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Hear Ye Hear Ye - Huge GAYLORD Troll Post. But I provide! (Score: 1)
by BLOME (BLOME@UNIVERSALTesticleCruncherGamingIndustry.loot) on Monday, March 11 @ 12:45:19 EDT

Modern Video Games are for Phaggots and as much as prostitute loves to spend her money on Education, that's about as much as I like to Troll these SuperFanFaggots. Yeah, I'm gonna buy a NEW PC with DirectX 69 to Play this in my Butthole while I sit on the Shitter with a New Windows 8 Faglet PC. I would rather play a Side Scroller or a Top Down scroller where I run around Tattooing virgins and installing NippleRings on their Clits while banging bubonic monkeys with a feather Duster / Spanker. BULLSHIT. And the supreme Master Fag Suislide just gave this a 5 out of 10. Apparenly he has never been to New York because he is too busy Swimming the Mississippi river looking for PAWGS all while a telescopic confederate flag is sticking out of his arse so he can see what's above the water. Whatever happened to when Gaming was FUN? Every single God Damn game is about Killing this and That. Zombies, Humans, Aliens. Seriously??? These games are like a 5 hour long movie. Then on top of that, the gaming industry has the balls to lie to GayLord phaggots who believe the lies that the Gaming industry is bigger than Movies. The Movie industry is NOT HollyViagaraWood. Ok? Gaming is primarily for phaggots with a low IQ who want to run around thinking they can handle real weapons and take more falls than Lara Crotch and speak more than Isaac in DeadGays 3. Everything about Video Games pisses me off. And for all you IDIOTS spending so much money to buy powerful PCs for this shit, why don't you just give me your Money and I'll provide you with 1 day so entertaining that your DNA will remember it long after the Human species wipes itself out in its fart smell moment of existence in this Universe.
I could go on and on, but I am sure I have more shit to do and then I will have a Milk Shake from these video Phaggors mom's Tits with Ice, cool off and come back to Cook some more Troll Juice right here. Or as they say in Russia...PISS is just time to Masturbate before and after a War. PISS I mean Peace. You damn Chitters.

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