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Spiderman 3 [Xbox360]
Posted on Friday, May 18 @ 16:49:29 EDT by M0nKeY
[XBOX 360] Action Game Reviewsm9x writes "someone asked for it, here it comes. careful, don't have much time and it's rather short, like ur penis.
oh and Suislide, you might want to add a xbox360 topic for reviews.

Graphics (32 inch lcd @ 1080i):
not true next-gen graphics as you are used to from gears or unreal3-engine games. environments look like dogturds especially buildings. spiderman itself is ok, but the other characters are shit. effects and stuff like that isn't much around. animations are ok.

you get tobeys gay faggot voice in this game because it has all the movie licenses. is this a bad or a good thing; you decide. other sounds are all you could ask for.

you fight the villains one after another all of those you see in the movie (or maybe more, I didn't see the ass movie). there are secondary story lines also such as getting rid of three or four different gangs who commit crimes in that town.

it's like a mediocre beat em up. you get two buttons for attacks. punch and kick afaik, and you don't even have a real net attacks button anymore like you did in spiderman 2. they're mostly part of combos now. that sucks kinda because you could replace the red bitch spiderman with any asshole from double dragon or whatever. then at some point around 40% completion you get to play as black suit spiderman with the crazy fuck alien thingy. it at least feels like a different character. it's more fun than the red guy after all. not a bad idea to include this in the game. well if they wouldn't have done that this game would be laughed at (even more).

it fucking does not exist, not even local split screen or fuck like that. all you get is MAYBE SOME DAY downloadable content for new story lines which you will be charged for. it's bullfuck to be honest.

All in all, this game is half assed shit rushed to the market because of all the kiddos go see the movie and go buy the game. it's major suckage and doesn't hold a shit against the improvement from spiderman1 to spiderman2. this game feels like spiderman 2 1/2 at best. some might even say it's worse than spiderman2.

5/10 - 1 point for the diff. storylines, 2 points for the swappable character idea, 2 points for the sounds.

Note: "Suislide has passed away after a long battle with HIV. Our condolences to his family and friends. I, however, was able to add a 360 category." -M0nKeY"
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Re: Spiderman 3 [Xbox360] (Score: 1)
by Jokur on Friday, May 18 @ 23:50:32 EDT
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haha nice review i asked for it :)
about time suiside died wheres his grave? gotta piss on it

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Re: Spiderman 3 [Xbox360] (Score: 1)
by Suislide (FUCK YOU@penis in my on Saturday, May 19 @ 11:12:46 EDT
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Its true I am dead. Never mind the fact the no games are coming out for me to review.

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Re: Spiderman 3 [Xbox360] (Score: 1)
by Mean_MOFO on Saturday, May 19 @ 12:45:12 EDT
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This review is fucking GAY.
Fuck 360!

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Re: Spiderman 3 [Xbox360] (Score: 1)
by m9x (ret@rd) on Wednesday, June 13 @ 15:17:48 EDT
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oh if anybody wonders, all my comparisons with spiderman2 or the relevant referrals are of course judging by the console version of spiderman2. not the pc rip off.

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