Crazy Taxi 3
Date: Tuesday, January 27 @ 10:18:11 EST
Topic: Racing Game Reviews

How in the hell did this game get more than ONE sequel, in all of them you do the same stupid boring goat shit in the same boring city with the same gay boring drivers.

Graphics: Ive seen some dated graphics in my time but FFS THESE JUST PLAIN SUCK ASS. All the people have like a poly count of 5.. OH YEAH THOSE ARE SOME SEXY DIAMOND SHAPRED ARMS AND LEGS. All the buildings on the sides DO NOTHING and worse of all they look like shit. Its the same blurry ass low res texture stretched out along a piece of shit square block and BLAM YOU HAVE YOURSELF A BUILDING IN CRAZY TAXI 3. The only thing that even looks remotley good is that stupid gay taxi, but who cares ITS THE SAME STUPID SHIT IN THE FIRST ONE.

Sound: Of course a game like this has to have a stupid punk rock sound track. OMG BLUE HAIR REBEL SHUT DOWN THE SYSTEM REBEL!!!. Punk rock blows ass and so does the sound track for this. Besides the crappy music there isnt much else to hear except maybe your car or a few people cheering. WAY TO MAKE A GAME EXCITING.

Gameplay: This gameplay is very complicated, please try and understand it. You pick up people in a taxi and drive them to their destination before time is up. What the fuck is next? Lawnmower Simulation? Oh but they threw the curve ball in this one, you can pick up more than one person at a time and drive them to all their destinations! CRAZY INSANE BLOWING MY FUCKING MIND. Im not sure if you could do that in the first one but im sure you can. Last all the cities and the god damn taxi drivers are the same as in the first one. I love having tons of variety.

Story: How could a game of this magnitude even need a story to kick ass?

Sucks, stupid boring repetitive shit and not only that its basically the same as the first game that came out 200 years ago 2/10

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