Call of Duty 7: Black Ops
Date: Thursday, December 09 @ 00:25:54 EST
Topic: FPS reviews

This game series has two major fucking problems with it and they need to knock it off. First problem being that they keep making this shit series even though it has already nuked the fridge. Every game that comes out in this turd series is the same bullshit we have already seen a million times before. The second problem? Well they keep letting Treyarch make video games even though they are fucking amateurs at it. This is the worst Call of Duty yet, even worse than the last turd that Modern Warfare 2 and yet dumbass cunts keep giving them money to develop these shit games.

It is a solid theory of science that any video games series which has a yearly installation automatically is a piece of shit. We know this with all those terrible sports games that come out every year such as Madden and NHL. The only people who play these games are 40 year old men who don't have a college education and drink beer all because they are scumbags who never fucking did anything with their lives. This game appeals to a different demographic of shitty fucking teenagers who need to be beat up in junior high school. Faggots. This game is the same exact Call of Duty bullshit we have seen before and it is incredibly boring and full of bugs.

First of all, the graphics in this game are fucking lame. They look exactly the same as the last three games which have come out. They made absolutely zero fucking attempts to improve the graphics or animations at all. Be prepared to stare at a smattering of shitty quality textures that you will make you wonder why the fuck you would even buy a modern day video card because everything looks like consolized dog shit. The level design is spectacularly crappy and more linear than you have ever seen. Before it used to be big fake open looking levels that you would following on a narrow path because a tiny fucking fence would block the path. Treyarch said fuck the fence and we will just create extremely small and cramped levels filled with shitty invisible walls. HELL YEAH. Nothing drags me into a game like walking into invisible walls by accident.

So the levels are all over the fucking world from a shitty Cuban area, to shitty prisons in Russia, to abunch of other shitty areas. I stopped playing this turd after about five levels because the environments ranged from completely boring to uninteresting. Treyarch is still fucking amatuer when it comes to making games and they have some of the worst fucking level design I have ever seen in a game.

As for the gameplay in this game, I may as well copy and paste the same wall of text from all the other Call of Duty reviews because it is exactly the same as we have seen before. Shitty scripted set pieces set up that you run around and shoot some people and then running through narrow hallways and shooting more people. The combat in this game is clunkier and has increased the boring levels to almost zero. The first two games were sweet because they were fun, something new, and somewhat innovative at the time that they came out. Being high-speed action packed first person shooters, but now it is the same stale shit and no one expects anything else.

The worst part of this game? Well everyone loves running around shooting bad guys, at least that is fun...however in this game you lose control of your character every five fucking seconds. Seriously, you will shoot like ten people, then all the sudden it is a first person cutscene that you have to sit through and try to hold back your vomit. LET ME PLAY THE FUCKING GAME. I DON'T WANT TO WATCH YOU PLAY THE GAME FOR ME. However, don't worry. To make up for this absolutely shitfest, they decided to pack the game full of bugs. Something is wrong with the game to where it runs like absolute shit even though it looks like a game which was made over five years ago. The game crashes all the time, scripted sequences break, it is full of graphical glitches, broken AI, and many other bugs. Hell, some people still cannot play online due to the shit bugs that are packed into this game. I yawned my way through five incredibly boring levels occasionally shooting some people and then running through explosions. IT IS BORING NOW, YOU KILLED IT.

This is the same cookie-cutter bullshit shooter that we have seen every year for the last fucking seven years. It is boring and no longer innovative. Stop milking this fucking turd. 4/10

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