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Date: Thursday, July 21 @ 22:52:29 EDT
Topic: FPS reviews

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This bait and switch technique by EA and Easy, the branch of the company that extorts children, is based on pretending to be a free to play Battlefield 2.
But any expectations of this game being an average FPS at best will fall fucking short in the first time you load this virtual cancer


First of all, there is no server browser, in this day and age, that's fucking unacceptable. With their horribad netcode, servers that must be hosted in Indonesia, this is a golden recipe for a trainwreck.

It really boggles your mind why there is no such thing as a basic server browser. I will tell you why: so players can't see how barren this fucking game is so they keep wasting their parent's money with this shit. I say that because there's no way a sane adult can willfully spend their money on this fucking abortion.

The community makes the Halo faggots look like role models, you got the whole short bus camp that came straight from the Call of Duty school from the mentally deprived.

Yeah, because this game barely has ANYTHING about Battlefield.

Being able to pick where you spawn at all times?
Fuck no, and good luck selecting it in the 3 seconds span after your death plus the horrible netcode and customization lag you might get with this pile of shit, not to mention if you're caught by surprise.

You can choose between "spawn in the main base" that means all the way back or where the game wants you to spawn, and this obviously means you can never do it next to the unprotected flag because the developers of this game are clueless morons and probably never played a decent Battlefield title.

How about some destructible environments such as fences? Nowhere to be found in this fucking recycled condom.

64 player battles? Only in your dreams, be happy with the other 31 retards to play with.

Good maps? No, not only the maps are straight copies from BF2 but they recycle the same buildings textures and crates and everything else. It's a fucking mess, every map looks alike and this fits perfectly with the rotten diarrhea quality they're going for. The definition of diversity to the BFP4F developers is probably 10 random japanese guys.

The graphics are improved from BF2, which it's not hard since the original game was made in the Middle Ages but this recycled abomination is so bad you will wish you were born blind.

How about voice communication and squads? Hahahaha good joke.

There are also "skill points" that you get once your character levels up but hey this shit is amazing, there's a skill that allows you to drop a grenade once you're dead. I'm totally fucking serious, they made a carbon copy of a Call of Duty perk. This is the answer to why this game has faggot material written all over it.

You can't switch classes because every "soldier" is tied to one of the 4 classes, Assault, Recon, Medic and Engineer just like in Bad Company 2. So your team lacks a medic? Tough shit.

The main goal of this cash in project is to make kids spend their parent's money on clothing (if the player is a full fledged homosexual) or more powerful weapons, if he's just the average dipshit.

They allow you to get a trial period of 1 day each most powerful weapon of each one of the 4 classes and you can spot how laughable the defaults are in seconds of the paid weapons trial. They have more bullets, are more accurate, deal more damage, and have a bigger range. Might as well make you play with a fucking water pistol while giving other players a nuke.

You can buy some of the more powerful weapons with the in game currency, credits, but you need around 9700 for 3 days with them, and you get 7 credits per round won, yeah totally fucking practical.
If anyone in this world enjoys playing enough to get credits for those weapons, we better sterilize them to remove those dimwits from the gene pool.

The sounds are average at best, the Battlefield theme got a metal version in the lobby, and it's probably the closest sound you'll ever get to robots puking. The sound effects are horrible, there's no excitement in the gunplay at all, no weapon in this feels like it packs a punch, you could make better sound effects strangling a toddler next to a mic.

Balance is the laughing stock of this game, Medics can out-snipe Recons with their machineguns from miles away. There's a delay with the ammo pack dropped by the Assault class, added with their default weapon with a 20 bullets clip you just need a bulls eye on your forehead to play.
Tanks take 90 RPGs from Engineers to kill, but don't worry because the majority of the maps are INFANTRY ones.

If you stop and think about it, you can totally see what those Electronic Aberrations jerkoffs were planning, CoD perks, mostly infantry maps, this is in-your-face bullshit.

The quality of this garbage can be compared to the worst mod or plugin ever for a decent game, that turns the fun of it into getting spiked dildos shoved up your anus.

Seriously, this game is like a neverending turd that reaches your nostrils and mouth, choking and intoxicating you at the same time. There are so many small stupidities and they pile up and the overall picture is that you would rather get castrated than play this fucking dumbed down scam.

I would rather lose my limbs to a crocodile than play this turd again 0/10

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