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Ulitmate Spiderman PS2
Posted on Tuesday, October 02 @ 14:37:30 EDT by Suislide
[PS2] Action Game Reviewsjetbot33 writes "Spiderman spiderman does whatever a rapist can!

Damn Activision needs to lay off the porno and start making some good games. The game will probably take you 4 hours of pressing random buttons like a dumbass. Well atleast its not based on a movie...

Graphics: The graphics are advertised to be like a comic book but believe me its just some lame ass excuse to have shit graphics. seems like the bitches at activision thought that ms paint was so fucking great they gave it to some 10 year old and say go draw me some spiderman or i'll rape you.

Sound: It was bad okay? Playing the game gives you a fucking headache becasue the same crappy music goes on and off over and over!! Shit its so annoying start a race what do get? some gay ass music over and over and OVER WHAT THE FUCK? The voice acing is good but again they say the same shit over and over. Lame lines like "I already had fireballs for lunch" in the middle of a fight what the hells that supposed to mean? Spidermans voice is the annoying voice of a nine year old who wont shut up! Seriously shove a ps3 up your tiny ass!

Gameplay: You fucking swing around like and then rape some bosses what the fuck did you expect? Kidnapping niggers off the street and raping them like theres no tomorrow at a church?

Time: Like 3 hours wait actually 2 miniutes because in two miniutes time you'll be so pissed you'll fucking break it in half and then piss on it and flush it down the toilet.

Story: Spiderman swings around like the little bitch he is and fight some mentally challenged bosses. Yeah its real fun.

I hope I get raped by Michael Jackson Don't even rent it bitch 2/10
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Re: Ulitmate Spiderman PS2 (Score: 1)
by jetbot33 on Wednesday, October 03 @ 00:42:13 EDT
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come on comment u shit heads

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Re: Ulitmate Spiderman PS2 (Score: 1)
by vassili on Wednesday, October 03 @ 14:31:13 EDT
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You've made it pretty clear it's a pile of poo doubt anyone will come within a mile of this.

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Re: Ulitmate Spiderman PS2 (Score: 1)
by gunzero99 on Wednesday, October 03 @ 18:25:12 EDT
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U already have fire"balls" for lunch. Why dont u try actual "balls" for lunch?

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Re: Ulitmate Spiderman PS2 (Score: 1)
by jetbot33 on Thursday, October 04 @ 00:32:31 EDT
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Spiderman had the damn fireballs for lunch you faggot get it straight and anyways i had ur balls for dinner cocksucker99 ...

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Re: Ulitmate Spiderman PS2 (Score: 1)
by jetbot33 on Thursday, October 04 @ 18:40:15 EDT
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cocksucker99 just so u know ill give u back ur mom tomorrow im busy banging her rite now so go fuck ur dad ive got ur mom bitch. And yes ur balls were tasty actually so tasty i had to eat ur cock too. even tastier. Oh yes while i was fucking ur moms ass to hell she told me that u wanted sex with a hot adult. So I hooked u up with this old 90 year old guy at a retirement home @ sharp hospital hope u two have happy fucking

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Re: Ulitmate Spiderman PS2 (Score: 1)
by D ( on Monday, October 08 @ 14:57:44 EDT
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