Call of Duty: Ghosts
Date: Monday, December 16 @ 22:12:08 EST
Topic: FPS reviews

The review is finally here, motherfuckers! Click the "Read more" link so you can see how shitty this game is. Really. Specially the PC version. It's a FUCKING JOKE.

I really had great expectations for this game, but again Infinity Fags gave us a misleading game because it has BARELY anything to do with the fucking trailer. And mostly ALL the stuff in this game is a joke. I can't believe they're showing off their "new" AI: fish that move out of the way. "OMG OMG OMG NEXT GENERATION OMG OMG OMG" that's how they were showing their "new" AI. And the PC version... HORRIBLE. The game needs 6GB of RAM to fucking run! Actually a random guy created a patch by himself and proved that this game needs MUCH LESS than 6GB. And what Infinity Fags do? They threatened to sue him if he didn't remove the patch. REALLY!? A random guy did your job and you guys don't even thank him? Wow. Just wow. The multiplayer's size is 25 GB and the full game's size is 70 GB. I was like "Fuck yeah! 4K uncompressed textures!" Well guess what? I was WRONG. And they can't even explain why it's that big. So it's full of shit then?

Anyway, let's review this thing that Infinity Fags call "a next gen game":

Gameplay: The shitty maps they made for this game are full of camping spots and more gamebreaking perks. Your life expectancy in an average COD Ghosts multiplayer is 9 seconds. It's ridiculous the fact that they're showing off everything they added in this game: Squads, soldier customization, blablabla... like if those things were never seen before. Meanwhile, the PC version is horribly optimized. I am supposed to get 120 FPS with those "graphics" and I get only about 40-50. Genius.

Graphics: If they call these "next-gen" then they are the shittiest graphics I've ever seen in a Next-gen game. Still looks like COD 4 (released in 2007).

Sound: There are so many things wrong with the gun sounds I won't even waste my time mentioning them. However the dog sounds and voice acting are kind of OK.

Realism: A pop-up saying ERROR 404 just appeared in front of my PC. This game is NOT realistic at ALL.

Story: It's just about dogs, dogs and more dogs. Did I say dogs? And I think I forgot dogs, too. Hot dogs, cold dogs... This game can be renamed to "Army of dogs".

Overall, this game is BAD, for being a Next-gen game. Unless you were a camping fag in the previous COD titles, this is just a waste of money. And the PC version... Don't even look at the price.

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