Borderlands 2
Date: Saturday, October 27 @ 17:39:42 EDT
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Yeah, if you pre-order shit without thinking, this is what you get. So you see, this is the sequel to a game called Borderlands (if you don't know it you're a retarded console player living in HELL.), which was a FUCKING AWESOME combination of FPS and RPG, and it wasn't an epic fail like SOME OTHER DOG SHIT *cough* Fallout 3-NV *cough*. Anyways, Borderlands was some fucking gold game where guns were random drops, each gun was different from another, and there were 87 bazillion guns. I don't know how many zeroes are there in a bazillion, but it sounds big. Like my balls.


Graphics, well. Shit. They sure did improve most stuff. But still ITS NOT, GOOD, except some parts. This is a cartoonish game (NO, ITS NOT AN ANIME), but still you can easily say the graphics rival some of the new games. Ever seen the ice on this game? Its got some 3D REFLECTING SHIT, it isn't some old 2d texture shit they put up in other fuckfest ga
They worked on the graphics though you can see that, but still... it can't beat Crysis.

Sounds: If you ever played Borderlands 1, you know this: Gearbox didn't spend shit on voice acting, everything is TEXT. But in this game, they spent a little bit more money on voice acting. BUT FUCK THIS FUCKING SHIT PILE OF DOG SHIT. WHAT HAPPENED TO MORDECAI BITCH?!?!?! Mordecai used to be the badass sniper of the first game, he was a coldblooded assassin with no mercy, and now he sounds like a 20 years old mexican rapper. WHAT THE FUCK GEARBOX??! And what about the bandits!?! They sound like friggin CLOWNS with GUNS and SHIT-FOR BRAINS. It has more voice acting now, but instead some parts of it SUCK. MY. BALLS. And Axton. His voice doesn't fit the bill, and Gaige screams like a cunt when she gets hit by an elemental weapon.

Gameplay: Its the same concept, you kill people grind for shit unique guns with red texts and OH GOD MINECRAFT EASTEREGG. Anyway, since this is HALF RPG, there are not 20+ skills for each character. Instead, there is one action skill you get in level 5, and the rest are passive shit. Each gun is random, and sometimes you get uniques, which are awesome. I got something called Blockhead, which is a shotgun that shoots minecraft fire textures and when you reload it you toss it and it explodes, and a new blockhead "digistructs" into your hands. Headshots are crits, and there are elemental weapons which kick ass with balls of steel. Anyways, don't select Zer0. SO MANY ZEROES IN MULTIPLAYER OMFG

8/10 Buy this buy this buy this but not for consoles.

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