Guild Wars 2
Date: Tuesday, September 18 @ 21:54:30 EDT
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I enjoyed the first Guild Wars because the PVP was pretty awesome and game was a departure from the standard MMO bullshit with a low level cap, and being able to mix all the classes. Guild Wars 2 takes a completely fucking different direction and brings back all the generic MMO bullshit, and I have no idea why the fuck they did! The game isn't terrible, it is fairly well-done in most aspects, however, I doubt it will last very long. Read on you fucking cocksuckers.

So you start out and make a character with abunch of different Origin bullshit options, class, character and all this shit. After I was finished making my sweet Human Warrior, I realized that the majority of the character creation bullshit just goes into the main story and doesn't really affect the game in any other way. The game has a main story which you can do every few levels which gains you levels and gives you some shitty items every now and again. The main story is seriously fucking awful and the voice acting is absolutely apalling. I would rather let a car back over my dick than have to go through the storyline again. Luckily, it is optional so you don't have to pursue that bullshit at all if you don't want to, but I guess it is at least nice to have the option.

So moving along, we get to the main core of the game which is you basically get XP from doing everything. You gain XP from exploring the map, doing the "area quests" which let you do a variety of tasks to complete the area quest, you also have skill points, vistas and point of interests. Once you find all of them on the map you gain even more XP, and then you get XP for making progress on daily kills, kill variety, item gathering, etc. You even get fucking XP from crafting and can level up like crazy. It sounds kind of fucking nuts, but it is actually kind of nice since it makes sense that your character would be gaining experience from all these tasks in general and can level. There are also group events that you can participate in that happen all over the maps at all the times. These are actually the funnest parts because you just get to beat the shit out of giant bosses. It works fairly well too for the first forty to fifty levels or so.

However, then it fucking hits you like a ton of bricks that you are just doing the same MMO grind bullshit that you have been doing before. While it approaches it in a unique way, I'm still just doing the same set of tasks OVER AND OVER just to reach the maximum level. But, just like WoW, the whole game is really gear based because the game de-levels or up-levels you based upon the area you are in. What the fuck is the point of that? An area is too hard and you come back later...and it is just slightly easier. However, it doesn't really matter at all because this game is literally the easiest fucking MMO that I have ever played in my life. You can fall asleep at the keyboard and FUCKING BOOM, you just got idling XP and level up 52 times.

The combat in the game is alright in that you can develop skills with each set of weapons and keep it unique, nothing really binds you to one weapon. However, once you unlock all the skills, there is really no fucking point in switching weapons and just using what does the most damages, which in my case, just turned out to be fucking greatswords all the fucking time. So, I just use the same five moves from a greatsword. The combat applies the same to the PVP. Now the PVP is the most fun part of the game as you go to these giant areas and beat the fuck out of thousands of other players trying to capture points. Also, there is the actually Guild Vs Guild aspect which is the best fucking part. They just need more of this awesome PVP shit instead of the other MMO aspects that no one seems to give a fuck about. Great PVP, standard MMO across the rest of the game.


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