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Thief 3
Posted on Wednesday, June 09 @ 17:06:44 EDT by M0nKeY
FPS reviewsgrumpy_boy writes "”Deadly Shitcake”

Fuck me this game stinks worse than a ruptured colostomy bag on a hot summers day.

I was looking forwards to this since I enjoyed Thief 2 a lot, it was not everyone’s cup of tea but quite frankly I don’t give a fuck I liked it and that’s all that matters.

For peole who have being living a cave for last 5 years or are just mentaly retarded, In this game like the others before it you to get to play a thief set in a pseudo medieval world on each level you have to sneak around stealing shit, you must achieve this by stealth, you take out enemys buy knocking them out from behind with a cosh, you never directly fight anyone since your character is about much use in a toe to toe fight, as the French army.

Thief 2 was a good game, Thief 3 however should be called Thief 2.1, in fact Thief 2 was better since it had a good story, In Thief 3 the story starts pretty dull and seems to have full intention of getting fucking duller.

The graphics are boring flat and dull, shit it looks the same as Thief 2, The AI is a joke, a really fucking shit joke. I had the game on hard and it was still shit, fuck me, I was running up behind ememys taking them out, I don’t understand why the silly cunts were not using fucking sign language since they must have been fucking deaf as fuck, When one of the ememys found a corpse/body of one his colleges he just got angry for searched around for short time and then just went back to normal behaviour which included trampling over his unconscious colleage on the fucking floor what stupid inane spastic wrote that AI routine a fuckwit I think somehow. If you fancy wasting your fucking time playing a game populated by deaf, slow, retarded, cardboard cut-out enemy’s then buy this game.

This game just doesn’t cut it, they could have improved it but the lazy two bob arselicking cock suckers would rather just rehash the old game.

How can they have done this, why are they sooo fucking stupid and lazy, If I ever found out where any of the coding team live I going to roleplay my own thief game and break in to their houses, shit in their beds and shoot my bolt over their kitchen floor.

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Re: Thief 3 (Score: 1)
by Grooveygr on Wednesday, June 09 @ 18:40:48 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
grumpy_boy is on fire!
keep the good stuff coming. i would love to be able to submit some reviews.... but my computer doesn't allow luxuries such as running new games... or older games... would a review of pong be ok?
*sigh* maybe what i should be asking is: whats the cleanest way to kill myself using stuff found in my house?.

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  • Re: Thief 3 by Grumpy_Boy on Wednesday, June 09 @ 19:54:22 EDT
    • Re: Thief 3 by Grooveygr on Wednesday, June 09 @ 20:29:56 EDT
    • Re: Thief 3 by M0nKeY on Thursday, June 10 @ 04:33:35 EDT

Re: Thief 3 (Score: 1)
by Suislide on Wednesday, June 09 @ 22:07:10 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
We dont capitalize the word -french- on this site and also why the hell do you use commas instead of periods

its one big sentence

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  • Re: Thief 3 by M0nKeY on Thursday, June 10 @ 04:30:14 EDT
    • Re: Thief 3 by Suislide on Thursday, June 10 @ 10:01:05 EDT
  • Re: Thief 3 by Grumpy_Boy on Thursday, June 10 @ 08:07:51 EDT

Re: Thief 3 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, July 08 @ 02:29:11 EDT
What the Fuck?

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  • Re: Thief 3 by Anonymous on Friday, April 01 @ 01:14:58 EST

Re: Thief 3 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, August 05 @ 20:36:39 EDT
Profanity is the common crutch of the conversational cripple

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Re: Thief 3 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, September 07 @ 17:45:14 EDT
He swore! How amusing!

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Re: Thief 3 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, July 16 @ 04:52:46 EDT
You idiots have to remember that Thief 3 wasn't made by the same guys as the previous Thief games, of coarse it sucked ass. I knew it ever since they said some other fucks were making it.
BTW this site sucks, too much critics, let people try the game. Why do you think there are demos out for?

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