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Date: Monday, September 29 @ 08:09:28 EDT
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So yeah, after 5 years of The Sims 3 and 1,2,3,4,5,6..(...did someone count them?) expansions, it's finally here, the most anticipated Sims game ever -kinda- arrived. As you expected, it's a game that did one step forward and three backwards, they managed to take the best from The Sims 3 and ruin it, wow. Click down to read the full review.

Okay so let's start saying that I'm a Sims games lover, so I went from the first SimCity, to every bloody game in the series, and I was never disappointed, until today. (well even the new SimCity game sucked balls but let's not count that)
The game is completely remade, so it has a new engine, so you may think: a graphic and technology improvement right? Yeah, no.

Let's start from the graphics, downgraded to a crappy cartoon-style thing, and they run worse, not much to say about that, since I get that EA's target audience is mostly casual gamers that have low-end PC's.

Now, the technology improvement:

-Create A Sim: this mode is really nice and easy to use, a bit hard to understand at first, but after 30 minutes spent to make one Sim, you learn it. They changed the lifewish thing so you can be whoever the fuck you want now, even tho you have random shit, and I personally like it. The amount of clothes, hair n' shit is okay, and you can finally dress however you want, even tho it's not appropriate (eg. my Sim had his pajama as a formal wear, great.)

-Build/Buy Mode: that's nice aswell, you can create a house in a few clicks, it's fun and easy, you can get furnished rooms and stick them to your house, you can resize rooms and the furniture moves to keep everything in symmetry and other cool things.

Yeah, that's it for the improvements.

Now let's get on the best part, the cons:

-The interface: okay, it's really clean and "modern" but oh my god, the buttons are fucking small, and they're completely messed up, so if you're coming from The Sims 3/2/whatever, you're gonna have a hard time. They placed the actions queue on the left, they go up and fall down like it's tetris. The build button is way up on the right and..... I hardly remember it, since is so messy.

-THE FUCKING LOADING SCREENS: now, in 2009 they released The Sims 3, it had a very long loading at the beginning, but afterwards you had zero loading screens, so you could roam around the map like an open world game, but now, FIVE YEARS LATER, they said "no, this is impossible" and put back loading screens like it's fucking The Sims 2, I mean, you can still zoom out a bit and see some of your neighbours, but if you wanna visit their houses, that are a fucking inch away from you, THERE'S A 10 SECONDS LOADING SCREEN ARE YOU SHITTING ME. Oh and points of interest are now other lots, just like it's Sims2. It even feels claustrophobic, I really don't like this one, as you can see.

-Missing Stuff: wow, no toddlers, well ok, they had their stupid reasons. No pools... okay I guess we drowned too many people. No ghosts.... eerrrr, I can live without that. No rain, ofcourse they cannot miss their friendly "Seasons" EP, and some other tiny things, cannot remember.

Since there's no story and the gameplay is basically the same, with some little stuff added here and there, (eg. Sims now automatically talk each other if in the same room, and doing different activities) my review is kinda done.

Overall, this game is not worth the money (unless you can get it for 10 or smth.) and sucks without expansions, the online features are "meh", but there is offline play so I can stick with that.
Excuse me for any typos or nosense stuff, I'm young, english is not my first language (heck, it's my third one), this is my first review, so it's kinda short and it's 4 am and I should really go to bed fml.
Tell me in the comments everything you think about my "review-kind-of-thing" and what you think about this game.


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