Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Date: Tuesday, November 20 @ 20:43:04 EST
Topic: FPS reviews

The next shitty installment in the CoD series....

This game is just downright's the same garbage as MW3, only with shittier overpowered weapons, typical save-the-day campaign, zombies (a little more shittier than last time, but still decent), and screaming 10-year-olds that always camp in Multiplayer.

Let's start. Everyone has played CoD. CoD has spawned thousands and litterally hundreds of FPS copycats. CoD is a typical shooter. You'r objectives in the campaign are summed up like this:


The story is a little more interactive this time. You can sharpen you'r experience, and the new SF missions sharpen the story even more and impact the ending. The story is also set in diffrent times, sharping it even more. But that isn't the case. The campaign is still awful. You must rescue someone, then you have to stop some bad guy from doing crazy shit around the world. It's the same goddamn garbage like in all CoD games!

The Zombies had a little improvement. Now you can take up to 8 players in zombie-slaying experiences. There are also diffrent game modes. This time, Zombies have their OWN story. Honestly, the Zombies keep the CoD series alive. It's a good co-op experience. Unlike the multiplayer.....

Yes, you heard me right. The multi-fucking-player. It's like last time in MW3, only with more overpowered guns, more campers, more kids, more horrible maps. The maps in mulitplayer are simply designed for campers. The SCAR is also a great example of a developer fuck-up. This gun shoots and kills in 1 milisecond. It's just that overpowered.

Don't get me started on their community. The game is full of whiny, bratty, annoying, stupid, low IQ, 10 year old chilblains that just got their allowance. These motherfuckers enjoy camping with a Claymore and a Ghost perk in their class. They will choose the biggest, baddest and the most overpowered weapon availible to rape you in you'r tiny buttholes while playing multiplayer. There will also be the typical griefer and tough guy.

Also, the knife is COMPLETLEY broken. You can take 20 shots to the goddamn face, hell, even an RPG to the face will not kill you, but you die by being simply gazed in the foot by a......KNIFE? Seriously, the knife is glitchy as hell, even worser then before.

The multiplayer's matchmaking is completley half-assed. Lag, connections timing out, 25 minutes waiting for a match (or more, if you'r NAT isn't open, dumbfuck), and just litterally a broken matchmaking make the multiplayer even worser then before.

I don't believe how IGN, GameSpot and other popular reviewing sites give this game a 9/10, or 10/10. It's the same recycled garbage as MW3, with nothing else to stand up to itself then Zombies. The reason is, Activision just loves rolling in kids money. You will see after a few weeks or months, they will release another DLC exapnsion to it, with only a few maps that are also broken and ALSO made for campers.

Here is even MOAR truth. Remember when MW3 won VGA's Shooter of the Year or whatever the fuck award it got? Well then, Activision CHEATED. Yes, they used subornation of perjury and money to lure VGA into giving them the award. They are trying to cheat even more now, also paying reviewing sites to give their games 10/10, but leaving classic, fun games a 2/10 or 4/10. Activision, you disappoint me at it's best.

Overall, terrible multiplayer, boring and typical save-the-day campaign with the interactive sections standing up for it, and Zombies, which are fun to play, but made a little shittier than last time.


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