Halo 2 [XBOX]
Date: Friday, December 24 @ 12:36:51 EST
Topic: [XBOX] Action Game Reviews

This game is a fucking piece of shit. Those bungie shitheads are fuckin retarded fagg0ts and look like mentally retarded jews. i havent even played halo2, but just from the gayness of its vibe, i can tell its a piece of crap. the fact that it made $130 million on release is fuckin retarded and shows america is the fucking regoddamtardedest place ever.

Graphics: Refer to halo. Bungy added a few new textures and made mister chief look more homosexual but that's about it. By adding new specular crap, they decreased performance so prepare for lag and crappy san andreas background loading. Half Life 2 makes this game look like an nes game.

Sound: no idea, but im guessing that it's some shitty same old themes techno-ized or something gay like that. they probably still have some nigger like oj simpson playing mister chief and jenna jameson playing k0rtanna.

7h3 st0ry: is a piece of shit. this game was fucking supposed to take place on earth. bungy decided that they needed more money for fuel rod shaped dildos so they stretched the story and made halo2 halo1.5 because they knew all the stupid cock sucker xbox fags would buy this shit anyway. basically, the story goes like this: mister chief straps on his green gimp suit with vasoline inside. then he gets his rifle and semen-nades, kills some cubbanents by stabbing them with his spartan dick. btw, you find out that mister chief is a nigger. you can tell because he gives that jew kortanna a 45 MB rape and kills her. then he gets off by pulling the race card.

Gameplay: bungy couldn't have fucked themselves harder up the ass with xbox controllers this round. they didn't redefine, but refucked the gameplay completely. they weakened the pistol and made the clip size 4 or something gay like that. NOW YOU CAN DUAL WIELD, WOOOOOH, OH JESUS FUCK ME IT'S A REVOLUTION IN GAMING. now you can shoot like a gangsta nigga on da streets and cap those wop cubbanents. theres this ri11y 7i7e scope on the rifle too, like itz a scope nigga. since most people who play halo xbox are retarded white trash, bungy made it so that you just shoot bursts, you dont even have to control them. they added this gay ass knife thing for noobs to use online. they also added 2 new gay projectile weapons so that more noobs will play online and fuel rod your anus to death. bungy didn't feel that halo2 was gay enough so they made it so that you can do an anal attack by sticking the fuel rod up peoples asses. for anybody that thinks joining a server is too complicated for their redneck mind, bungy has taken the liberty to make it so you can't pick a server. they say that joining random servers is exciting like 69ing a life size mister chief doll in bungy studios. there's also a "nigger fuck" melee cheat using gameshark where you can fold out a mechanical dick and pound cubbanents in their assholes with a violent thrusting motion. honestly, only a fuckin cunt with fagulitis could enjoy playing this spooge that bungy coughed up.

Cuntclusion:I cant believe i wasted time watching a fuckin video for this shit, i could have been playing a real game like half life 2 or looking at my personal gallery of gabe newell. This game doesn't even deserve to suck half life 2's dick or even link's 3 incher. since so many fuckin retarded poor albino kykes got their sweathog fuckass proletarian mothers to buy this crap, bungy's building themselves a gaylo fortress out of hundred dollar bills and cum. i wish i could titfuck that bungy princess whore or shoot her in the head and brainfuck her. those fucking idiots at bungy better not fuck over the PC port this time or ill personally jam a cumnade into their eyes and scalp them.i hope this gay ass stupid country gets bombed to death by czar bombs from dune coons and slants in north korea.

this game deserves a 3/10 and not that fuckin 9.8 that those ign qeers gave it or that 9.4 that those shitfucks at fagspot gave it.

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