Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Date: Sunday, May 05 @ 12:53:58 EDT
Topic: FPS reviews

Blood Dragon is a standalone expansion for Far Cry 3 which basically makes the game an 80s retro-futuristic joke. It is pretty fucking hilarious and the characters and world are 100 times more interesting than the ones in Far Cry 3, except for maybe that Mexican guy you fight in that stupid dream sequence. Anyways, basically they gave Far Cry 3 a new skin, and while a great idea, reskinning something that is mediocre, still gives you something that is mediocre.

Blood Dragon is pretty fucking hilarious because they mock all of the stupid shit in games now days. Even from the beginning with the generic tutorial about moving around, jokes are made about how stupid it is. The tips constantly give you blatantly obvious like "Buy ammo to shoot things." All of it is pretty fucking funny and it doesn't really stop throughout the game. The characters are all over the top and ridiculously one-dimensional. I already have a girlfriend, and it's Lady Liberty. Even the quests that you follow in this expansion following the same theme of being humorous such as having to punch a reactor to shut it down, because the console was destroyed. So, one thing we can all fucking agree on is that the humor in the game is great and the 80s retro-futurisitc setting gives it a cool vibe.

That all being said, the gameplay is the exact fucking same as Far Cry 3 with the only difference being that shit unlocks for you as you level up instead of picking it yourself. I actually prefer this system because it didn't really fucking matter at all in Far Cry 3. Even with the cool skin and humor thrown on top, it is literally the EXACT same fucking game and to me that is fucking lazy. You can fire weapons while sprinting now, which is nice, but the combat still doesn't feel fast paced enough, the weapons never feel powerful enough, and it faces the same repetitive nature as Far Cry 3. Don't let anyone fool you, it is the same game, just reskinned and some new audio, which actually does help.

The graphics are pretty good overall, with bright lights of the towers shooting to the sky, the detailed and bright computer lights as you enter bunkers as such. However, the look is fucking overwhelming at times. It feels like I want to explore the environment but everything is just fucking static. You have all these detailed brightly lit computers and objects throughout the room but really, none of them react to anything. The overall package is much shorter, clocking in around 6-8 hours of gameplay for the main story which is pretty decent for being a cheap fucking expansion pack. It still has the same failings with the side quests as Far Cry 3 did, with them all being fucking boring as hell and completely repetitive.

Overall, it's a decent package and the re-skinning definitely makes the game more enjoyable but something about the gunplay just still doesn't feel right. It just doesn't feel satisfying, which is the same problem Far Cry 3. At least you actually fight some bosses in this shit such as the blood dragons, instead of those stupid fucking dream sequences. Overall, it is fucking funny, pretty cheap and enjoyable but doesn't really fix any of the failings of Far Cry 3 other than the boring ass story and main characters.


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