Dead Space 2
Date: Monday, February 21 @ 15:03:09 EST
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Hell yeah, the sequel to the only original IP that Electronic Arts has probably made in a billion years. So the series continues its sci-fi induced survival horror gore-fest, and let me tell you, this game gives me an incredible huge boner. The best part? They fixed all the mouse issues associated with the first game so it actually controls fucking normally this time! Beyond that, the game is bloody and awesome if you like killing mutated aliens by blowing off their limbs. If you do not enjoy such activities you are probably a homosexual and enjoy riding cock instead. Either, Dead Space 2 fucking rocks as much as the first game.

So the first thing you will notice when booting up this game is that the graphics in the game are way superior to the first. The first game looked pretty damn nice but had a shit ton of low-resolution textures which made my dick sad, this is less the case with this game. Everything has graphically improved by a good generation of so and makes it much more pleasing on the eyes. The environments, while still cramped to an extent to give a greater sense of tension, have a fuck-ton more detail as well as being better designed. You go through various environments and they actually feel more alive, like people were once living there and you jack-off as you watch them get brutally murdered. I probably came over a thousand times just watching people die. Murder Boner. Beyond that, the environments in this game can be much more varied since you are no longer stuck on the Ishimura, which still was cool. You actually take a trip back there in the game and revisit certain old locations, but now you are aboard a space station, travelling through malls, living quarters, medical labs, outside in a big satellite and a couple of other locations. In essence, you go through a shit ton more environments than you did in the first game but they will have the same "space station" feel. Beyond that, the game is still filled with the bloody fucking goodness of blowing off a fuck ton of limbs off of different enemies. There are some of the same enemies from the first games but abunch of new ones you get to murder in the most brutal of ways. There are now these children who attack you and I LAUGH as I blow them all away and then stomp on their corpses to get all their ammo and money! DIE FUCKERS DIE! While playing this game you will notice that they fixed all the problems with the mouse controls so there is no longer some weird ass input lag whenever V-Sync is turned on, and thus makes the game less irritating. The gameplay is essentially the same with you going around blowing the fuck out of enemies with different guns, upgrading them and your suit with power nodes, and buying new suits and ammo, not much has changed here. One cool thing they added was the telekinesis module so that you could blow apart enemies with their own limbs. I fucking rip spikes off of dead enemies and send them through the heads of other enemies. The gameplay is still fun as balls, and not so much scary, as it is just enjoyable to blow everything away.

The brutal gory death scenes still take place in the game with my favorite being the EYE STAB! You have this puzzle of focusing a laser on an eye to extract some sort of information for some bullshit. Well if you fuck up it stabs out his eyeballs and the game ends with him screaming and blood flying everywhere. Haha. Enjoyable.

The sound in the game is still fucking excellent with the audio soaked in reverb to give all of the audio a distant and eerie sound. It really makes the audio much more enjoyable and unique feel to it. One thing you will also notice is that Isaac talks quite a bit this time around. He no longer looks like an old man as he did in the first game and instead tells people to fucking die. Its excellent as I'm fucking mashing enemies into the ground with my mighty space boot he is yelling, "DIE YOU FUCKING MOTHER FUCKER." Brings me back the days of Kingpin when I would laugh blowing someones arm off and swearing at them at the same time. The dialog is all fairly interesting and the sound is really well done with plenty of music and ambiance to fill the game with a creepy ass atmosphere.

The story continues where it left off at the first game with Isaac being used for experiments to build new markers which abunch of fucking crazy people start worshiping. Eventually, after being betrayed by pretty much everyone around you, and one of your friends getting her fucking eye stabbed out, you make your way to the marker and destroy the new one. Not too much ground is covered but you learn a little bit about the universe. The whole fucking game is great with blowing away a shit of enemies, using stasis to freeze them in mid-air and blow their fucking legs off. The only problem I have is the boss fight at the end was fucking simply. I just blasted the big bulbous orb with my contact beam and killed everyone. It was glorious death and gave me a boner.

The game is the same gore filled fest as the first with improved graphics, controls and a bloody boner-inducing continuation of the story 9/10

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