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Re: Halo 2 [XBOX] (Score: 1)
by delta_john on Tuesday, January 25 @ 00:06:23 EST

NOW! I definetly hav something to say about the review made by Fuhrer....It is the most pathetic piece of garbage covered in Michael Jackson's cum that I have ever had the regret of reading. I mean, comon, listen to this fag

"This game is a fucking piece of shit. Those bungie shitheads are fuckin retarded fagg0ts and look like mentally retarded jews. i havent even played halo2"

What an idiot, This guy must really love Half Life 2, after all, it is a game chalk full of glitches, at times, I wont say it's graphics are crap, cuz there pretty good, but it does have a stupid multiplayer.
Im havn fun comparing Halo 2 to HL2, mabet ill go on...There are people that debate which games' graphics is better, Ultamitly, regardless of video card, It IS Halo 2's graphics that are better. as proof, it is a fact that HL2 has glitches and flaus in its graphics, not to diss it, but "IF" you have played the game then you would no that sometimes there are slight pauses and twinks that are results of design errors.
Now if you "HAVE" played the game, unlike most of the racist n00bs on this site, take a look at halo 2s graphics. What I am about to say isn't my opinion, its a fact, if you "HAVE" played the game then you would know, Halo 2s graphics are virtually flauless. Thats right you n00bs! Learn whats good and not for wonce. Im sick of these guys that play one game, worship it, and say anyother game is gay, or stuff like that. I happen to OWN a copy of Half Life 2 and Halo 2, and am a dedicated gamer. This post is starting to turn into an article, mabey ill post it as one latter, but for now...

As for sound, ehh, both games have their good and bads. HL2s radio's sound isn't that great. Halo 2s veacles could have had more detailed sound.

The story line for Halo2 is pretty good. The only thing bad that I can say about it is that it could have had something better than switching between master chief and the covenant elite.
Now I really have to say shit about HL2. This game's developers spent soo much time developing it, and making it better, right? As soon as I played it, I was amazed by the opening cinema. But then...No Crobar? wtf? no weapon to start with at all? This pissed me off, but I told myself that it could be a level where you dont fight at all, untill a guy hit me. MAN WAS I EVER PISSED WHEN I COULDNT FIGHT BACK! Aside from that, what was Valve thinking when they made half of the game a dam remake? I mean, I DID beat the game, but I thought there could be much more chapters than what there was. Im not complaining about the ending, it was fairly ok.

The gameplay wasnt that bad in HL2, however I think Valve could have added more mutants. I may have beat the game on hard, but it could have been harder. Want to know another thing that pisses me off about half the people(n00bs) on this site? Its that they probably played the game on "easy" dificulty and then said "YEAY!" to their friends and told them they beat it on "hard". The multiplayer for this game doesnt have enough options, which isnt very good.
Halo 2 was pretty good when it comes to new things. It included battle damage, dual wielding, and no jump damage. As soon as I played it, I was amazed. I have absolutly nothing bad to say about Halo 2 in Campaign, But, Its multiplayer, omg!

The new matchmaking system that they have for Hslo 2 is horrible at certain times, but only these times...Capture the flag on a level like Zanzibar, Beaver Creek, and other levels that contain "many" walls and floors. The flag can easily be passed through walls and floors. One time ive seen the most increadable thing. On Beaver Creek, three people managed to get the flag from its spot to 20 feet into th air; above the Base by using two plazma granades, needless to say, that was increadably gay. Some could say that was cool. I say it takes some skill to take advantage of increadably cheap ways to get the flag, and win. The other thing that sucks is that you walk slowly when you have the flag. Those are the only bad things about Halo 2s multiplayer. Some could say the matchmaking sucks, but only if that was the case. If you learn to use it, you will like it alot. You can save friends names, and see their stats, online or offline, and even what game their playing, so you can switch and vs them. In order to vs those people in Halo 2, simply send them messages asking them to join your gaming party, and create a game. It is increadably easy for them to join the game. Other than that you can specify what type of game you want to play, or just jump into some random one.

All in all, both games multiplayer have serious problems, which bring both of their ratings down.

What that guy said about the cinema (videos) in Halo 2 is disgraceful to GOD himself!

Actually Good and Well Thought Out rattings....
Halo 2......................9/10
Half Life 2..............8.5/10

I would have rated HL2 the same as Halo 2 if it wasn't so much of a remake of the first Half Life.
Both games could have scored perfect 10/10 if not for what I have pointed out. Having Beat Half Life 2 on "Hard" dificulty and Halo 2 on "Heroic" dificulty I strongly believe what I have pointed out in the above is bery factual. And much better put than "Fuhrer" has in his article.

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