Batman: Arkham Origins
Date: Thursday, November 07 @ 20:41:13 EST
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I fucking loved Arkham Aslyum and Arkham City as they were fucking awesome games with the sequel vastly improving on the previous. Also, the games were fairly popular and sold pretty well, which means that the studio now has to make a cheap fucking cash-in to maximize their profits and sacrafice the quality damaging the franchise forever. First of all, bad sign to begin with when this is a completely different story than the original creators and even worse now is that is that game is a prequel. Can people stop making prequels, they rarely even fucking work. Anyways, here is my review of Arkham Origins, I hope you enjoy it, ~uguu.

Where to start with this game? I guess lets get it going straight off that this isn't a bad game at all. It's pretty damn fun and quite enjoyable at times but it really is more of the same of the previous two games. Also, unless the previous game, it doesn't improve on really anything at all and really only has a few new gimmicky things to supposedly to differentiate the game. Anyways, you are fucking Batman again, in case you couldn't have guessed, but this game takes place 5 years before Arkham Aslyum, so it "pretends" like the enemies are new and no one really knows you. The simple fucking fact is this barely ever comes into play as everyone pretty much acts exactly the same as they do before. There really only is a few quips here and there with people saying, "OMG HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THAT BAT GUY?" and random statements about how they heard you killed people. It is really fucking stupid as with all of the other writing in this game. The game takes place in the same city area before but now with a bridge, that is fucking annoying, and a small southern island that the game now has additionally.

Obviously, everything is in much better shape now because the criminals haven't blown the fuck out of everything but the entire city, while good looking visually, is heavily underused. I feel like you barely have any reason to explore most of the area, and you really only go into a handful of the buildings in the city. It's not terrible, but it's just fucking underwhelming, especially with the great fucking use of the city in the previous game. The graphics in the game are still pretty fucking awesome on the PC version and environments both indoors and outside are heavily detailed and pretty well design so no fucking complaints here.

Let's talk about the fucking controls. Now the combat in the game, is pretty much the same as in the previous game with the combo, block system and the use of various gadgets when beating the shit out of people. Also, with the same "stealth" sections where you have to disarm all the armed thugs wandering around. The combat still holds up and is pretty fucking fun but HOLY SHIT, they fucked up something with the controls. Half the fucking time you will click the counter button and they game wont fucking recognize it, fucking RUINING MY FUCKING COMBO. How the fuck did they fuck this up? It was so fluid and perfect in the previous game and now it's unresponsive? The game itself is pretty fucking buggy as I couldn't finish multiple quests because the characters wouldn't exit the cutscene mode, or getting stuck trying to climb in a fucking vent. Not to mention, the game is filled with fucking tons of glitches. WHO DID THE QA ON THIS GAME? BETHESDA?

The combat, while still enjoyable, is right on the edge of getting as stale as my rusty dick. The introduce some new ninja type enemies that require multiple counters and attacks for you to actually hit them, and then random armor foes. But pretty much the majority of the time you are simply doing the same shit as before and the majority of the gadgets are the same as well. The freeze grenade is now the GLUE GRENADE. WOW HOW FUCKING CREATIVE YOU REALLY THOUGHT THAT ONE THROUGH. The only nice addition is the electric gloves that you can use to beat the shit out of people and really rack up the huge combo numbers. Why can't Batman use a fucking gun with rubber bullets? It would make his life so much easier. The Boss Fights in the game range from tired boring rehashed shit to pretty interesting. The first fight with Deathstroke was awful where all you do is punch him and then counter when the game obviously forces you to. The best fights in the game are the Bane fights as they actually require some strategy for avoiding his attacks while other multiple enemies attack. My butthole was clenching during the vent fight sequence with Super Ripped Bane where you have to sneak through the vents to attack this giant fucking version of Bane. The fight with that poison bitch was pretty mediocre and incredibly easy but the huge explosive bridge fight, while easy as piss, was kind of fun.

Anyways, let's talk about the main quality drop in this game and that is the fucking writing. HOLY DOG BALLS, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? This goes from fucking everything that happens in the game. Random character quips when you are in the stealth sequences that the enemies make are CRINGE WORTHY. Not to mention, the story in this game is retarded. It starts out with Blackmask hiring assassins to come after you and you have to go stop them. OH WAIT LAWL ITS REALLY THE JOKER OMG NO WAY. Who the fuck wrote this? It was the worst surprise ever and you get even more depressed with how shitty the new Joker voice actor is. He is fucking flat, and fucking boring. Bring back Mark Hamil or don't have the Joker in the game. Also, they recorded like five joker lines in the whole game for the PA system as he just repeats the same 3 lines OVER AND OVER. Anyways, so the game also uses the story to introduce other characters like Bane and shit and Commissioner Gordon. His daughter, Barbara, looks like she has fucking downs in this game, I don't know why. Also, if this game is supposed to take place five years before Arkham Aslyum, then why the fuck does the game end with the sequence of the Joker being wheeled into the Aslyum like the beginning of the first game? Terrible writing.

Overall, the game is still pretty fun and provides some of the same Batdick enjoyment but it lacks the writing and flare over the first two and it's fucking filled with bugs.


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