Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Date: Wednesday, August 31 @ 18:03:45 EDT
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I was incredibly fearful when I first heard of this game because it was a resurrection of a franchise from years ago coupled with the fact that the last time they made a sequel it was one of the biggest fucking abominations to mankind. The Iraq war was more justified than Warren "Faggot" Spector releasing that fucking pathetic turd. Anyways, this is the reason he has fallen to working on crap like EPIC MICKEY and Eidos-Montreal has taken over development for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and holy ramming ass fucks did they fucking deliver! They actually gave us a Deus Ex game with a quality level that at least matches the first game! Read on to learn how Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fucking quality title worthy of everyone's purchase.

Of course with consoles now days, everyone was fearing the same thing which happened to the original game. Levels would be fucking tiny blocks, universal ammo, no inventory, crap weapons and crap graphics. The game only delivers on one of those. Anyways, the graphics on a technical level are not the best which is made obvious because the game had quite a lengthy development cycle. The are low-resolution textures and shit that throughout the game, but honestly, who gives a fuck? Deus Ex didn't have great graphics when it was released in 2000 either. They just wanted to follow the same tradition that was set by the original title. What really makes the graphics fucking shine is the awesome cyberpunk art style that they used throughout the game. The game takes you to a shit ton of locations all around the world from Hengsha, Singapore, Detroit, Montreal and quite a few other locations. The environments (especially the hub cities of Detroit and Hengsha in the games) are filled with tons of detail. The environments don't look sparse in the slightest of the sense. Walking through the Detroit streets, there is shiny lights, clean looking rich areas, tall skyscrapers, lights everywhere and this is all mixed in with the dirty and poorer looking parts of the city. I.e. Backalleys, shitty apartments, and gang laden areas. The art style they chose for the game looks absolutely fabulous and really gives the sense of the same Cyberpunk world from the first game. One thing that I like is there is actually a ton of shit in the levels. For example, an office building has a fuck ton of desks, chairs, folders, binders, pens, computers and other shit laid all about the office to ACTUALLY MAKE IT LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WORKED THERE. Most games don't even reach this level of detail, so fuck it, I'll take some crappier graphics for a more immersive cyberpunk environment. The art style in the game is absolutely awesome.

The game starts you off as a simple human until an attack happens leaving you crippled with your only way to survive being mechanical augmentations. OF course you don't look like a pure fucking badass like JC Denton, but Adam Jensen still looks pretty fucking boss wearing his big ass trench coat and punching hookers as hard as he can in the face. The story in the game is every bit as enticing as the conspiracy laden original game. There is always a sense of mystery as to what is actually being uncovered and a sense of uneasiness on who you should actually trust. It brings about the same tension that you feel in the original game as you progress through it wondering what is ACTUALLY happening behind the scenes. One cool thing was the conversation system that they added where, with correct responses based upon a characters personality, you can get more information out of them or persuade them into helping you. It really added something extra to the intensity of the conflicts with certain key characters as Taggart, Sarif or Hugh Darrow.

Obviously the most important part of the game is the gameplay so let's get right fucking to it. The first game featured huge levels coupled with multiple paths and options to reach an objective and accomplish your goal. In this game, I was worried it would be something that they simply tacked on at the fucking end which made absolutely no sense. TO MY FUCKING SURPRISE, the level design is fucking class and best of all, it makes sense. From sneaking around in vents in Sarif industries, hidden locations and everything throughout the hub cities, to the missions in Montreal and everywhere, the levels are actually designed like their real life counter parts would be. Thus to reach a certain scientist, you could simply hack into his office, find hidden vents, or shoot through the glass on the roof and drop it. The options all make sense are out of place. Some of the facilities and science labs you visit have absolutely phenomenal level design and the levels are huge. Hell, going through the warehouses and labs in the first level took me a good 90 minutes to find everything to give an idea of how big the first level.

The game has all the same stealth and killing rules as the first game! Enemies on patrol, guarding areas. You can avoid them, knock them out with various weapons, or pop them in the back of the fucking head and drag their bodies out of sight. You will probably reload a billion times just trying to take out of a group of enemies as silently as possible! The stealth aspects in the game are absolutely fucking fun and follow all the same rules as the first game giving it that nostalgic feeling. Even down to the gas grenades choking people, and then me popping them in all the head with my pistol while their choking. I also masturbate to scenes like this, they make me horny. I, of course played on the "Give me Deus Ex" difficulty because I'm not a fucking pussy. Enemies will notice you quickly, and until you upgrade your mechanical augmentations, 2 to 3 pistol shots will take your chump as down, and it happens fast if you alert 2 or 3 guys. It is fucking nice and challenging, the way it should be. There is also a ton of fucking weapons in the game from pistols, stun guns, the co2 powered tranquilizer gun, heavy machine guns, plasma and laser rifles, rocket launchers, sniper rifles. The best part is that they are all up gradable and feature unique addons like the machine gun has the ability to have your bullets track enemies. I stealthed through the game as much as possible using my pistol and sniper rifle to take out bitches left and right. It is absolutely fun as hell and brings back all the love of the first game.

Hell the challenge in the game will make you want to reload your game and try to take out enemies in different manners just to see how many different ways you can do it! The augmentations in the game are awesome as well, reminiscent of the first game. In essence, you have the ability to fall great distances, see through walls, gather more information about enemies, cloak, lift huge objects and many other things. There are even upgrades for armor, hacking, and enemy tracking. My favorite is the Typhoon system which shoots out abunch of ball-bearings. I walked into the middle of a group of prostitutes in Detroit and KILLED THEM ALL. It was glorious. Using all the augmentations adds so much fun to the game. Even though the standard killing is absolutely fucking awesome, using the augmentations to give you advantages opens up new ways to track and follow your enemies to take them out completely silently. Absolute and pure fun. The detail in the game is great as well as I hacked and disabled all the alarms in a building and then alerted some enemies. They yelled and panicked as they couldn't activate the alarm! I then killed them all one by one, slowly and painfully. EXCELLENT.

Hacking in the game is also really unique as you capture and fortify nodes and attempt not to get detected by the system. Of course, this is upgraded through augmentations but just like the first game there is all sorts of data on computers and security terminals to add story, passwords and information about the game to really engross you into the world.

One cool thing that I liked is that they didn't make the technology in this game seem like it was fucking leaps and bounds over the original game. I.e. The shitty fucking Star Wars prequels which make the old world look more advanced than the new world. In this game, things are still very futuristic but you will notice a distinct lack of some of the technology in the original from LAMs, multiple ammo types, GEP guns, Nano-technology, and many other things. This was one aspect that I worried about but they absolutely fucking nailed it.

So they pretty much nailed the fucking gameplay on every aspect and made one of the funnest stealth based games ever. The missions are all large and filled with multiple paths of accomplishments with their own bonuses. The augmentations are awesome in every aspect and reminiscent of the first game, all tied together with a fucking fantastic story fill with the same conspiracy laden betrayal and mystery that was present in the first game.


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