Deus Ex 3 is heading the way of Deus Ex 2
Date: Sunday, March 20 @ 13:20:51 EDT
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Yes, our worst fucking nightmares confirmed even though we were reassured it would be true to the Deus Ex experience. However, after viewing videos of the gameplay it has becoming more obvious that what we are getting instead is some shitty fucking generic stealth action game which will rival the generic-ness of every other console piece of shit out there. There are numerous problems with this game and it is making my penis soft. Click to read the damning evidence.

1. Retarded Yellow Highlighting: One of the worst fucking parts about this game is the stupid ass yellow hightlight on all the items you can interact with. It RUINS the fucking immersion of the game by making everything glow stupidly yellow but beyond that it holds your fucking hand instead of promoting exploration and searching on your own. However, everyone thought you would be able to disable this yellow highlighting bullshit? GUESS WHAT? You fucking cannot. Here is the twitter of one of the developers stating you cannot change it. Why the fuck not? WHY? I wan't to play the fucking game without it holding my hand and telling me everything I need to do every second of the fucking game. It kills the immersion and makes the game piss obvious for doing everything. How hard would it fucking be to create a toggle for that shit? This automatically is a final sign that this game will blow ass and not be the true Deus Ex that we are looking for.

2. Regenerating Health: Thanks Consoles for this fucking stupid "innovation" which instead takes games backwards. Why the fuck did JC Denton, a model superior to that of whatever fag is in this game, need to install an augmentation to regenerate health if this guy just has it built in? I'll tell you why. Because this game is being created as a console friendly retard station. Carrying around medpacks and other items to restore your MULTIPLE HEALTH ZONES was infinitely more interesting and pretty much just better game play mechanics. Instead, they want to simplify the game so you can basically just press a button to win! Turn this regenerating health bullshit off because it makes games easy as fuck to play (which is probably what they want for dipshit console tards.

3. 3rd Person Bullshit/Cover System: Will they knock it the fuck off with this cover system crap? Every fucking game now days has some stupid ass 3rd person cover system to make up for the shitty controls provided by the console controllers. Deus Ex is a fucking first person game and doesn't need to switch to fucking 3rd person everytime you climb a god damn ladder or take cover behind a box. This serves absolutely no purpose but to kill the fucking immersion of the video game. You know what mechanic that worked BETTER from 11 years ago? LEAN. Let me stay in first person and lean around a fucking corner to see what is going on. I don't need some 3rd person cheat mode where I cannot get spotted but can magically see everything around me. That is fucking stupid and does nothing but break immersion of the game

4. No Melee Weapons: According to ( There will be absolutely no melee weapons in the game. Say goodbye to the knife, baton, swords and other items by becoming a melee stealth expert in the first game. Now you instead get to use these fucking stupid METAL ARM BLADES! WOW HOW INTERESTING AND INNOVATIVE. Metal Arm Blades that do all the work for me. Nevermind the fact that various soldiers would probably have a knife on them.

5. Quick-Time Event Kills: This is the worst fucking part for me. This quick-time event cutscene bullshit needs to fucking dissapear forever. You just press a fucking button and WOW THE GAME PLAYS ITSELF! Let me fucking play a game. In Deus Ex 1, you would sneak up behind someone and use your various weapons to disable them. Not anymore in Deus Ex 3! Now you just walk up behind someone (up to 4 people at once) and it will just play a fancy quick-time event where it kills all the enemies for you! Hooray! I love watching the game play itself and taking me out of the immersion. You will probably have to watch the same stupid fucking events thousands of time throughout the game because they never include enough animations to keep it interesting.Don't believe me? Check out these shitty videos below

In conclusion, this game is going to suck fucking ass because it is just another consolized piece of shit that developers are ONLY making because they want to ride off the coat tails of success for the first game. Well if you really wanted success then you should have MADE IT LIKE THE FIRST GAME, not a fucking stupid consolized shitbag. Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution is going to blow chunks.

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