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Video Games Suck: Sports Game Reviews

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Football Manager 2010
Sports Game Reviewsmihai_alexandru73 writes "As good as Football Manager 2009, only even better! "
Posted by Suislide on Monday, November 09 @ 10:56:37 EST (4245 Views)
(Read More... | 3776 bytes more | 7 comments | Score: 3.25)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
Sports Game Reviewsmihai_alexandru73 writes "PES 10 is a good game, although there aren't really that many improvements over the 2009 version."
Posted by Suislide on Friday, October 30 @ 00:06:30 EDT (3565 Views)
(Read More... | 2899 bytes more | comments? | Score: 2.33)
Football Manager 2009
Sports Game Reviewsmihai_alexandru73 writes "Yet again I am reviewing a football game, but I can't help it. Football is like a microbe in countries like Romania and we are addicted to it. So without further ado, here it is: Football Manager 2009."
Posted by Suislide on Monday, May 11 @ 03:11:20 EDT (3584 Views)
(Read More... | 3998 bytes more | 6 comments | Score: 3.8)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
Sports Game Reviewsmihai_alexandru73 writes "Okay so like every autumn we've got a new PES game upon us. But is it really a PES 2009 or is it more likely a PES 2008,5 or a PES 2008,1? Not even close, it's a PES 2008,01 because it virtually brings no innovation and almost nothing new to PES 2008, except the Become a Legend mode (similar to Be a pro in FIFA) which I will later discuss in the article."
Posted by Suislide on Tuesday, November 04 @ 21:16:50 EST (4644 Views)
(Read More... | 4382 bytes more | 7 comments | Score: 4.33)
And1 streetball
Sports Game ReviewsAnonymous writes "I hope stupid street players who play this game end up with a strong pain in their asshole..."
Posted by Suislide on Tuesday, July 18 @ 17:59:20 EDT (3416 Views)
(Read More... | 2159 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 3)
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Sports Game ReviewsPsycho_Brown writes "Guess what?! There's another Tony Hawk game out there! And this time they (Neversoft) completely lied about the game like my girlfriend lied about her crabs!"
Posted by M0nKeY on Sunday, December 18 @ 11:11:51 EST (5763 Views)
(Read More... | 3589 bytes more | 4 comments | Score: 3.76)
Tony Hawk Underground 2
Sports Game ReviewsMore like Tony Hawks More of the same game that we already resold to you 500 times but you are a dumb cunt so we keep rehashing the same damn game over and over while you keep buying it.
Posted by Suislide on Tuesday, October 12 @ 20:36:03 EDT (6119 Views)
(Read More... | 3060 bytes more | 14 comments | Score: 3.07)
Madden 2004
Sports Game ReviewsJohn Madden teams up with Al Michaels and some ghetto ass rap jams to create.... um.... a football game.
Posted by M0nKeY on Wednesday, September 10 @ 21:22:58 EDT (4026 Views)
(Read More... | 2571 bytes more | 4 comments | Score: 0)
Usa Bass Championship
Sports Game ReviewsOmg this was fucking terrible. This game must have had a budget of 20 dollars.
Posted by Suislide on Monday, September 01 @ 16:59:39 EDT (3335 Views)
(Read More... | 1778 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 2)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
Sports Game ReviewsMore of the same! For the 4th time!
Posted by Suislide on Thursday, August 21 @ 19:45:59 EDT (4108 Views)
(Read More... | 2772 bytes more | comments? | Score: 4)
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Anal Only
Make her scream for her father


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