Date: Tuesday, October 27 @ 21:17:27 EDT
Topic: Adventure Game Reviews

A certain Amanita Design just had the balls to make a game that's two dimensonal, adventure/puzzle in genre, and it's played in flash. But it's actually better that 99% of the games on this site.

VISUALS: This game is genious. And not because of the amount of poligons or the resolution of the textures.. Basically most of the time you only see a tin can that's walking if front of various backgrouds. Sounds boring eh? But actually SEEMS fucking great! One of the urge that kept me playing is that I just need to see more and more of this. Seriously It's one of the best part of the whole game. Everything is fucking class in it's own way but when I try to compare the fragments of it (story, sounds, graphics, gameplay) maybe the visuals rocking the most. You can tell it from the title screen, that this is really something else. It makes you forget all the poligons as you suddenly realize that technology actually means nothing compared to fresh ideas, creativity and design when it comes to makeing pure awesomeness in the form of a videogame. Face it: it's actually better than what you can imagine. No bullshit, there's no way you'll come up with something this cool as what can be found in machinarium. If somebody tells you that you're in a city that's so surreal that it's like Neverhood gone steampunk, no matter what you see in your head it's just can't be better than what the folks did in the graphics department.

In terms of AUDIO, machinarium does a great job. Nice music, there are some really memorable tunes and effects. Also the game features a voice acting that's almost nonexistent. But that fits the characters.. Actually you can be an analphabet who fails to understand english either, but you can still enjoy this game. Yaaay!

GAMEPLAY: This is the part where some of the gray matter is required. You play as a small robot who can store items in it's belly and also can strech or reduce it's height by two times. Character developement? That's good enough for me. There are some puzzles that can prove hard but they are all entertaining. You can find some old skool mini games also. One is the lock of the book that helps when you get lost, it can be found in the top right corner of the screen. Worth checking out solely for the concept art you'll find inside.
All in all.. one thing that's can be complained about and that is the lengh of the game. Wich is painful in this case because with a game this good, you want to play as long as possible. But it's way too short. And because of this.. you should try to keep away from the guides and walkthrough and treasure it while it lasts.

STORY: You awaken in a dump of garbage outside the town knowing that your GF is imprisoned and forced to do things unimaginable. So you need to get ahold of yourself (literally) and find a way inside the city and rescue your beloved while saving the tower and paying off to the Black Cap Brotherhood along the way.

This game is great in every aspect. Exept length. I give it a 9/10.

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