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Ghost Recon 2 [XBOX]
Posted on Sunday, January 09 @ 10:19:30 EST by Suislide
[XBOX] Action Game ReviewsFingerPrick4Diabetes writes "Yay, another game where you kill terrorist, except this one isnt in the desert.

Story: You play as some fucktard who saved the world and youre telling your little story about it on E! or some shit, so its a flashback. So now you are in north korea and youre doing what every other ghost recon/rainbow six game has you to do, kill people and blow shit up. Unfortunetaly, thats it.

Gameplay: Go play ghost recon, like it? Now go play rainbow six, like it? Of course you dont, so what did they do different to get your attention? Not a damn thing, oops, I mean 3rd person view omgyay! The controls are clunky, you have to hold down the left thumbstick and press up, down, x, and b to take out pocket lint or whatever they have. 3rd person view is nothing special, just an attempt to bring a socom feel to xbox live. Framerate is about as fast as a paraplegic running up hill when anything is happening, which is due to the INSANELY fuzzy graphics, hopefully. Dieing must be the same then right, change to the next person with the next speciality? Nope, once you die your whole team says FUCK THIS and kills themselves. Over all, its the same crap with a slightly more fuzzy game engine.

Graphics: Hmm, its been how many years since ghost recon came out, enough time to remake the engine to rock total donkey sack sounds about right. FUCK YOU, *SLAP* Thats what I got from playing this game. Since when was making the graphics so fuzzy, a running person looks like 3 pixels forming a sideways triangle become cool? Everything is so pixel, makes people and objects at a short distance look like they are made of legos. Still not bad compared to other games. Shadows were good, ill give it that.

Sound: Laugh. That is what I did during the opening scene when they interview the soldiers. "Duh, when your on the field, like, you have to like, trust your fellow soldiers, and like, well, be brothers and some stuff." Thats what they all said, cept the black guy, he busted out into a rap and started break dancing. The sounds are all recycled, nothing to get excited about.

Offers some good play, but overall its just a regurgitated TC title 5/10"
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Re: Ghost Recon 2 [XBOX] (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, January 11 @ 20:09:38 EST
yeah, i agree. i havent played this game, but i looked at the cover and it looked pretty homo. they got some retard with that homosexual looking m8 rifle. god that thing looks gay. its an xbox game so your gonna get better graphics with lag or the same shit with a reflective effect or something. well im glad i didnt even download this.

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Re: Ghost Recon 2 [XBOX] (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, January 27 @ 14:32:03 EST
This site is a fucking little drop of cummy diaria.
Anyone that thinks that this site is good is a Stupid n00b. I've never seen more suck-ups in my life, EVERYONE worships watever shit comes out of Suislide's cummy mouth. He obviously doesnt know what is good or bad. This guy is most definetly a high school drop out that lives in his mommy's basement, I mean, come on; he cant even spell correctly. He may be a Admin, but a dumb one. If anyone disagrees with what this kid says, he goes "Bla Bla Bla, U doNT NO ANYthing U SUcK CocK u RetaRD!" This guy even edits articles that are submitted to him and changes them so that they worship Half Life 2. GOD DAM!!!! I've never seen a more pathetic n00b in my life. This is why I'm never going to this site again. Ohh Yeah, if you go to Surveys wou will see that everyone hates this site, lol.

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