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Re: Call of Duty 7: Black Ops (Score: 1)
by bouch on Sunday, January 30 @ 22:56:10 EST

I sooo agree with you! I dig the COD series but in almost three months, I've only had around 1 hour or so in total game-play! Simply because the performance is so damn poor! Most company's iron out such fundamental flaws within weeks. I've have lost a ton'o'faith with this one, No-matter what setting I try, no-matter what new little tweak surfaces, none have done a-thing to improve performance, I even bought a new GPU to enjoy it as much as possible. My current settings make the game look 10 years old, infact it looks just like a choppy, "free" to play online FPS's but made infinatly worse because I actually paid for the fuker. The main reason I die in-game is because of the persistent choppiness/lag, which is infuriating beyond belief!

To shake the frustration I play MW2 on super-high settings for hours on end occasionally wondering how BO's might look like on those settings, but it really helps to know that people are still having a blast without the fucking game anyhow.

So now I'm at the part where I feel like a real $100 sucker and can't do jack-shit about it.
I would've returned the game early on but with all the hype & anticipation and talk from the developers, Treyarse & Craptivision in the forums saying we should hang in there and wait while it's fixed but in the meantime the game is depreciating in value and retail return policys gradually become void, so that opportunity is pretty much fucked!

Why would I play an older game all day (CODMW2) but not touch the latest installment which I paid nearly $100 Australian for? Because it really is that bad, seriously - if you like this type of game, get yourself a copy of CODMW2, it's much cheaper nowdays and plays a fukton better and has a healthy comunity & plenty of servers 'n'shit.

Steam is passing the buck, telling people all problems with the game are to be forwarded to Activision! What a joke, what are they gonna do, give my money back? I strongly doubt it, besides that's all they care about, why else would they push unfinished games onto the market.
That's $100 dollars I'll never see again.
Screw this game and the fukers who made it!

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