hook. Its one of most tedious, dull, monotonous, repetitive and boring things I have ever done.

The other the jobs are dull as shit as well they call them “crafts”, and just like crafts in real life they suck cock big time, and include tedious things like Blacksmithing,Goldsmithing, Cooking and Carpentry, and their all the same, you pick a recipe, collect the ingredients (dropped by monsters when you kill them) and use a Crystal (also dropped by monsters) and then if it works you have an item which can use or sell.

All craft ingredients and crystals can also be bought and sold at a place called the AH (Auction House) but stuff here is so expensive you can forget it unless your character is very high level and rich, so you have to trek fucking miles just to kill some stupid monsters (that’s if you can it may kill you) for the materials for the work, and because this game is sooooo fucking huge it can take 20 minutes to travel for one place to another, and on the way you will meet monsters some of whom are insane and attack you onsite and running away doesn’t work, and if you die, bang! your straight back to where you started facing a another dull 20 minutes of walking probably only to get killed again. plus you lose 10 percent of your experience when you die, this may not sound like much but it is, when have been playing for 4 hours , and loose everything your have gained for that period you become very pissed off.

One major drawback (of many) of this game is you can only solo play too about level 10 then you stop getting any decent experience from kills so you have to “party”, partying sucks people just hang around certain areas ( a bit like pimps waiting for a mark), trying get into or form parties, and then just spend hours or days killing the same monsters over and over and over again, I have done this and you become dazed and hypnotised like a fucking simpleton watching a cartoon on TV many people you party with are dicks who just get you killed, then you to walk miles to get back to where you died, on the way back you probably get killed because your on your own, then lose another 10 percent of your exp, I lost days of work in half in ˝ an hour this way. .

You can do quests but these mainly suck, and don’t really do much for your character, the background story is stupid and no one pays any attention to it or understands it.
The graphics are good for a MMORPG, but since its designed to played on the PS2 as well, to me they blow, washed out colours out flat and dull. The sound sucks, crappy low bit samples, my 5 year old nephew’s recorded better on his “Fisher Price” tape recorder, there is some ok bits of jaunty music here and there, but most of the time its just irritating, in one city fucking bagpipe music is playing in the background.

All in all FFXI is alright I suppose but I got board pretty quick, and don’t really think it worth the money.

5 out 10"
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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, February 18 @ 04:26:31 EST
ur ghey jus 4 playin it ni99a

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, February 18 @ 10:22:18 EST
This game seems to be a real fuck. 5 out 10? It's really not necessary to give a gift to this shitty game.

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, February 18 @ 11:47:37 EST
sounds like a lame japaneese remake of everquest2, which also sucked.

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, June 03 @ 16:45:04 EDT
this game kicks ass u dumb fuckers

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, June 04 @ 07:54:14 EDT
Dude, you obviosly only played the game for like 2 hours or something, because obviosly you are such a n00b at MMORPG's. The whole point of it is to build up from scratch; lvl your character, make some money and later if you feel like it invest in a craft. Getting advanced jobs at later levels isn't as hard as you whine about. You can get them once you lvled 1 job to lvl 30 which is totally doable. They quests and missions you can do are spectaculair, endless and keeps adding little things to the storyline, the ones you did were probably for starters like yourself, which don't cost you much time and effort and gets you some money at the same time. You simply have not enough insight in this game to rate it. And with all the 'fucking dull' you mentioned it also seems you are simply not cut out to play RPG's, especially online. So why don't you just go play your hack-and-slash, mindless racing and shooting games and write a dumbass review about how 'fucking' cool it is and go jerk off in a corner. You obviosly don't have the skill to objectivly write a review on anything. Too bad for you man, but don't confuse other people with your bullshit.

In my honest opinion, the game is very interesting. Once you get started there is an endless world of possiblilities for you, it's almost impossible to get bored in this game, cause there is ALWAYS something to do. Lvl jobs, do quests or missions, lvl a craft or just help out other people and make new friends to play with. 50% of the game is all about the contact you have with others and the things you do together. It may seems hard at the start but if your confused about something or need help with anything you can always ask someone else around you, people are always willing to help newcomers explore Vana'diel and to get a steady start in the game.

Rate: 8.5/10 (and that is an objective rating, based on gameplay/content, game-experience and indepth research)

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, June 05 @ 00:40:26 EDT
Fuck this boring, god awful piece of shit! This game is intended to make everyone appreciate catpeople and rule the world with furries.

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, June 06 @ 16:27:37 EDT
shut up, I am a catpeople!

don't insult me

still worst game ever!

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, June 09 @ 14:36:56 EDT
some one needs mental help along with hearingnades and glasses these grahics are awsume and theres something called check points you can stop at there is also NM that you can get 1mil gill for killing one so dint say that its hard to make money and if you know how to fight you wont die and you can get something called rank 5 and fly were every you want to better yet get a chcob and go any were in 5 minutes the grahics are the best ive seen and i have all 3 systems (ps2 xbox and game cube) and if you know what armour to wear you can look completly diffrent from any one else (there you go now you got the facts staight ass)

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, July 11 @ 04:48:48 EDT
Ok, here's the deal. First, I noticed you disliked the whole "party" feature. Well, let me ask you a simple question... Can you recall a single Final Fantasy game where there was a SOLO hero? No, the all consisted of a small group of characters. Also, not to be offensive, but I don't think very many people are going to listen to what you have to say, if you don't have the intelligence to spell the word "Bored" correctly. To quote you... "All in all FFXI is alright I suppose but I got board pretty quick, and don’t really think it worth the money."
If you have a problem with actually having to apply a little knowledge and common sense into the game your playing, then maybe you should take a look at "World Of Warcraft", a simple game where little thinking is involved. Excuse SE for trying to provide us with an interesting game that brings depth and originality to Online gaming.
Also, your complications with obtaining currency were probably due to the fact that you most likely never passed level 5. Unlike other games, you have to make SOME progress in XI before you can obtain large sums of profit. Now that I'm finished ranting about your post, I have to add one last comment. I 100% agree with you... San d'Oria (one of the main three nations) has bagpipes playing as the BGM. That's just not right.

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, July 11 @ 14:13:56 EDT
You're a dumbass. ALL MMORPG's require at least a little thought and ingenuity in order to succeed-which you have shown here you lack indeed.
"Wah, it takes long to download!" That's a sign of just how much this game has to offer. How could you ever get bored in this game? Once you reach a certain point (Which doesn't take too long I might add), You can participate in Nation Missions, Zilart missions, Promathia missions, any of the hundreds of quests scattered throughout the entire world, spanning areas that could take you weeks to explore. And ALL of those have a monetary or item reward for completion.
"Wah! AH is expensive!" This is perhaps the stupidest comment in all your idiotic review. If everything is so expensive as you claim, you could take advantage of it by collecting high-selling items and selling them, thus earning you (Yes, earning, you seem to think you should get money for free)much needed cash. Not only that but careful manipulation of 'Cock-sucking Crafts' can earn you Huge, HUGE sums of profit when done right. Too bad you can't possibly apply any intelligence here.
FFXI's major aspect is group play--What's wrong with that? Sure sometimes it can suck, but geez, maybe you just have no social skills and suck so bad people just whined at you until you cried. This is one of the few games that allows grouping as such an intricate and evolutionalized level.
Last thing, about your stupid little comment about the graphics.

FFXI has Top-Notch graphics; But the crappier your TV, the worse they will appear. If your TV can't handle high resolutions, then the graphics will suck. Suck BAD. Just like EVERY OTHER GAME...
"well, to me they blow, washed out colours out flat and 5 year old nephew’s recorded better on his “Fisher Price” tape recorder."
You must have looted a TV from your dead neighbor or something similar to have gotten a horrible TV with such bad visuals.

All in all, how could you even think to review a game when you don't understand the basics? Shut your face, and do yourself a favor and, as previously said, hide yourself and go jerk off in a corner.

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 1)
by D ( on Friday, August 04 @ 07:49:56 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
To talk about a review that's 2 years old and also still getting replies, apparently....

Cheers for raging the FF fanboy-noobs, they're dumber than dead bricks and can't even spell correctly.

And every FF game, bar 3/6, sucked ass. 3/6 were average to above average. Just sayin' se truth.

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 1)
by MrPissedOff on Monday, December 25 @ 20:05:26 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
lol sad thing is, I bought the game thinking it'd be cool to play "Final Fantasy" online lol... It's nothing like the real final fantasy games.. Just about everything the review had to say is true... lol... The environments are cool, like the cities.. But the processing time is so fucking slow.. to open a door it takes about 2 seconds!

lol and yes.. The Bagpipe music... Hilarous.. Since when does final fantasy use bag pipes?..

Also, the controls suck asss! The UI sucks shit! this game WAS soley developed for the console world.. PC gamers know that EQ2 or WOW fucking own this game.. graphics ARE shitty, the sounds are CRAPPY.. the quests.. Well okay here's my experience.

I create a character that looks like everyone else.. cuz that's all you can make.. I heard you can bcome a ninja, so I look for the class.. But there isn't one.. Do some reasearch online.. It's something you gotta unlock in the game! And apparently at level 30!

So I was like okay.. fine.. I make a monk.. Load into the bagpipe town, and the fucking opening takes 10 mins.. You can't stop it! It's just there.. you gotta deal with it..

I finaly get control of my own character, and have the most fucking hardest time moving.. because when you press W... you dont move up, you open the chat.. You press 8 you move up but also start chatting if you press the space bar.

There's no jumping, your character movement is slow as hell..

So I get the quest to turn in a adventure ticket to someone... But I forgot who I was suposed to turn it into.. SO! I spent like 20 mins trying to figure out how to access your Quest journal.. Turns out.. You dont have one.. so I sent someone a /tell asking.. They replied back.. But for you to reply back, you gotta type /r name ... EVERYTIME you wanna reply.. What's the point when you can just press /t?.. what's the dif?

This game is outdated, and stupid... Maybe they should make a new one and just scrap this one.. I have to agree with grumpy... this game is okay for the PS2.. But in all other cases, thsi game is fucking a waste of valuable time... Time I'd rather waste watching paint dry, grass grow, and sky fall..

Big let down.

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Re: Final Fantasy XI (Score: 1)
by doomsday on Tuesday, May 12 @ 13:41:41 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
that's the lack of today's mmorpgs.

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