Section 8: Prejudice
Date: Sunday, May 08 @ 21:32:19 EDT
Topic: FPS reviews

They released a sequel to this game which no one fucking played because it was an awful game. It really makes me wonder where they got the funding to make another generic FPS that no one will ever care about ever. Section 8 is basically a sci-fi FPS with a shit singleplayer that is consolized beyond belief, with a multiplayer that is meant to be unique, but no one ever plays it because they don't give a fuck. Now I don't remember if I ever reviewed the first game but it was a fucking borefest with terrible controls and AI. I am sure you are all glad to know that this game continues the tradition by being another piece of shit that no one will care about. Read on for more about the glorious human turd that is section 8. I say the phrase "piece of shit" a lot.

So if you wanted me to describe this fart-turned-poo-stain of a game then all I would have to tell you is that this game is simply a ripoff of Tribes. However, instead of having exciting gameplay which is unique, challenging, and rewarding, they took all the features from tribes and implemented them into a fucking buggy turd mess of an unbalanced game made for consoles, yet not one person on consoles will care about. NOW LET ME START, by saying this is a GFWL game which automatically means a fucking -2 points for any game which I now review. Thus, that means this game will not be able to score any higher than a 8/10 which is already a foreboding note on this turd fest. Games For Windows Live is fucking stupid ass Microsoft's attempt to bring Xbox Live BULLSHIT that NO ONE FUCKING WANTS to the PC and rip off PC users as well. Steam is built for PC and functions well as PC platform. GFWL was built for a xbox live and Microsoft is trying to force this cum stain on people who don't want it. But like a horse, Microsoft will attempt to ram this cock of awfulness down our throats until we submit or Steam dominates the digital distribution arena fully. Let's all support Steam. I love you Gabe. Call me.

Moving on, this game is using Unreal Engine 3 like EVERY OTHER FUCKING GAME THAT IS MADE FOR CONSOLES. This automatically points us to two things, one of the graphics in this game will be uninspired tripe that no one will ever care about nor ever acknowledge as noteworthy. Two, it also means that the fucking graphics in this game look like they are from 2006 when most of the consoles came out. Thank fucking science for The Witcher 2 actually pushing graphics because consoles have been holding them stagnant ever since their shitty creation. The graphics in this game are the fucking epitome of being uninspired. First of all they reuse like 90% of the assets from the first game (such as weapon models and such) which came out 2 fucking years ago now. They can get away with this bullshit because graphics haven't moved a fucking inch due to these consoles. The game basically just reaks generic graphics from the lame sci-fi suits design for your characters to the same lame ships and science fiction bases. They aren't even science fiction. It is just a generic "tree" landscape with cement buildings in the middle of it. It is quite clear they designed this fucking shitpile for multiplayer and just used the assets to create a singleplayer game. There is nothing noteworthy about the graphics in the slightest except for the fact that they suck fucking dick.

The sound in this game is PURE FUCKING LACKLUSTER. The guns sounds in this game are weaker then a baby's fart. Nothing says pile of shit audio than when the terrible voice acting and dialog in this game is louder than the weak sounding gunshots. Seriously. I feel like I'm firing a pee-shooter (even with a rocket launcher) because the audio is so weak. The characters in this game all have generic voice acting to the max. You will NOT care about any of the characters of voice actors in this game because it is all so generic and noteworthy. Basically this is the kind of tripe that just gets washed away in the fucking mass of games that are released. I am literally out of things to say because it is just so mediocre, I'll just move onto the shit gameplay.

The gameplay in this game is a complete fucking ripoff of Tribes in every which way. You have some powerful suit which allows you to run fast and has a Jetpack, however the game is fucking clunky. Weapons feel absolutely weightless and incredibly weak. Seriously, I'm blasting enemies with a machine gun that feels like I'm firing air as the enemies. The sniper rifle is fucking useless in this game since it takes so long to reload and the rocket launcher is weak as fuck. Pretty much all the weapons in this game are generic and boring. The worst part is you can only carry fucking two of them at a time like every fucking game in existence now days. What happened to being able to carry up to 10 weapons or more? CONSOLES IS WHAT HAPPENED. It is too complicated for them to switch through so many weapons meanwhile even Tribes 2 let you change your armor type which let you carry more weapons. All of the guns in this game are weak as fucking and do absolutely pitiful damage against the pitiful AI. Seriously. The AI is so fucking bad in this game I fired 3 sniper shots behind an enemy with his backturned and he did absolutely NOTHING. Not to mention, I've seen multiple enemies get stuck on walls and other shit which totally breaks the immersion. The weapon handling in this game feels weightless and pointless.

This is all mixed with levels which are supposed to look huge and OPEN in which they are absolutely NOT. There is a section right in the beginning of the game in which you have to snipe some bitches but I was like FUCK NO. I'll just run in and gun them down. Well if you try to do it, it causes your character to die after a self-destruct. This game FUCKING FORCES YOU to snipe enemies from a tiny ass area instead of letting you do what you want and running in. Even though it looks like open areas that you can run around and shoot in the game is really just another fucking corridor shooter in disguise. There is absolutely nothing interesting about this game such as "hacking" or "capturing" points which basically just means pressing the E button and waiting a couple of seconds for the game to play itself for you. There are all sorts of different kits and tools a character can choose but they are basically one fraction of what was offered in Tribes 2. There is nothing interesting or noteworthy about this game, just another crapola-fest to fall on the radar.


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