Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Date: Thursday, January 24 @ 19:51:01 EST
Topic: FPS reviews

Nobody reviewed this game, so I think I should.....

CS:GO. I was pretty excited for this game at start (never got in the beta), but now that I played it, it's a fine game.

Graphics: Well first of all, the major improvement in CS:GO is the graphics. They kick ass. Valve has outdone themselfs with the graphics. The weapon models look sexy and the new character models look fucking awesome too. The arms however are pretty bland, especially the CT arms, but nothing a little modding can't fix.

Now, while I agree that CS wasn't really a game about graphics it was more about gameplay, this is a welcomed improvement. The enviorments are beautifully detailed and when you turn it up on Ultra, shit goes real. I haven't spent much time on the graphics, but they sure are great. Also, the new gun animations are decent. I didn't like SOME though.

Gameplay: Lol, this is CS, what do you expect? Now, the pretty disappointing thing here is the LACK of new modes made by Valve AND custom game modes! They are still the same! While for Valve modes, they are just offering us a re-named gun-game, a stupid edit of Bomb Defusal and classic being separted in two, which is seriously disappointing.

Anyway, the gameplay is still retained at best fresh. While the movement is a little sluggish and NOT the fast-paced CS we used to know, it's still retained the way it used to be in a good way. Now, the new "blurry" scope feature is FUCKING annoying! Now nobody can make a good CS:GO clip without having extra difficulty sniping everyone! Valve tried to add more realism to the scope, but they failed.

The last thing that wasn't very good considering is the INSANE amount of recoil when you shoot a gun. When you crouch, it still has high recoil! It's like I am shooting a fucking cannon from my arms! Another way to try being realistic, but ultimatley failed and ruins your kill sometimes.

Sounds: Now I agree, the game DOES have some kick-ass new sounds, but a major part of the reload sounds are re-used from other Valve games, which is cheap as fuck. Also, they changed the radio voices to match your currenct faction AND the bot voices, which THANK GOD, the voices were SO annoying in 1.6 and Source (the bot voices).

The new gun sounds are also very well. The AK-47 sounds really kick-ass. The M4A1 however sounds pretty bland, almost like an airsoft gun.

Story: What story? This is an online game! If you think this game needs a story, you should blow your brains out right now.

My persoanl overall closure for this review is that Valve made a great re-made. While it still has some minor flaws and disappointments that might not re-joice the original CS fans, I recommend this game for starters more than veterans. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is very well retained and the sounds are also kick-ass, excluding some weapon sounds like the M4A1.

Overall, my score is:


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