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Re: Crysis 3 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, March 17 @ 00:42:07 EDT
I be an idiot if I want to - but you can call me Einstein. you know, reletivity & all that

and for the record I dont compare with "future reference" I compare with real life, you know, thats kinda the point when evaluating AI

saying FEAR has best AI is a crock o camel shit
for fuck sake dont you realize that the AI therin in SCRIPTED? exactly like in HL2
the fact its scripted, that fact ALONE automatically disqualifies it as any worthy AI. that aint Artificial Intelligence, its Natural Stupidity (stupidity of the programers & of those who support them)

FEAR's "AI" is scripted to makes it look even smarter then true AIs but its still scripted. its all smoke & mirrors

like when they shout random lines when they fight to make it look their reacting - but in fact this got no effect on their behavior. for simple minds this simple AI creates the ILUSION that theres real intelligence. but superior minds like me aint fooled. smoke & mirrors

like when they toss over a table or jump out window but only when player reaches a certain position on map, nothing to do with combat itself: more scripted bullshit. smoke & mirrors

like when you kill some enemies & the rest of the group call for backup - guess what: THE BACKUP NEVER COME! smoke & mirrors

like when it looks like the enemy flanking you, but in fact...smoke & mirrors (more on that below)

get it? GET IT?

I could go on but you know what, Ill just post a link worth a 1000 more words:

read especially the part where they talk about "flanking"

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