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A more reasonable explanation... (Score: 1)
by BLOME (BLOME@UNIVERSALTesticleCruncherGamingIndustry.loot) on Tuesday, March 12 @ 21:31:53 EDT

I dont' have a way to delete my posts and place them correctly. This was my reply to SUISLIDE, but I would like everyone to know the reason for some of my behavior in the past few days. I hope it made a lot of you laugh, but here is why I did it.
SUISLIDE: You are right. I am coming across this way and I'll tell you why. I am disgusted by the state of gaming today. But perhaps looking from another point of view...Maybe I grew out of it a long time ago, and am just coming to realize it. I and many others like me, want something new. Our abilities change. Thought processes change. Expectations change. Maturity sets in with the Truth about reality of the world we live in, and then some of us tend to lash out at the sorry ass fantasy world Video games put us in (which is their purpose to begin with), which a child or a teenager can enjoy because their thought process is not developed to the same extent as ours. It's like we did what ever as kids, then we grew up, and realized our parents were right about Video games. Too much was no good for us. But it was the video games that raised expectations, and caused me to investigate more, look into corners, crevices, nooks, for information and open my mind to things. The content that caused me to want to gain more knowledge is the same content I am now angry with because it stayed STILL and I moved on. Maybe because it's targetted to an audience with an under developed thought process. The audience that are "Know it all". Kids. Teens. So I offer a sincere apology for my behavior because my expectations are so high. Video games may say "Adult Content" but its the same old immature bore they provide. Same story lines. Good Guy vs Bad Guy. Cops vs Drug Dealers. Sexually Repressed vs Hookers. No in between. And when there is, its loaded with shitty cookie cutters.
I am literally just tired. I am hooked on something I want better and better each time, but it gets worse and worse. In the end, I just wanted to take a Troll Pen and write all over the wall with it. So I found this place to vent it. That was all. But there is certainly a lot of truth to how it is. There should be a new way to judge Content. Based on Mental Maturity. Rather than age. A game for Adults might still be juvenile for someone like me. It may not offer me the depth or thought I am seeking to fulfill or ratify within. All I know is, I am utterly fed up of it and I refuse to buy in to the hype now. Heck I will take a shitty movie like Avatar over a top selling video game. Are the masses being MADE into fools? Or are they just foolish to begin with? Do SALES tell the truth? Or is it the Marketing and PR? I think its both. Both the Content GIVER and the Content Receiver are to blame. Because the Giver will make not what sells, but what he can CONVINCE others that it can be sold. And the Receiver who shall be easily Convinced and Fooled.
I appreciate sites such as this, and if given the opportunity, I would be willing to write more when I have time, and to teach the Masses not to BUY into PR and Marketting. To educate themselves. To demand better than a Call of Duty XYZ.

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