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Re: Hard Reset: Extended Edition (Score: 1)
by craterface on Monday, July 30 @ 11:49:52 EDT

Now this was great fun. i didn't use mines that much as they do much less damage than they should, being a high-end weapon as it is. Although I usually put that 5 on the field when I suspected an assault like when entering a hall. And it worked wonders when I placed them near lightning emitters or corners. Then it was awesome when I put all 5 near each other then shot a gravity-grenade towards them as it collected the critters on it's way then KABOOOM.
Grenade launcher, that's another fun to use weapon. It has a reloading time, but only for a single mode. You can shoot out 2 prjectiles almost simultaneously if they are the normal grenade and then the secondary one with the gravity field.
CLN weapons are fun and well thought out. The laser targeting of the RPG is awesome, with good timing you can lead rockets behind obstacles, or make an airstrike of 2-3 clustered rockets. I blow enemies on myself as the rocket misses, then hits from the back.
And the shotgun is the ultimate tool against the hordes of those little ones because of it's stopping power. Paralysation is good for the big rushing ones (especially if they are near a lightning emitter), but you are basically untouchable if you get yourself into a corner and brake every wave with a single shot. I remember the bathroom in the railway station was hard for me using the NRG tree, but a piece of cake with the shotgun.
This game features pumping action, cool enemies, athmosphere and well designed maps, but I love the weapons the most. They are so satisfying and fun to use.

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