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Re: Halo 2 [XBOX] (Score: 1)
by Thinias on Saturday, August 05 @ 03:15:15 EDT

Dumb. Ass. And I wish that was all I had to say. No, let's have a look at this shit and break it down one piece at a time-

Graphics: Refer to halo. Bungy added a few new textures and made mister chief look more homosexual but that's about it. By adding new specular crap, they decreased performance so prepare for lag and crappy san andreas background loading. Half Life 2 makes this game look like an nes game.

- Bungie added a few new textures???
a) If you want to present a convincing argument, you should at least demonstrate the intellectual capacity of correct spelling. Bungy. What a dumbass.
b) They revamped the ENTIRE visual system. Have you ever even seen either game? The visual specs of Halo 2 are so much remarkably crisper, shinier, and prettier than those of Halo 1 that they have even been the butt of jokes from Rooster Teeth, inc. - creators of the popular web-series Red vs Blue.
- Prepare for lag and crappy san andreas background loading
... You're even going to TRY to comment on the loading times and gameplay latency of a game you opened by ADMITTING you'd NEVER PLAYED!??! What the fuck is wrong with you? Was your mommy trying that new coathanger abortion fad and only managed to get rid of your brain? If you'd ever played the game you'd know that the only lag you EVER experience on the video side of things (assuming an xbox in proper repair) comes from closing menus mid-game, and even then it just takes a second or two for the textures to come back; once they do the game runs perfectly. If played on the xbox 360, this issue doesn't even exist.
- Half Life 2 makes this game look like an nes game?
Half Life 2 and Halo 2 are built on the same generation graphics engine, by two competitive enterprises with engineering departments hired from elite sects from across the globe. Both companies hire outstanding artists, in both 2d and 3d creative capacities, and subsequently they both produce outstanding artistic results to display with their equally impressive graphics engines. The only difference in graphics comes from the different feel you get in the alternate HUDs and the different appearance of the enemies (and friendlies) presented in each universe. But you know, I guess you would know better than me, given your undeniable intelligence (qeers? rediculously overused leet?) and marked experience with... oh wait, thats right. You never played Halo 2.

Sound: no idea, but im guessing that it's some shitty same old themes techno-ized or something gay like that. they probably still have some nigger like oj simpson playing mister chief and jenna jameson playing k0rtanna.

- Wow. You're actually dumb enough to begin an argument by stating that you have no idea what you're talking about? Let me check that one more time.
Sound: no idea

Nice. I don't even have to refute that one, you've already completely discredited any opinions you may (or perhaps more appropriately - may not) have offered, though i'm sure the porn references do wonders to increase your popularity with the ladies. In fact, I bet you were getting laid while you were writing this. ...Oh... really? She couldn't find your penis? Most unfortunate - there are surgeries and organics you can try to help with that one, pencil dick.

7h3 st0ry: is a piece of shit. this game was fucking supposed to take place on earth. bungy decided that they needed more money for fuel rod shaped dildos so they stretched the story and made halo2 halo1.5 because they knew all the stupid cock sucker xbox fags would buy this shit anyway. basically, the story goes like this: mister chief straps on his green gimp suit with vasoline inside. then he gets his rifle and semen-nades, kills some cubbanents by stabbing them with his spartan dick. btw, you find out that mister chief is a nigger. you can tell because he gives that jew kortanna a 45 MB rape and kills her. then he gets off by pulling the race card.

- 7h3 st0ry: is a piece of shit. (Knock it off with the leet, geek. You're not cool.)
Now, admittedly alot of people (myself included) were sorely disappointed with the ending - or lack thereof - of Halo 2, and the story-hopping "dual persona" shit with the Master Chief and Arbiter probably didn't go off as well as Bungie had hoped. And sure, there was a random psychic plant floating around in the middle of the conveniently newly discovered "second Halo", but let me ask you this: if the story was such a flop, why the ENORMOUS outcry at the ending? And I answer: because the story was not a flop! By the time you reached the end of that game (which, the first time through definitely took a very long time), whether you knew it or not you were hooked to the story, and you wanted to know how it resolved. The outcry spurred by Halo 2's lack of plot-resolution is more than proof enough of Bungie's success in inspiring and appealing to Halo fans worldwide with the story presented in Halo 2. You can't argue with numbers. You can try, and given your previously demonstrated ignorance (only furthered by the fact that you are attempting to discredit the plot of a game you never played) I wouldn't put such an attempt past you, but you will lose. Kind of like you're losing this argument (just in case you hadn't noticed).
- btw, you find out that mister chief is a nigger. you can tell because he gives that jew kortanna a 45 MB rape and kills her. then he gets off by pulling the race card.
Since when has a "nigger" ever gotten off of anything by pulling the race card? What the fuck? Do you even know what that expression means? Blacks (and jews, for that matter, since you seem to have referred to the chief and cortana as that more than once too) are one of the most persecuted, neglected, and abused groups of people in recent history, you ignorant fuck.
Gameplay: bungy couldn't have fucked themselves harder up the ass with xbox controllers this round. they didn't redefine, but refucked the gameplay completely. they weakened the pistol and made the clip size 4 or something gay like that. NOW YOU CAN DUAL WIELD, WOOOOOH, OH JESUS FUCK ME IT'S A REVOLUTION IN GAMING. now you can shoot like a gangsta nigga on da streets and cap those wop cubbanents. theres this ri11y 7i7e scope on the rifle too, like itz a scope nigga. since most people who play halo xbox are retarded white trash, bungy made it so that you just shoot bursts, you dont even have to control them. they added this gay ass knife thing for noobs to use online. they also added 2 new gay projectile weapons so that more noobs will play online and fuel rod your anus to death. bungy didn't feel that halo2 was gay enough so they made it so that you can do an anal attack by sticking the fuel rod up peoples asses. for anybody that thinks joining a server is too complicated for their redneck mind, bungy has taken the liberty to make it so you can't pick a server. they say that joining random servers is exciting like 69ing a life size mister chief doll in bungy studios. there's also a "nigger fuck" melee cheat using gameshark where you can fold out a mechanical dick and pound cubbanents in their assholes with a violent thrusting motion. honestly, only a fuckin cunt with fagulitis could enjoy playing this spooge that bungy coughed up.

- they weakened the pistol and made the clip size 4 or something gay like that.
Oh no! They weakened the pistol! What the fuck!!! Those bastards! Why would they weaken the gun everyone uses because its overpowered??? Oh my fucking god, I'm SO PISSED (It doesn't show, does it? God I hope not). Now, if you're talking about the damage done by each shot, then yes: the pistol is weaker. However, if you're talking about a reduced clip size (What the fuck? The clip size is exactly the same, only the total ammo you can carry is reduced - and they did that to EVERY weapon) or the removed scope, then you're just completely wrong. I've already talked about the clip-size shit, so as for the scope, anyone who's ever stumbled across the blind-skull at the beginning of Outskirts and played with it activated for a little bit will tell you from personal experience that they did NOT remove the scope from the pistol: all they did was add the scope to every other weapon. You can still aim while zoomed in with the pistol as long as you are smart enough to know where the shot should go (just look at the fucking center of the screen, numbnuts). With a little practice on the timing, you can pull the trigger and be rezoomed before you even have time to register the fact that shooting causes you to unzoom.
- bungy made it so that you just shoot bursts, you dont even have to control them
Anyone who's ever participated in a few games of competitive play on Bungie's matchmaking system (and you haven't, which we've already been over) via XBox Live will tell you that the Battle Rifle (you know, that "gun that shoots bursts so you don't even have to control them") requires more aim than any gun in the entire game (unless you're playing the gametype SWAT, in which case yeah - spray and pray your heart away, but do so with the knowledge that you asked for it in the first place), including the sniper rifle, simply because with the sniper rifle all you have to do is wait for your one shot and move on. With the battle rifle, you have to keep it on your target while the afforementioned bursts cause tremendous kickback. At higher levels of play, battle rifle-ists don't even have the luxury of just pointing the rifle at their targets head and pulling the trigger until he dies; instead, they must keep the rifle on their targets torso until his shields go down (aiming at their head while the target is shielded wastes the burst-shot spread that miss the head [small target], and while a target is shielded, headshots don't do extra damage) and then quickly jerk the last shot onto their targets head for the kill - a process which is significantly harder with a console joystick than it is with your half-life mice.
- they added this gay ass knife thing for noobs to use online. they also added 2 new gay projectile weapons so that more noobs will play online and fuel rod your anus to death
Gay ass knife thing? Do you mean the sword? Not only is the sword easily countered by the shotgun or any long-range weapon, but Halo veterans will attest to the convenience of a trick known as "sword-dodging", which significantly reduces the power of the sword. Even in situations where shotguns, ranged weapons, and sword dodging are not viable options, the nature of a sword-users attacks make him exceptionally vulnerable to plasma grenades. The bottom line is the sword is only a noob weapon in noob games; experienced players have a million tricks up their sleeves and are more than capable of countering sword-whores. As for your "2 new gay projectile weapons", the fact that you have never played Halo 2 stands out yet again.
a) The fuel rod cannon is NOT a new weapon - left off the shelves when Halo launched for the XBox, the cannon made its appearance (along with the ill-fated flamethrower) in Halo PC.
b) That detail aside, the fuel rod cannon IS NOT AVAILABLE in ANY multiplayer map! I don't even think you can set it as a starting weapon (but don't quote me on that)! Bottom line, there's no such thing as someone sitting in a game fuel-rodding your ass to death; they CAN'T GET ONE! And in case you were trying to complain about the rocket launcher, and are just a dumbass, the limited ammo capacity of the launcher makes it either a strategic weapon or a panic weapon. A full launcher (which is a very very rare thing in standard Halo play) gets 8 shots, with 2 shots to a clip and by far the slowest reload time shot for shot - point being, you can't run around owning people with it for very long, and if your opponents are smart they can still hit you from two directions at once and kill you anyways. I'm not even going to bother arguing the point that every game since the original Quake has had a rocket launcher anyways, since that pretty much explains itself.
- for anybody that thinks joining a server is too complicated for their redneck mind, bungy has taken the liberty to make it so you can't pick a server
Does the ignorance ever end? You CAN pick a server - in fact, I play in custom games outside the bungie matchmaking system almost exclusively. The only catch is that you must have people on your friends list in order to find any servers to join; given this point, I guess I can understand your point of view (despite the fact that you've never played the game anyways). I guess we can't expect someone like you to have any friends - I know I sure as hell wouldn't add you. The matchmaking system is simply there to enable people who either don't have any friends or don't have enough friends online at the current time to play a full game to still quickly and reliably find games.
- As for the rest of that garbage, all I can say is
a) there is no gameshark for XBox, dumbass.
b) I guess I can understand that position on "cunts", given your obvious lack of experience with pussy.

As for your conclusion, its just more shit - though I found the part where you wished that your own country (yourself included, you fucking dipshit) would get bombed to be especially amusing. I find the image of you in self-wrought pain satisfying, in my own sick (read: condescending) way. I am, however, going to defend one point that I expected you to bring up, but with your (i'm going to borrow your word here) "retarded" intellect and poor argumentative skills, I guess you never thought about presenting real potential downsides to Halo 2 (particularly in comparison to Half Life 2).

Everyone has praised Half Life 2's physics engine for years, and this is the one area I really expected comments about Halo 2's inferiority to develop. However, to the astute observer, this "apparent inferiority" simply does not exist. In HL2, you can pick shit up with a gun and throw it around the room, knocking other stuff (even walls, in some cases) out of the way in the process. Now, in Halo 2, you can't pick shit up with a gun and throw it around, but that is only because if you could, people would criticize bungie for copying HL2 instead of criticizing bungie's physics engine. However, knocking stuff around with other stuff is still entirely possible - cars, corpses, barrels, cans, boxes, weapons, skulls (objectives), pretty much everything that isn't the ground your standing on. For that matter, even some terrain can be destroyed in Halo 2 (players just don't really see much occasion to do so); if you don't believe me, go play Outskirts on legendary (I can only assume this works on other difficulties, but when I'm playing single player I only play legendary, so I don't know for sure) and get to the part where the two hunters attack the compound you and Johnson are hiding in. Stand on the edge of the second floor of the compound and shoot at them, and when they start shooting back duck behind the short barriers on the edge of the building. If the fuel rod cannons the hunters are using strike the barriers in their attempts to hit you, the barriers will shatter into a thousand pieces, leaving you exposed (but, fortunately, absorbing that particular fuel rod).

The physics in Halo 2, just like the graphics, sound, gameplay, and everything else, are entirely comparable to HL2, and to say otherwise is simply ignorant and un-thought out. Which game you on an individual basis prefer is (much like the word prefer suggests) simply a matter of preference. They are both outstanding games, and I challenge any one of you knuckle heads sitting around talking shit to produce a single legitimate argument that shows Halo 2's inferiority in any way.

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