Hard Reset
Date: Wednesday, September 21 @ 18:21:25 EDT
Topic: FPS reviews

FUCK YEAH. We haven't had a decent first person shooter with no bullshit, lots of enemies, no health regen and no cover system since Painkiller. Hard Reset brings it fucking back with tons of weapons, fast paced gameplay, explosions and a shit ton of fun. This game was made a collaboration of various developers from different companies such as People Can Fly and Cd Project Red. I enjoyed every minute of this little game and you should buy it to support these indie faggots.

So the game starts out with a slightly annoying, but not that big of a deal menu. The first thing you will notice when playing the game is an ADJUSTABLE FOV SLIDER. Holy fucking shit, it is about time so that I don't have to feel like I have tunnel vision on my 16:9 widescreen monitor. This is an automatic bonus point for any developer until it becomes 100% mainstream and common place. There should be no reason for these stupid low console FOV pieces of shit.

So literally the game has stupid stupid story about you being a drunk ass kicker who works for THE CORPORATION. My science, how absolutely riveting. For some reasons, the corporation stops robots that attack the city for some reason that they never really explain. So basically the game starts off with you walking into an area filled with these mother fuckers. The game starts right off throwing a ton of robots at you and all you have is a super high rate firing machine gun. The gunplay in this game is fucking awesome. There is no regenerating health bullshit. You have shields and health, and when they wear down, you fucking die. You have to be fast and constantly moving to keep picking up health and blasting the fuck ton of enemies that come at you.

The weapons are your standard fare but work by buying upgrades which you get points for by killing enemies or picking up boxes for upgrading. The weapons then morph and change in front of you with things such as machine gun, shotgun, grenades, rocket launcher, rail gun, plasma and various other weapons. They all can kick some huge ass once you upgrade all the weapons with all the features, plus it allows for some sort of reward for kicking huge amounts of ass. There are all sorts of different enemies to kill and even on normal the game provides a pretty good challenge with multiple enemies triyng to beat the shit out of you. The game is an absolute blast to play.

The graphics and the physics are also really fucking nice as well. The game takes place in a cyberpunk world and all the levels are super detailed, full of secrets, fairly large, and filled with tons of shit which can be blown up or destroyed. It is nice to finally see a game that has huge amounts of physical objects blowing all over the place when you blow up enemies and the graphics are really nice. The enemies also constantly get pieces of armor and scrap metal blown off them as you blast them with your arsenal. The only real downside to this game is that is is short...it took me about 5 hours to finish on hard and it ends rather abruptly. They better give us some fucking more! Good thing it is only 30 dollars though which is a pretty fair price.


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